Monopoly of Thoughts is an Oppressive behavior

The golden

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Sep 11, 2018
One of the fundamental right of human being is the right of expression. No one is vested power to deny the right to any one. Any person or cultural elememnts that tend to discourage the existence of this right should condemned severely.

A human being was created by the Creator as a free and distinct spirit endowed with complete freedom of exercising his being. Any attempt to prevent him not exercising his freedom is an attempt to deny his existence. No one can agree that.

Down to the historic time, human beings have been fighting tirelessly to restore their lost freedom. That is why even black people in different parts of African continent fought for Independence.

There is no name you call any person who deny this right of expression to other people than " an Oppressor". Yes....all oppressors in the entire world have this element. They believe that other people's rights are limited. They believe that ,they are powered to dominate others and their environments. No one can ask them a question and challenge them. These are dangerous people.

The welfare, of the community can not be attained if only few people have dominion over the environments. Let the majority express their views, ideas and opinions on all aspects of life. Life is freedom. Human emancipation campaign is an endless program. No one can end it. Even oppressors need freedom that is why they deny others freedom.
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