If your girlfriend does any of the following marry her immediately

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Oct 22, 2016

I have one saying about relationship, and which was "relationship can be salty, or milky, sometimes it can be both", I hope you understand that. Getting married is good, and so is dating, but I believe getting married to a great woman, being in a peaceful, a right relationship is more heart-warming. However, as we all hope to find ourselves in a peaceful relationship, if your girlfriend does, or possesses the following attributes, marry her immediately.

1. If your girlfriend does your laundry, cooks for you, I mean what are you still waiting for? Roger! Roger! Wife materials are kind of rare, marry her immediately.

2. If your girlfriend always advice you not to spend your money lavishly, she's trying to build your future, marry her immediately.

3. If your girlfriend has ever took loan for you to start a business, why do you think she did that? She probably wants you to be successful because she loves you. What else? Marry her immediately.

4. If your girlfriend always begs you, or asks for forgiveness even when you at fault, what a good girl, I didn't tell you to smile, marry her immediately.

5. If your girlfriend pays for your expenses whenever she sees you are broke, she's not just doing that for fun, she loves you, so marry her immediately.

6. If your girlfriend is an honest type, marry her immediately. I mean you don't have to worry where her loyalty lies.

7. If your girlfriend always wants the best for you, if she always prays for you. What else? My brother, marry her immediately.

You are free to add yours in the comments section.
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