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Miguu na mikono kufa ganzi inasababishwa na nini

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by MziziMkavu, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. MziziMkavu

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    Numbness in Hands and Feet


    Numbness in hands and feet can be caused due to a number of reasons and are considered as important symptoms of certain disorders, especially neurological disorders. Read on to know more...

    You must have often noticed a sensation in you hands and feet that feels like needle pricks (Paresthesia). This sensation, known as numbness, can be experienced when pressure is applied to your hands or feet and when they remain in the same position for a long time. Numbness and tingling that lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes is considered to be absolutely normal. However, numbness that is extreme and lasts for several hours is a serious concern and should not be ignored. This kind of numbness may be caused due to various factors and an appropriate diagnosis is essential for its proper treatment. Let's have a look at the possible causes and treatment of numbness and tingling in hands and feet.


    Numb hands and feet can be caused due to various reasons ranging from nutrition to a serious illness or a nervous system disorder. Listed below are a few of its most common causes.

    Anxiety and Migraines
    Two of the most common causes of numbness in feet and hands are an anxiety attack or an impending migraine. Anxiety in a person leads to certain physiological changes like an increased heart rate and shallow breathing, as well as numbness. Similarly the onset of a migraine is usually accompanied by numbing and heaviness in the hands, feet, the neck and mouth.

    Vitamin Deficiency
    Deficiency of essential vitamins like vitamin B5, B6 and B12, vitamin A and vitamin D can cause numbness along with cold hands and feet, fatigue, muscle weakness and loss of sensation. It is therefore extremely necessary to consume the right vitamin for feet numbness as well as numbness in hands.

    Numbness in hands and feet is an important symptom of diabetes, especially type II diabetes. The high blood sugar and glucose levels of diabetics causes the nervous system to malfunction and eventually leads to its damage.

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Numbness in hands and feet while sleeping is an important symptom of multiple sclerosis, especially during its initial stages. Multiple sclerosis is characterized by the gradual loss of the myelin sheath which is a protecting covering of the nerve cells. This leads to nerve damage, also known as neurodegeneration and is responsible for the numbness.

    Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
    The transient ischemic attack, also known as a mini stroke, is a disorder caused by the temporary loss of blood supply to the brain thereby interrupting brain function. Numbness on either side of the body that lasts for less than an hour or two, is a symptom of this disorder.

    Raynaud's Syndrome
    Raynaud's syndrome is a disorder in which blood vessel spasms are experienced either due to a very low temperature or due to a sudden, strong emotional outburst. The spasms block or restrict the blood flow to areas like the fingers and feet which leads to numbness in the fingers and toes.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by an injury to the nerves around the wrist. Forearm and left arm numbness are two of the most important signs of this disorder.

    Angina is a disorder characterized by reduced oxygen supply to the heart due to thickening of the arteries. Left side numbness accompanied by certain amount of pain is an important symptom of this disorder.

    Peripheral Artery Disease
    Peripheral artery disease is a disorder caused due to the accumulation of plaque, which is a fatty substance, in the arteries. This accumulation leads to the narrowing and hardening of the arteries which restricts the flow of blood. Numbness in fingers, arms and feet along with cold hands and feet are important symptoms of this disease.

    Other Causes
    There are several other causes that can lead to a numbing sensation in the hands and feet. Some of these include, insect and animal bites, as a side effect of certain forms of medication, nerve damage brought on by tobacco, alcohol and lead and more.


    Getting rid of numbness in hands and feet will require the treatment of the condition or disease due to which it is being caused. Thus depending on the condition that has led to the numbness, the treatment can be prescribed by a doctor. Once the cause is dealt with, the numbness and other accompanying symptoms will be taken care of as well.

    One can always try stretching the muscles out as well as massaging the area. Stretch the feet and hands such that the muscles are allowed to breathe. This will improve the blood circulation. Similarly, when one begins to experience this numbing sensation, one can begin massaging the area, either with oil or by simply applying pressure with fingers. This will also lead to an increase in the blood flow and could thereby get rid of the numbness. Another method that can be used is to use a hot compress on the area that feels numb. Exercise and massage therapy too can be helpful in eliminating numbness.

    But, like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if the numbness is constant then it needs to be checked and a proper diagnosis carried through by a specialist. It has to be noted that in certain conditions like multiple sclerosis (which is difficult to treat) certain amount of numbness and loss of sensation is experienced all the time and might not be treatable.

    Now that you know the causes of numbness in hands and feet, if you experience similar sensations for more than a day or two, make sure you consult a doctor. Ignoring this symptom will only worsen the underlying disorder and hence, it is essential that you get it diagnosed and treated.
  2. Bishop Hiluka

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    Well spoken...
  3. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Ganzi katika mikono na miguu inaweza kuwa imesababishwa kutokana na sababu kadhaa na ni kuchukuliwa kama dalili muhimu za matatizo fulani, hasa ya neva matatizo. Soma juu ya kujua zaidi ...

    Lazima mara nyingi niliona hisia katika mikono yangu na miguu kwamba ninahisi kama kuchomwa na sindano (Paresthesia). Hisia hii, inaojulikana kama ni ganzi, inaweza kuwa na uzoefu wakati shinikizo ni kutumiwa kwa mikono yako au miguu na wakati wa kubaki katika nafasi hiyo kwa muda mrefu. Ganzi na Kuwakwa kwamba huchukua kutoka

    sekunde chache kwa dakika chache anahesabiwa kuwa kawaida kabisa. Hata hivyo, kuganda kuwa ni uliokithiri na itaendelea kwa masaa kadhaa ni tatizo kubwa na haipaswi kupuuzwa. Aina hii ya kufa ganzi inaweza kuwa imesababishwa kutokana na sababu mbalimbali na utambuzi mwafaka ni muhimu kwa ajili ya matibabu yake sahihi. Hebu kuwa na kuangalia sababu inawezekana na matibabu ya ganzi na ganzi katika mikono na miguu.


    Mikono na miguu numb husababishwa kutokana na sababu mbalimbali kuanzia lishe kwa ugonjwa au mishipa ya Neva na machafuko ya mfumo. Hapa chini ni chache ya sababu yake ya kawaida.

    Wasiwasi na Ugonjwa wa kichwa kipanda uso kuumwa na kichwa upande mmoja

    Mbili ya sababu ya kawaida ya kufa ganzi katika miguu na mikono ni mashambulizi ya wasiwasi au au kipanda uso kuumwa na kichwa upande mmoja. Wasiwasi katika mtu inaongoza kwa mabadiliko fulani ya kisaikolojia kama kiwango cha kuongezeka moyo na kinga ya kina kirefu, kuganda kama vile. Vile vile mwanzo wa kuumwa kichwa upande mmoja huwa umeandamana na kupoa na uziwi katika mikono, miguu, shingo na mdomo.

    Upungufu wa Vitamin Mwilini.
    Upungufu wa vitamini muhimu kama B5 vitamini, B6 na B12, vitamini A na vitamini D unaweza kusababisha kuganda pamoja na mikono na miguu baridi, uchovu, udhaifu wa misuli na kupoteza hisia. Kwa hiyo ni muhimu sana kwa kula vitamini kwaajili ya kutibu miguu kufa ganzi na kama vile ganzi mikononi.

    Ganzi katika mikono na miguu ni dalili muhimu ya ugonjwa wa kisukari, hasa aina II kisukari. high damu sukari na glucose ngazi ya kisukari husababisha mfumo wa neva malfunction na hatimaye husababisha uharibifu wake.

    Multiple Sclerosis
    Ganzi katika mikono na miguu wakati umelala ni dalili muhimu ya multiple sclerosis, hasa wakati wa hatua yake ya awali. Sclerosis Multiple ni sifa kwa hasara taratibu za ala myelin ambayo ni kifuniko kulinda ya seli ujasiri. Hii inasababisha uharibifu wa neva, pia inajulikana kama neurodegeneration na ni wajibu kwa ganzi.

    Unazidi Ischemic Attack (tia)
    muda mfupi ischemic mashambulizi, pia inajulikana kama kiharusi mini, ni ugonjwa unaosababishwa na kupoteza muda wa usambazaji wa damu kwa ubongo na hivyo kukatiza ubongo kazi. Ganzi juu ya upande wa mwili ambao unadumu kwa chini ya saa moja au mbili, ni dalili ya ugonjwa huu.

    Raynaud Mwilini
    Syndrome Raynaud ni machafuko ambayo spasms chombo damu ni uzoefu ama kutokana na joto chini sana au kutokana na outburst ghafla, na nguvu ya kihisia. spasms kuzuia au kukataza mtiririko wa damu kwa maeneo kama ya vidole na miguu ambayo inaongoza kwa ganzi katika vidole vya mikononi na miguuni.

    Carpal Tunnel Mwilini
    Carpal syndrome handaki unasababishwa na kuumia kwa neva kuzunguka mkono. Forearm na kufa ganzi kushoto mkono ni mbili ya ishara muhimu sana ya ugonjwa huu.

    Angina ni disorder wanaotambuliwa na usambazaji kupunguzwa oksijeni kwa moyo kutokana na thickening ya mishipa. Upande wa kushoto ganzi akiongozana na kiasi fulani ya maumivu ni dalili muhimu ya ugonjwa huu.

    Pembeni ateri Magonjwa
    Pembeni ateri ugonjwa ni ugonjwa unaosababishwa kutokana na mkusanyiko wa plaque, ambayo ni dutu fatty, katika mishipa. Mkusanyiko Hii husababisha kupungua na ugumu wa mishipa ambayo inapinga mtiririko wa damu. Ganzi katika vidole, miguu na mikono pamoja na mikono na miguu baridi ni dalili muhimu ya ugonjwa huu.

    Sababu nyingine
    Kuna sababu nyingine ambayo inaweza kusababisha hisia numbing katika mikono na miguu. Baadhi ya hizi ni pamoja, wadudu na kuumwa wanyama, kama athari ya aina fulani ya dawa uharibifu, ujasiri kuletwa juu na pombe na tumbaku, na risasi, na zaidi.


    Kupata kuondoa ganzi katika mikono na miguu itahitaji matibabu ya hali au ugonjwa kutokana na ambayo ni kuwa unasababishwa. Hivyo kutegemea hali ambayo imesababisha kwa kufa ganzi, matibabu yanaweza kuagizwa na daktari. Mara sababu ni kushughulikiwa na, kufa ganzi na dalili nyingine kuandamana kuchukuliwa huduma ya pamoja.

    Mtu anaweza daima kujaribu kukaza misuli nje kama vile massaging eneo hilo. Nyosha miguu na mikono vile kwamba misuli wanaruhusiwa kupumua. Hii kuboresha mzunguko wa damu. Vile vile, wakati moja huanza na uzoefu huu hisia numbing, mtu anaweza kuanza massaging eneo, ama kwa mafuta au kwa kifupi kutumia shinikizo kwa vidole. Hii pia kusababisha ongezeko katika mtiririko wa damu na hivyo inaweza kujikwamua ganzi. Njia nyingine ambayo inaweza kutumika ni kutumia compress moto juu ya eneo hilo anahisi numb. Mazoezi na tiba ya massage pia inaweza kusaidia katika kuondoa ganzi.

    Lakini, kama sisi zilizotajwa mwanzoni mwa makala, ikiwa ni mara kwa mara ganzi basi mahitaji ya kuwa checked na utambuzi sahihi kufanyika kupitia kwa mtaalamu. Ni lazima alibainisha kuwa katika hali fulani kama sclerosis nyingi (ambayo ni vigumu kutibu) baadhi ya kiasi cha kufa ganzi na kupoteza hisia ni uzoefu wakati wote na wanaweza kuwa treatable.

    Sasa unajua sababu ya kufa ganzi katika mikono na miguu, kama uzoefu sawa sensations kwa zaidi ya siku moja au mbili, kuhakikisha kushauriana na daktari. Kupuuzia hii dalili itakuwa mbaya tu ugonjwa msingi na hivyo, ni muhimu kwamba kupata ni wametambuliwa na kutibiwa.
  4. Nzenzu

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    Asante sana mkuu!
  5. Rutashubanyuma

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    gansi yangu ya miguu ni ukosefu wa mazoezi n alishe ya kupita kipimo. Niliporekebisha ganzi nayo ikanitupa mkono....................sijui kwa wengineo...........
  6. MziziMkavu

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    Mkuu Rutashubanyuma una miaka mingapi wewe?na ulitumie lishe ya chakula kipi?na ulifanya mazoezi yepi mpaka Ganzi yako ikaondoka?
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  7. Hayajamani

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    Mkuu asante kwa elimu kubwa, samahani mimi nina tatizo la nalii.. inakufa ganzi! Msaada p/se
  8. MziziMkavu

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    Mkuu Hayajamani hujaeleza tatizo lako lakini unaweza kwenda kwanza kumuona Daktari akutibie ikishindikana uje hapa utoe maelezo yako umefikia wapi kimatibabu tutakupa ushauri na dawa za tiba mbadala...............
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  9. Rutashubanyuma

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    MziziMkavu nothing special. What I do daily is a hundred situps and mild exercising. I have cut food intake by fifty percent............I have been dieting now for three years....................overweight was my main threat to good wellness coupled with easy living.............not anymore...........................
  10. E

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    Inasababishwa na ganzi ilitokithiri
  13. MziziMkavu

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    Herbs For Headache Migraine Herbal Remedies


    Headaches can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as muscle tension, fatigue and emotional upsets. These occasional headaches are relatively easy to cure, unlike the crippling, chronic pain of migraines. The underlying

    causes of migraines is not well understood, but some common causes are stress, alcohol, pregnancy, menstruation, ingestion of tyramines,(amino acids found in high amounts in chocolate, wine, beer and other foods). The most common herb used to treat migraines is feverfew. Ginger and ginkgo may also provide some relief. 1

    Quick Tips for Headaches and Migraines:

    Soaking in herbal baths, and stimulating foot baths dispel a tension headache as well for sinus headaches and stuffiness.
    A warm cup of herbal tea made with peppermint, vervain or lemon balm will relieve a headache, especially one that involves nausea. An tea made from the leaves of fresh oregano will relieve nervous headache.

    Lavender herbal teas should be used in combination with melissa (lemon balm) and skullcap. Skullcap also treats the symptoms of emotional excess "rising" in the body to cause blushing, flushing, irritability, or headache.
    Aromatherapy is therapeutic for headaches because of the duel actions of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory

    properties and the relaxing calming effect the oils have on the mind. For sinus headaches use aromatic oils in a steam inhalation. A few drops of lavender oil rubbed on the temple will cure a

    nervous headache. Combine rosemary andjuniper oils with a carrier and apply to them to the nape of the neck and upper shoulders, massaging until the muscles relax. When overheating causes a headache usa a few drops of peppermint essential oilin a cold compress across the forehead or over the back of the neck cools the body.

    Massage a balm containing cayenne powder into your temples for headaches, or take encapsulated cayenne.
    Valerian is effective as an nerve tonic and as a remedy for headaches and pain, especially when a headache is keeping you from restful sleep.

    Phytochemicals called kavaloactones provide kava's gentle stress-beating, muscle-relaxing influence. Great for tension headache.
    Butterbur ,Petasites vulgaris is used in Germany to treat migraines.

    Jamaican Dogwood is considered a relatively powerful remedy for migraine and neuralgia. Makes a good tasting cup of tea with a touch ofcinnamon

    The familiar culinary herb bay laurel contains pathenolides, the same phytochemical in feverfew used in the treatment of migraines. Try using bay in combination with feverfew to prevent migraine.
    Coffee, and the caffeine it contains activate OTC painkillers making them more is more effective against tension

    headaches. Conversely, if you find yourself unable to get your usual caffeine fix, one the withdrawal symptoms is a headache.
  14. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

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    Causes of Numbness in Fingers
    It is always better to diagnose and treat numbness in fingers, as it can be associated with various medical conditions ranging from mild to severe. Here is a brief overview about the causes of finger numbness.

    Did you know that fingertips are the second most sensitive organ in our body? With a large concentration of touch and thermo-receptors, fingers are used for a wide range of functions, including sensory ones. Apart from helping us in holding objects, in writing, typing and driving, these terminal members of the hands are vital for most of our day-to-day activities. As fingers are part and parcel of daily activities, they are susceptible to injuries and other problems. One of the common conditions that is associated with fingers is numbness.

    People often complain about numbness or a tingling sensation in various body parts. This can occur in any part of the body, but mostly this sensation is felt in the fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet. This condition is also known as loss of sensation, paresthesia or sensory loss. It can also be associated with other abnormal sensations like tingling, prickling or burning sensations. Some people describe the feeling as pins and needles. Though injury to the fingers may cause numbness, there are various other causes that can lead to this problem. In fact, numbness in fingers are often caused by other conditions that are not directly related to these parts.

    What Causes Numbness in Fingers

    As mentioned above, there are various factors that can cause finger numbness. Nerve damage is found to be a common factor that is associated with this condition. It is the function of the nerve cells to carry sensations from various parts of the body to the brain. Any damage caused to these nerves, like blockage of blood supply, can affect

    their functioning, which in turn results in the numbness or tingling sensation. The most common reason behind the occurrence of finger numbness is the damage caused to the nerves, due to nerve diseases, pressure or entrapment.

    If left untreated, the nerve damage can eventually lead to a permanent loss of sensation. Some people experience extreme pain along with finger numbness, which can occur in any of the fingers or more than one finger. It is very

    important to figure out the fingers in which the sensation occurs. This is one of the factors that helps in the right diagnosis of the disease causing this sensation. Apart from nerve damage, there are some other medical conditions that can also cause finger numbness.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    So, finger numbness is mainly caused by nerve damage. Any damage to the upper spinal cord or the nerves in the arms may cause numbness in the wrists, hands and fingers. One such condition is carpal tunnel syndrome, a medical condition in which the median nerve of the wrist is compressed. This nerve enters the palm through the wrist, just beneath base of the thumb.

    Numbness and tingling in the fingers and arms are the initial symptoms of this condition. These sensations may aggravate during nighttime. As the condition worsens, the person may develop symptoms, like pain, cramps, burning sensations and weakness in the palm, fingers and arm of the affected hand.

    In this case, the median nerve is compressed and so, the thumb, index finger, middle finger and one side of the ring finger (side that is adjacent to middle finger) are affected. The area of the palm beneath these fingers may also get affected.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is mostly found in those, who use computers on a regular basis, that too for very long hours. Even others, who use their wrist and fingers regularly can get affected with this condition. So, carpal tunnel syndrome is also seen to be associated with those who indulge in activities like driving, sewing, writing and painting.

    Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

    In case of carpal tunnel syndrome, the median nerve that enters the palm through the base of the palm, near the thumb, is affected. The ulnar nerve enters the palm through the base of the palm, but in opposite direction. This nerve travels through that part of the wrist that corresponds with the base of the small finger.

    Compression of ulnar nerve results in numbness, tingling and weakness in the small finger, the side of the ring finger (next to the small finger) and the part of the palm (both front and back sides) that is beneath these fingers.

    This type of numbness in fingers (ring and pinkie finger) is mostly found to occur, when the elbow is kept bent for

    long. During initial stages of ulnar nerve entrapment, occasional numbness (especially at night) is caused.

    Apart from numbness, this condition may also affect the free movement of the fingers. The affected person may also find it difficult to control the movements of these fingers.

    In advanced cases, weakness of the fingers and loosening of grip may also develop. Coordination between the fingers may be lost and as a result, activities, like typing may get hampered.

    In severe cases of ulnar nerve entrapment, the ring and pinkie fingers are found to curl up and the position is described as 'ulnar claw'. Ulnar nerve entrapment may also lead to muscle wasting (decrease in muscle mass) in the hand, if left untreated for long.

    Peripheral Neuropathy

    One of the common neurological causes of numbness in fingers is peripheral neuropathy. This condition which is caused by nerve damage, is characterized by numbness in hands and feet. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by various reasons and diabetes is one among them. Others include infections, regular and excessive alcohol

    consumption, some autoimmune diseases and infections. The symptoms may vary with the types of nerves affected and the type of peripheral neuropathy.

    Initial symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. These sensations may gradually spread up the arms and/or legs.

    As the disease advances, the affected person may develop a burning pain in the arms and legs that may also get too sensitive to touch. Some people may experience sudden onset of sharp pain and muscle loss too.

    Advanced stages may sometimes cause paralysis and even bowel and bladder problems. Peripheral neuropathy may also lead to changes in skin, hair and nail. Cramps are also common in those with this condition.
    Multiple Sclerosis

    An autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis is mostly found in women. In this case, the covering of the nerves (myelin sheath) is damaged due to inflammation. It is said that the nerve cells are attacked by the immune cells of the body, thereby causing inflammation and the resulting damage (to any part of the spinal cord, brain or optic nerve). Though,

    there is no conclusive cause for this condition, it is believed that genetic factors, viral attacks and environmental factors may trigger this condition.

    Multiple sclerosis is a condition that can cause a wide range of symptoms that may not be similar for all the affected people. This may include eye symptoms, bowel and bladder symptoms and speech problems.

    Numbness and tingling (in both arms and legs) is one of the commonly found symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The

    affected person may experience numbness in fingers, along with sensations of crawling, tingling and burning.

    Other symptoms include weakness and tremors in arms and legs and problems in moving them. The person may also develop loss of sensitivity, fatigue and muscle weakness with a lot of other symptoms. Multiple sclerosis is characterized by periods of relapses or flare-ups.
    Cervical Spondylosis

    This is also one of the common causes of numbness in fingers. Cervical spondylosis is a condition that is usually caused by the wear and tear of the cervical spine (spinal discs in the neck) caused by aging. As the condition worsens, the nerves that pass through that location can get compressed. Even other parts of the spinal cord may get affected.

    Apart from causing stiffness and pain in the neck, this condition may cause a wide range of other symptoms. The neck pain and stiffness may radiate to the shoulders, arms and chest.

    The condition may also cause numbness, tingling and pinprick sensations in the fingers. In some people, cervical spondylosis may affect the legs too. Weakness in arms and legs is another symptom associated with the condition.
    Finger Numbness - Other Causes

    Even though nerve damage is considered as the common cause of finger numbness, there are various other medical and physical conditions that can cause this sensation. This include damage to the bones and problems of the circulatory system. Let us take a look at some of these conditions.

    Hand injuries, like, broken finger or wrist can cause numbness in fingers. Even a neck or back injury can result in such sensation in fingers.

    In the long run, regular inhalation of some chemicals can cause finger numbness. For example, the inhalation of smoke emitted from burning acidic dry cell batteries (contains toxic chemicals) can be a cause, provided, sufficient amount of smoke is inhaled, so as to develop the symptoms.

    Insufficient or total blockage of blood supply to the fingers can cause this condition. This can be caused by peripheral artery disease or narrowing of arteries (that supply blood to extremities) due to accumulation of fat.

    Blood supply to the extremities can be blocked in case of frostbite too. This can also lead to tissue damage and numbness in the fingers. Another such condition is Raynaud's phenomenon, which causes narrowing of blood vessels to the fingers and toes.

    Brain damage caused by a mini stroke or stroke can also cause finger numbness.

    Tumors on the nerves in the neck, arms or wrists is another reason for numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers. Other causes of numbness in fingers include metal poisoning (like lead poisoning), systemic lupus erythematosus, transverse myelitis, shingles, leprosy, thoracic outlet syndrome, vasculitis and hypothyroidism. Even migraines are sometimes said to cause finger numbness.

    If you experience finger numbness, which is persistent, then you should consult your doctor at the earliest. The doctor may need information regarding your medical history, family history and nature of your job, for a correct diagnosis, which is very vital for the treatment. Treatment of the underlying cause along with occupational and physical therapy and exercises are helpful in curing the condition. The mode of treatment for numbness in fingers may vary from one patient to another, on the basis of the underlying cause.

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