6 Simple Strategies to Make Money Online


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Sep 23, 2014
How can I make money online in Nigeria?

This is the first question most website owners and bloggers ask when I interact with them.

Then I in turn ask them, how do you make money right now? Or What are you good at?

Then they go like, “I sell this, I sell that”. “I work in this or that company”. I can do ABC or XYZ very well.

Then I tell them, “That is exactly how you make money online”.

Truth is,

In order to make money online in Nigeria, you simply have to do online what you are already good at offline. Just provide value for people.

There is actually no difference between making money online and offline.

Therefore, in this post, I will reveal 6 simple strategies you can use to make money online in Nigeria without much stress.
Now, these are just suggestions to get you started. Always make sure you focus only on what you are uniquely good at.

1. Selling a service or product
In fact, if you have ever thought of making money online in Nigeria, this is the simplest route to take. It is the simple process of using the internet to reach more people who will patronize you.

For example, if you sell Brazilian hair, all you have to do is create really beautiful advert copies (with product images) and place them on Facebook, Nairaland etc. Then create a landing page where people can place order online. So when they place order, you deliver it to their address.

This way, you don’t need to rent a shop, hire sales girl/boy etc. You can operate from home.

This can be applied to any product or service you render. Here at eBrand, we depend almost 100% on our website to get clients. So you too can do that.

2. Copywriting
If you are already a creative person who loves writing, copywriting is a very simple way to make money online in Nigeria.

The first option I recommend is for you to set up a website of your own and present yourself as a thought leader in the industry by proving that you have the ability to write copies that can help businesses create awareness and publicize their products or services.

Tip** Click here to discover platforms you can use to create a website by yourself or hire a competent web development team to design your website.

Alternatively, you can start out as a freelancer on platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, Contentmart or Writeraccess.

Copywriters are among the highest income earners in the world of writing globally. However, it’s not for lazy minded people.

So if you are good at writing, you can give it a shot.

3. Affiliate Marketing
This is not a very popular way to make money online in Nigeria (especially if you are resident here).

However, it is fairly a simple strategy. All it takes is to direct people to the website of a seller of a particular product – such that when the person buys something from their website, you will be paid a commission like 5% to as high as 70%.

Only go for this strategy if you are already naturally good at facilitating transaction between buyers and sellers.

In Nigeria presently, there are no popular affiliate platforms like Clickbank, Avant link, ShareAsale etc. that will make your work of finding affiliate opportunities very easy.

So you have to search for individual companies (especially ecommerce companies) like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey etc. and sign up on their platform and become their affiliate.

After you have signed up, you need to drive traffic to the company’s website. And the good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote as many products/services as possible provided you know how to do it.

Tip** The best strategy for affiliate marketing in Nigeria is through niche blogging and social media promotion.

4. Online Tutorial
If you are good (I mean really good) in any field, you can start teaching people about it online.

Tutoring is yet another effective strategy you can use to make money online. And the good thing is that it has the capacity to bring in steady inflow of money to you.

To get started, You can register on one of the popular online tutor websites like Tutorme.com.

Project management Program, H.R.M, Digital marketing amongst others are online based programs which are really popular right now and tutors are in high demand.

Online tutoring is really booming worldwide because many working-class people find it more convenient due to time factor.

5. Selling Ads Spaces to companies
This is another lucrative way of making money through your website. But there is a catch!

Your website needs to have insanely massive amount of traffic (i.e. people visiting the website on daily basis) to attract high advert rates.

And to have a website with lots of traffic is something that takes time and consistency.

Another way to command high advert rate is if you are able to establish your website as an authority in your field. That way, you can convince companies that you have a targeted small audience they can advertise their products and services to.

E.g. If you have a website that attracts doctors and other health workers, you can easily convince pharmaceutical companies to advertise there.

What you charge for ads space depends on the quality of your website and the traffic it commands.

But take note, It’s not just as simple as it sounds.

6. Selling e-Books and other digital products
This is alternatively called information marketing.

Many smart young Nigerians are making millions of Naira monthly selling e-Books to people in need of specialized knowledge that is not easily accessible anywhere online.

To use this strategy to make money online in Nigeria, you have to find a particular niche that a lot of people are having challenge in. Some of the most popular ones these days are Health, sex, money, religion etc.

Have you seen adverts such as these online recently –

How to clear pimples and acne within 24 hours
How to slim down naturally in 3 days – No dieting, No drugs, No exercise
Secret strategies on how to last longer in bed (yeah, this one is really popular these days),
How to make money online while you sleep.
Those are information marketers doing what they know how to do best.

And the best part is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the field to be an information marketer. You can hire someone to do the writing for you. Or you can do an in depth research that an average person would be too lazy to handle.

The most important thing is to know how to convince people to buy the information.

Like I mentioned before, you must be a good salesman/copywriter in real life before you can implement this strategy and succeed.

Conclusively, it is very easy to make money online in Nigeria. But first, you should be good at something offline, then you can transfer that skill online.

SOURCE: 6 Simple strategies to make money online in Nigeria - eBrand Managers

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