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Tanzania Tourism Today: Facts & Figures
Tourism plays a key role in the country's economy; it is one of the main sources of foreign exchange and it offers employment opportunities both directly (supporting around 198,557 direct jobs) and indirectly.
Tourism accounts for around 16% of the GDP and nearly 25% of total export earnings.

% of GDP: 16% (2005)
Growth py: 10% (2005)
Arrivals py: about 600,000 (2005)
Source markets: Europe, US
Types of tourism:safari, sun and beach

It is, therefore, seen as a vital industry in terms of job creation, poverty alleviation and foreign exchange earnings.
Currently Tanzania receives about 600,000 tourists annually (peak months are August and December) and this number is growing rapidly.
By the year 2010, the Government hopes to reach the target of one million tourists per year.
The Tourism Statistic Bulletin (2005 edition) estimates that the economic impact of tourism to the national economy is USD 1,858.4 million for the year 2005 and is expected to reach US$ 3,699.4 million by 2015.
Tanzania Tourism Attractions
The tourist attractions in the country are often divided up into three categories: natural, which includes wildlife- the key tourist product of Tanzania- costal areas, climate, national parks, game reserves and mountains; the cultural, which includes archaeological and historical sites; and the man-made, which are less significant, but which include architecture, museums and crafts.

Wildlife will continue to be the leading tourism product for quite sometime Why this only???
The natural assets are generally considered to be the key tourist attractions, with the country currently containing twelve national parks, in excess of thirty game reserves as well as unique landmarks such as Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Ngorongorocraters.
The extensive 800 km coastline of natural beaches is also a great attraction but requires greater investment than wildlife tourism and, without improved infrastructure, its development will remain slow:"Wildlife will continue to be the leading tourism product for quite sometime until the necessary infrastructure for beach tourism is in place" says Melamari, CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST).

Hivi hapa wana JF hatuiibiwi? Ninatend kushuku takwimu hizi kwa sababu sector hii imeingiliwa na mapapa wa wizi wa vitalu vya wanyama, tour operators kutolipa kodi, au kukwepa kulipa malipo halali kwa serikali, au kuchukua pesa chini ya kiwango toka kwa watalii na kuandika risiti zenye malipo kidogo (underinvoincing) etc, etc.Haingii akilini kuwa mtalii anapokuja hapa kwetu anatumia chini ya USD 1000
kwa muda wote anaokaa hapa. Japokuwa hizi ni data za miaka 5 iliyopita lakini hiyo TSH 4 Billion tulitakiwa tuwe tumeshaifikia wakati huo

Wakuu naomba kuwasilisha

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