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Business Opportunity (Risk Free Guaranteed Return)

Discussion in 'Matangazo madogo' started by ASHA NGEDELE, Jun 26, 2012.

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    ASHA NGEDELE JF-Expert Member

    Jun 26, 2012
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    Hi Tanzanians,

    Please read through, this is very important and you will thank me for introducing you into this.

    For those who dont know who Robert Kiyosaki is, he is an author to a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and another one called Quadrants of Cash Flows. He is as well one of the leading financial experts in the world. These are very inspiring books to read. You can as well surf the internet to get summaries of these books. Despite the that Tanzanians are allergic to reading books, I have met many friends who read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and their lives were changed after this inspiration. He explains in one of the clips below how Network marketing will help transform people from working for money (employment) into money working for them (business and investments).

    Check this out FYI..Robert Kiyosaki Explains Network Marketing - YouTube. Donald Trump also spoke about this, Donald Trump Talking About the Network Marketing Business Opportunities - YouTube. Even Bill Gates was asked what he would do if he lost everything today and he chose Network Marketing.

    Here is the thing, Network Marketing is the business for the 21st Century. Most of these kind of opportunities start from the developed countries and come at a later stage to developing countries. Though, due to globalization there are a few in our poor countries who take their time to enjoy such opportunities. Currently there are so many big companies that have opted for Network Marketing. In short, big companies replace the Marketing unit, whose running costs are extremelly high, with Network marketing where distributors form networks and do the direct marketing and get paid bonuses for selling products and inviting others to join their networks and invite others down the line. It goes down and down and every cash outflow of the person in your network is a cash inflow for you. Return rates at which you get out it depends on the level you are in and that is why this marketing is as well called Multi Level Marketing(MLM).

    I'm taking this moment to invite you to one of the MLM companies in Tanzania called Forever Living Products presentation to learn more about how MLM can change your life. Its a riskfree business and you only have to do two things, buy products for you own use and invite others to use the products and teach them to invite others. Its a team work kind of business, so even if you are not good at public speaking or inviting people, all you will have to do is ask people to attend the presentation and a person who invited you will do the rest. Remember, every movement made by a person whatever level below is an income to you as well.

    I understand there are people in JamiiForums who are always negative about such ideas as this, but trust, people and making serious money in Tanzania. Beauty of this is that you are never too late to join. Actually in Tanzania to date, there are currently not more than 20k out of 40+Mil population who are activelly doing this business. There are young men and women receiving up to 75Mil+ per month within just 4 to 5years of doing this. You are guaranteed to leave your employment within just six months of activelly doing. Nothing comes for free though, you have to be active or else you will see it as a waste of time. Come to the presentation and meet them to get skills on how you can do this Business on your own.

    What is the point of having relatives, friends at work, friends at social networks, school mates or even in JamiiForums whom you are not benefiting anything financial from them or them from you?


    Remember demand for jobs is currently so high in Tz because supply of graduates is at very high rate. To overcome this simple economic principle, we need to reverse so that demand for graduates/job seekers becomes low and supply for jobs to become high. We can only do this by creating our own businesses and investments. There is currently no job security, one day you get a nice job, the next day your company cuts employee cost and you get affected. Good example is Barclays Tanzania, lot of young ambitious employees lost their jobs. Dont every think you will have that job forever. If you have dreams of owning your own business in the future then you dont have to wait any longer. Time is here, opportunity is here.

    Come one, come all, you will have nothing to lose by just attending these presentations. You dont pay a shilling to attend this. It will just be up to you to take it or leave it. Ppts are on weekends for eveyone's convinience. PM me and we can arrange on when you can make it. Please pass on this information.

    Leave Forever Healthy with Financial Freedom.