Govt officials hinder clean-the-city campaign, says mayor


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Feb 11, 2007
Govt officials hinder clean-the-city campaign, says mayor

Dar es Salaam

SOME business kiosks, particularly in the posh Upanga area in Dar es Salaam Region, are said to be owned by few senior government officials who had been opposing the Ilala Municipal’s ’clean-the-city’ campaign.

Deputy Ilala Municipal Mayor, Mohamed Yakub, revealed this in Dar es Salaam yesterday at a councillors’ meeting to evaluate the implementation of various activities to improve services to the city dwellers.

He said a certain man who owns a kiosk at Upanga and who identified himself as the pilot of then retired President Benjamin Mkapa, had stated categorically that there was no authority who can demolish his business enterprise.

’’It will be unfair to remove petty traders and demolish their stalls while leaving these few people to continue doing business in the city centre,’’ he said.

The Gerezani councillor, Salum Bisarara, told the meeting that there have been problems with the implementation of various resolutions discussed in councillors’ meetings.

The meeting discussed the issue of the Gerezani Ward open space which had been fenced by unfaithful people and turned into a warehouse for preserving cargo.

’’The area has been turned into a source of income for some people, especially as a parking area for heavy duty vehicles.

Ilala Municipal Mayor, Abuu Jamaa, urged the committee responsible on the city’s master-plan to make a follow-up of the resolutions passed by councillors’ meetings.

He said since 2000 there have been discussions on the Gerezani godowns, but no measures have been taken to remove the business people there.

He blamed the committee for not taking necessary measures to rid Gerezani of undesirable elements.

Jerry William Silaa (Ukonga Councillor) admitted the weakness but promised to hold a meeting within one week where the committee will come up with satisfactory answers.
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Napendekeza, Residential Building conversion into Commercial Tax (Kodi ya kugeuza makazi kuwa biashara)
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