From the novel: The robot rebellion

Kitandu Nkoru

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Jun 13, 2017
Most of the main players in the Nazi regime, probably including
Hitler, escaped. He and his lady Eva Braun did not die in the bunker,as history urges us to believe.

At least some of them went to South America. From the views and evidence I have heard and seen, I believe that Hitler was flown out of Germany by the famous German aviator, Hans Bauer.

He flew Nazi wealth and personnel out of Berlin, and Hitler would have had no trouble getting away to a quiet airfield, because when the Russians arrived in Berlin, they found behind the bookcase in Hitler’s room a secret passage leading to an underground tunnel with its own trolley railway line.

The dental records of Hitler and the corpse said to be Hitler did not match and it is most likely to have been the body of his driver, Julius Schreck, a Hitler fanatic, who looked like him and acted as his ‘double’ on several occasions.

A Russian statement in 1945 said:
No trace of the bodies of Hitler or Eva Braun has been discovered.... It is established that Hitler, by means of false testimony,sought to hide his traces. Irrefutable proof exists that a small plane left the Tiergarten at dawn on April 30th, flying in the direction of Hamburg. Three men and a woman are known to have been on board.

It has also been established that a large submarine left Hamburg
before the arrival of the British forces. Mysterious persons were on
board the submarine, among them a woman.”

What is without doubt is that the Nazi influence, far from disappearing at the end of the war, continues to flourish with the secret societies and is now beginning to surface again among the mind-controlled human fodder who support the far right movement.

They are also very influential within the police, the military, and thei intelligence services like the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Indeed the CIA engaged Reinhart Gehlen, the head of Russian operations in the Nazi Secret Service, to build the CIA
network in Europe, and he used many former SS officers on his staff.
The international police organisation, INTERPOL, has been headed by many former SS Officers.

The Nazis and their ‘values’ play a big part in the running of the modern Brotherhood, and it is time the truth was told and the robots rebelled.

History is clearly not what it appears to be, and yet the official version is being indoctrinated into generation after generation through the ‘education’ system and the Brotherhood-controlled media.

Among the members of these (Freemasonic) lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police since their service is for us irreplacable in the respect that the police is in the position
not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordiante
(Those who challenge the Brotherhood), but also to screen our
activities and provide pretexts for discontents etc
.” (Protocol 15)

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