Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor's Car

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Jan 2, 2008
ONE of the latest and the fastest Mercedes Benz in the world, imported
by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono last week, has
caused a stir at the central bank.

Impeccable sources at the bank said the Mercedes Benz - a Brabus E V12
Biturbo - imported from Germany at a cost of US$365 000, was delivered
on Wednesday.

The importation of the luxurious vehicle has infuriated many workers at
RBZ who were denied annual bonuses last November by Gono on the grounds
the bank did not have the money.

"Employees were barred from going to see the car until it was taken
away presumably on Wednesday night," said a RBZ source. "The question is
where did he get the foreign currency to import such an expensive
vehicle when the country has nothing?"

There was a virtual stampede by the workers to the basement of the
23-storey building when it was reported the new car had been seen there.

But soon senior management staff had barred them from entering the
basement, fearing that some of them might take photographs, using their
cellphones, and show the rest of Zimbabwe the beautiful car the RBZ
governor had bought for himself while most of them can't raise the bus
fare to work.

One of the sources said Gono, who is said to be on leave, was furious
when he heard that the posh vehicle had been delivered to his office.

He ordered senior managers not to let workers near the vehicle and that
the car be driven away to a "safe" place.

Gono's fancy car reduces flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa's
most published Mercedes Benz S600, which cost 103 000 pounds (US$198
841.70), to a child's toy. The governor's is one of the fanciest and
fastest cars in the world.

According to a Mercedes Benz Website, a Brabus E V12 Biturbo, has a top
speed of 217.6 mph (350.2 km/h) and is powered by a 640 bhp twin-turbo
twelve cylinder engine. The vehicle set a new world record during the
Auto Motor und Sport> magazine high-speed tests in Nardo, Italy,

In addition to reaching a top speed of 350.2 km/h, the world's fastest
sedan also has sprinter qualities capable of reaching 62 mph about 100
km/h) in 4.5 seconds and 125 mph (about 200 km/h) in 11.7 seconds.

RBZ spokesperson Kumbirai Nhongo said he could not comment because he
was not on duty. "I am away from work. I will be back i n the office on
Monday. Try and speak with Dr (Munyaradzi) Kereke, nditori kumusha (I
am in the rural areas)," Nhongo said. Kereke, an advisor to the RBZ
Governor, also refused to comment on the matter. "I only got back from
Bikita yesterday, I would not know about that. If it's his personal
business talk to him," he said.

Gono could not be reached for comment yesterday. His secretary said the
governor was away and would be in the office on 15 January. But sources
at the RBZ said Gono was on holiday with his family and two members of
the Central Intelligence Organisation in Asia. "He was supposed to come
back on the 12th but he might extend the holiday by a few days," said
the source.

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