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Feb 3, 2009

Foods That Increase Hunger !!!

1.Salty foods- These increase your cravings by dehydrating you. Now you know why Ruffles Lays have their jingle saying “No one can eat just one”.

2.Fatty foods- These make you lose your control over your taste buds. The sad part is you cant even enjoy it as you are feeling guilty.

3.Cold temperatures- Your body needs fuel to generate heat hence food becomes fuel and you end up getting eating more. Winter season is the time you need to exercise more. Hence indoor gyms will come to your rescue.

4.Artificial sweeteners- Boon or bane!!! Never use these to lose weight. These sweeteners find their way in all the food that are high in fat and in refined sugars. They trick you into eating more as you feel its safe to gobble more as it has no sugar. Take for eg, a piece of cake which contains refined flour and artificial sweetener. Refined flour is nothing but carbs and has no other nutrients.

5.Caffeine- This is a feel good stimulant, hence food with caffeine can make you eat more as you feel “happy”. Now you why you crave for that lattes and cappuccinos of Cafe Coffee Day.

6.Alcohol- Alcohol can really increase your cravings for all that tidbits kept in front of you while you are out drinking with your friends and you get mentally weaker to make healthy choices.
Not drinking enough water- Dehydration can make you very hungry. Plus you mistake thirst for hunger pangs. So start drinking up water.

7.Refined foods with no fiber- These foods enter into your blood sugars really fast and you start feeling hungry again after the meal. You can do a self check after you have eaten white rice or refined pasta.

8.Sugar- The most common culprit which you can never add a full stop to it.

9.Chewing gum-This bad habit stimulates the gastric juices, therefore saliva is produced and moves to the stomach fooling it into thinking there is food to be digested, making you hungrier.

10.Diet soda-This is not only highly harmful to your health, it can also make you hungrier, that to its high amount artificial sweeteners that could have the effect of triggering appetite but unlike regular sugars they don’t deliver something that will squelch the appetite.

11.High fructose corn syrup-Moderation is seemingly impossible with this evil ingredient, it interferes with the body’s metabolism so that a person can’t stop eating. It slows down the secretion of leptin in the body, which is a crucial hormone that tells you that you’re full and to stop eating.

12.Frozen dinners-These dinners don’t have enough calories or nutrients to fill you up, and there is not enough roughage to expand in your stomach.

13.Pastries and baked goods-White sugar and flour have no fiber or nutrients and they are normally packed with white sugar as well, this will send you through the roof and then you come crashing down much hungrier than you were before.

14.Sugary breakfast bars-This is practically the same as pastry, they are high processed and full of sugar, exchange them for real oatmeal, fruits and honey, or eggs and vegetables for a much better way to start your day.

Herbalist Dr MziziMkavu

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Feb 3, 2009
Avoid foods that increase hunger

One of the biggest problems incurred by the person who starts a weight loss diet is hunger. Follow your diet program perfectly, do exactly what you're required … but when you feel the sense of hunger abandon everything.

Anyone who gets on a diet sooner or later have problems with hunger, but if you learn what are the foods that tend to increase appetite and try to avoid them, you should have less difficulty.

Let us now see what exactly are the foods that increase more than the others the sense of hunger.
White Rice

The first food that might make you increase hunger immediately after eating it is the white rice. The reason why this food is particularly problematic is that after eating it have a large peak in blood

sugar, followed by rapid collapse due to the release of insulin that does absorb glucose. When darkness falls the sugar level in the blood is sent to the sense of hunger to the brain, that I order you to eat more food.

Sugary cereals

The second food that can cause a crisis of hunger, for the same reason white rice, sugary cereals are. Remember: Always read the labels of foods you buy, especially if you are following a weight loss diet.

It is often assumed that the grains are always a healthy food, but checking the label carefully you may discover that actually contain a lot of sugar.

For complete control of appetite starting with breakfast, choose cereals that do not contain added sugar. They will be much more useful for your weight loss diet.

Snack bars

The snack bars are another food problematic as regards hunger. In this case, the problem stems from the fact that the fingers generally contain little protein and a lot of fat, so there is nothing that balances the carbohydrates you ingest. The result is that you create the blood sugar spike that we

talked about before, you will cause a rapid drop in energy. As your energy level drops, you will be prompted to look for other food to raise it again. This vicious cycle can take you to ingest large amounts of calories each day, preventing you from losing weight.


Finally, perhaps it would not even remember it, the candies are one of the worst things regarding hunger. You may have the impression that you take a shot of energy and that will fill the stomach,

but it is only the effect of the sugar. The candies are made of pure sugar, from dietary point of view, even worse than the snacks that contain fat because the latter, thanks to the presence of fat, will

not cause the peak of glucose in the blood. The candies are to be avoided at all times.

These were the main foods to avoid to control hunger and successfully carry out your weight loss

diet. Take a supplement like
Phen375 anti-hunger (which also acts as a fat burner) will help even more to control appetite and uncontrolled desire for food you may have during the day.


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May 3, 2009
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