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Tanzania’s future lies in the power of your ballot!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by PELE, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Economics and politics have always been intertwined and inseparable. No politician has ever talked politics without talking economics, and neither is there an Economist who succeeded without theorizing a particular political system and its establishment. Political success, therefore, depends on ones economic luminosity, and economic success relies on one’s ability to savoir-faire in the political and social spheres.

    My people, over a year ago, I cited these words, and now forced to recite them once again as we move towards elections, which will determine our future, and the future of our children. We have toyed with our LIVES in the past, by voting in people who had different motives rather than public service. There are indeed, people who dwell on the gravity of dissuading human endeavor and progress, and some goes beyond the ordinary to label economic change activists, as anti government and enemies of state, in order to further their selfish agendas. These are the fisadis of our times brought about by the globalization. These are the people we must target to vote out

    Time has come when such mundane mental prejudice, meant to frustrate clear thinking for the benefit of a broader society, becomes diminishing images through our rear view mirrors as our wagon of change cruises forward. We must persuasively court the nay sayers into realizing the dire need for collective effort in fighting social vices in our country, which lay in our hands.

    We must defeat them with logic and neutrality while leaning on our legal and constitutional rights; these are the weapons of consciousness and the power of ballot Our people, whose bodies and souls are tired with fatigue of corruption, mismanagement, and poverty, must emerge with courage and vigor, and become pace-setters of change. It is my belief that need to rid the country of corruption and poverty, must propel us to surge forward with courage. We must prepare ourselves to vote, out of our consciousness for a better future.

    While a few are symbolically are being tried for their economic crimes in the country, the true criminals are basking behind the power of your ballot. True criminals who have been seeing themselves as untouchables must be held accountable. You the voter hold the key to the true and real justice.

    There should be no exception whatsoever; the broom must sweep all culprits, including economic rapists equally. Ceremonial parading of grand masters of corruption in courts of law has not been the answer of our suffering; prosecution has been a failure and a political chess-game only a few selected understands. You must now take the matter into our hands, by punishing these grand masters trough the ballot, as justice system designed for them, silently exonerated them long before they were taken to courts.

    This plague can only be eliminated by the ordinary citizens’ refusal to purchase their fundamental rights, an act so common in the country in which the weak must dig dipper into their pockets to be accorded their natural, and basic citizenship rights. They are even selling their future for a cup of tea! This pandemic can only be uprooted from the bottom up approach, in which each and every citizen becomes a watchdog and a whistle blower; it must also start by educating the public on their basic fundamental democratic rights. And above all, be uprooted with the power of ballot.

    Corruption (ufisadi) can only be uprooted when each and every citizen obligates him/herself to his patriotic duties, wanting the best for the current and future generations through sacrifice. This is the only logical method to rid the country of graft; the power of BALLOT and consciousness. The citizenry must be made aware of the fact that, the government exists for the people, and not the people for the government. It is the people’s power that brings governments into control, and must always hold the government accountable for its deeds.

    Let’s stop crying of corruption, we have the power to trigger political tsunami to those who have betrayed us, and power to do so lies in the ballot box!

    I am seeing hope a head of us; I am seeing a different country in 10 years from today. I am seeing a prosperous and harmonious nation standing as a model for hope in the poverty riddled region, and war ravaged continent. Let’s all embark on this wagon of change and bring hope onto our people by being sacrificial; not selling our votes for one day gratification. Power of ballot is the only way to keep even our critics, the likes of Mujomba Paulo Kamau , who regards us as party animals, and strange being to have ever inhabited planet earth, absolutely out of our business.

    I must once again repeat the same song we have been singing for almost two years now; economic gloomy future. Cash savings are evaporating and being snatched away by the global economic turmoil. Millions are facing zero incomes, and best hope for many is becoming so uncertain.

    I am confident that Tanzania can stand as a model should we use our consciousness to exercise our democratic right of the ballot; voting out the bogus seeds while voting in those who show the interest to address our needs.

    Many politicians have shown the interest to continue leading us. Let’s be honest and scrutinize each politician’s track record, the promises made have all been wildly empty and disappointing, as many have served their own interest, with posh homes and fat foreign accounts.

    This time around we need deeds, not promises. Before we vote on how beneficial each and everyone has been, or how useful is he/she going to be. As a nation, let’s embrace forces that unite us, and shun those that divide us as we move towards election, let’s keep right issues in our minds, and vote the right leaders for our national economic prosperity.

    Mungu Ibariki Tanzania