Zimbabwe declares state of disaster over drought sweeping across southern Africa

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Jan 8, 2024

President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe made the emergency declaration in a speech on Wednesday and called for two billion dollars (£1.6bn) in humanitarian aid.

The Rains seems to be below average rainfalls that they experience causing devastated harvests in large part, causing drought that hasn't happened for decades.

Climate change has been a major problem causing the El nino which naturally occurs when the Pacific Ocean warms up every two years to seven years.

President Mnangagwa top concern is the government of Zimbabwe - a country for more than 15 million people - was to "secure food for all Zimbabweans". He believes, No Zimbabwean must succumb to, or die from hunger.

As per an estimated nine million people have been impacted by the drought in Malawi, along with more than six million in Zambia, UNICEF said. Both countries declared a state of emergency last month.

Source Sky news
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