ICC has kept African leaders responsible


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Feb 5, 2012
Africa Union is a big club of mediocre, tyrants and loser. In the last decade, having reviewed the performance of the union, I know its a huge failure.

For ICC, I think the idea is good but not now. Until we refurbish our judiciary to deal decisively with crimes. We still maintain the ICC as our criminal justice system for crimes against humanity.

Funny enough ordinary Africans are rejoicing over the decision of African Countries to quit the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Despite it's shortcomings, only the threat of the ICC has kept African leaders responsible. The peaceful elections and democratic transitions in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria owes largely to the threat of the ICC to haul instigators of violence before the Court.

So the ordinary Africans are the victims of any withdrawal as we don't have systems to deal with violators of international criminal law.

Funny enough, some Africans will ignorantly ask if Americans presidents can be tried by the ICC? My response is can an American president massacre ordinary Americans to be in power like what is happening in South Sudan, Congo and Burundi? Even if they do, do we have a justice system like America or Britain that can hold them accountable?

It's OK. When the trouble start, even the African Union (AU) will usually protect leaders and not citizens being massacred by power mongers.


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