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Zanzibar 1963 UN Speech

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Bikra, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Bikra

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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Prime Minister Muhammed Shamte Hamad (as Head of Government of the independent and Sovereign State of Zanzibar) delivered the following historic speech on the historic day of 16th December, 1963 to the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization in New York.

    Mr. President! It is a very great honour and a very great pleasure for me to be here as Zanzibar's representative at the moment when Zanzibar's application to join the United Nations Organization has been accepted by the General Assembly. Zanzibar's entry to this great Organization is to my mind of special significance, and this is that there is no country so small and so modest in its means that it cannot be represented here in equal terms with the great nations of the world. There are some people who consider this scheme of things to be wrong. But I consider it to be a source of strength to this Organization, and that one that will inspire Zanzibar to use its privileges with a sense of responsibility and dedication to the ideals which prompted the establishment of the United Nations.

    To our many friends throughout the world who have done so much in supporting our struggle towards national liberation, to the Decolonization Committee which has contributed so much in speeding up our march to Independence, and to this august Organization of the United Nations to which we owe so much, I would like to convey my country's deep gratitude. To them we continue to look for aid and support in the upliftment of our people so that we may also be able to contribute our humble share towards the solution of the world's problems. To the distinguished delegates in the Security Council and in this General Assembly who paid tributes to the struggle and achievements of my country I would like to convey the sincere gratitude of my delegation. To all those who have sponsored our application, and to all the distinguished delegates who have unanimously voted us into membership of the United Nations, I say: Thank you.

    Mr. President. Political problems tend to hit the world headlines, but it is not generally known, for instance, that malaria which a few years ago used to cause as much havoc as any war, is now almost wiped out from Zanzibar, as a result of an intensive joint effort on the part of WHO, UNICIEF and the Government and people of Zanzibar. It is also not known that quietly but determinantly we are trying with the aid of the ILO and FAO to do away with the curse of under-employment. There are many other ways in which individual countries and international organizations have been co-operating with us in solving our problems. We are grateful to them all.

    Now that the energies of our people are unleashed by the restoration of our national pride and sovereignty we can look forward with confidence to greater and more comprehensive assistance from every quarter. Zanzibar is one of the smallest nations in terms of population and size to be accepted for membership. This in itself entails sacrifices for Zanzibar, sacrifices which are of little significance to nations of great wealth, but are of very great concern to us of slender means. These sacrifices we are very glad to make. If we are not rich in numbers, in territory, in material wealth we do not count ourselves poor in values of life which are so inestimably more important; and it is because of this that we feel we can contribute, even if only modestly, in the affairs of this Assembly.

    We have a long and honourable history and civilization behind us. Like so many of the great peoples of the world our roots are sprung from many different sources, from Africa primarily, but also from Arabia, from the civilization of Asia, Persia, from India and from many others. The Europeans in their great voyages of exploration found succour and sustenance on our shores. And men of many races found rest and stability in our islands from where to organize the exploration and development of Central and Eastern Africa It is due to these roots established over centuries, the mixing of so many cultures, that make us proud of our reputation for moderation and friendliness. While in the modern world we do not intend looking back to our past, it is this tradition on which we intend to build our future.


    Zanzibar is a constitutional monarchy founded on liberal and democratic traditions, governed by a Prime Minister and a Cabinet of elected Ministers, with collective responsibility and answerable to a National Assembly elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage. The Fundamental Human Rights to personal liberty and protection against discrimination are entrenched in Zanzibar's Constitution. Our overall aims are peace and progress at home and abroad. The chief object must be to help create a political atmosphere in the world in which man's real enemies of hunger, ignorance and disease can receive full attention so that resources and time are not wasted on fruitless matters of dissension.

    Zanzibar's general policy is one of benevolent and positive neutrality without discrimination against any country on grounds of race, creed, culture or ideology. It supports all measures of peace in the world on the basis of international cooperation. On the achievement of its independence Zanzibar has freely elected to remain a Member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and it is fitting and pleasurable to pay tribute to the continuing harmonious relations which have obtained between Zanzibar and the United Kingdom. We believe in the Commonwealth as a large number of equal and sovereign states of many peoples and cultures who have voluntarily and democratically joined together and are dedicated to the furtherance of peace, co-operation and prosperity throughout the world.

    It is the object of Zanzibar to strengthen the many ties it possesses with both Africa and the East. To this end we subscribe to the principles of the Bandung Declaration of 1955 and of the Charter of the Organization of African Unity framed at Addis Ababa this year. Zanzibar has particularly close relationship with the other territories of East Africa, and it is our intention to continue this in friendship and co-operation, whether inside or out of a form of an East African Federation. In this respect I am particularly glad that Kenya with which Zanzibar has so many close connections is being welcomed into this Assembly at the same time. At this proud moment in our history I may be permitted to quote Shakespeare and say: "We are two lions littered in one day."

    money of znz before union.jpg

    Sir, In submitting the application for membership for Zanzibar I have made a solemn declaration in common with that made by other nations represented here today that on behalf of my government I have accepted the obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations, and have undertaken to fulfil them. This solemn declaration is a very real one for me, and I pray that this indeed will be so, and that Zanzibar in future will honour it to the full.

    Thank you, Sir.
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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Ni hotuba Safi Kabisa iliyotelewa na kiongozi Mzalendo wa Zanzibar ni Ushahidi kabisa Sisi Watanganyika tulitanguliwa kwa mbali na Wazanzibari Choyo , husda zetu na ukiongoza na roho mbaya ya juliasi nyerere ndio tulipowafikisha hapa walipo wazanzibari,ndugu zangu kazeni buti muonkoe NCHI YENU MUTUACHE SISI TUPIGANE MMAJUNGU TUBAGUANE MPAKA TUPIGANE KWA UDINI NA UFISADI.NENDENI ZANZIBAR NA MUENDE KWA AMANI NAAMINI MUTAFIKA.'Mwanakiji yuko wapi aje kusoma hizi makala, Naamini Mwanakijiji ni mkiristu tene mkristu mmbaya anarohombaya na nishushushu LILOBOBEA na hanaakili ya kufikiri beyond Nyerere:A S-baby:
  3. Congo

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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Mwalimu Julius Nyerere amekuwa akisifiwa kwa kila kitu, hata mimi namsifia kwa yale mazuri hasa kunisomesha bure. Lakini ni mara chache sana kusikia mtu akizungumzia udhaifu wake. Kwa maoni yangu Mwalimu alikuwa na:-

    • Udhaifu wa kuwapendelea wachache. Kuunganisha nchi mbili zenye idadi tofauti ya wananchi kuwa na uwakilishi na sauti sawa bila kujali wengi wape. Suala hili limefanya Zanzibar kuwa na sauti kubwa bila sababu yoyote. Nchi kama Marekani "electoral votes" zinaendana na idadi ya wananchi wa jimbo husika. Hata Tanzania Bara (Tanganyika) ingawa wabunge wanachaguliwa kutoka majimboni lakini idadi ya wabunge kwa kila mkoa inatofautiana kulingana na idadi ya watu. Ikumbukwe kwamba aliendelea na udhaifu huo mpaka wakati wa usuluhishi wa vita vya Burundi alipong'ang'ania kuwa pamoja na kuwa Wahutu ni wengi lakini Watusi walio wachache wawe na sauti mpaka suala hilo likaja kutatuliwa na Mandela alipoingia kuwa msuluhishi. Mandela aliwambia Watusi waziwazi kuwa wasiiyumbishe nchi kwa uchache wao. Matokeo yake ndio ukawepo mkataba wa Arusha.
    • Udhaifu wa kujipendela yeye mwenyewe, (sio kwa mali bali kwa madaraka). Aliamua kuwa wizara zote za Tanzania Bara ziwe ndani ya Muungano. Hii hakuifanyika kwa bahati mbaya. Alijua kuwa yeye ndie angekuwa Rais wa Muungano, kwa hiyo hakutaka kuachia Wizara zisizokuwa za Muungano kwa bara ziongozwe na mtu mwingine, akaziweka zote kwenye Muungano. Akasahau (maana yeye kama sehemu ya viongozi wale wa zamani hakujua kwamba iko siku ataondoka madarakani) kwamba iko siku Mzanzibar angeweza kuongoza Serikali ya Muungano. Angeweza kabisa kuweka ndani ya masharti ya Muungano kuwa ikiwa Rais wa Muungano atatoka Zanzibar basi serikali yote ya Muungano ijumuishe wizara zote za Zanzibar na Mtanganyika aongoze wizara zisizo za Muungano upande wa Tanzania Bara. Matokeo yake ndio tunayoyaona kuwa Mzanzibar anaongoza wizara inayohudumuia Bara tu kwa kuwa wizara zote za bara ziko ndani ya Muungano. Kwa mantiki hiyo Mzanzibar anaruhusiwa kuajiriwa ndani ya Serikali upande wa Bara kwa kuwa hiyo ni serikali ya Muungano lakini Mbara (Mtanganyika) hawezi kuajiriwa ndani ya serikali ya Zanzibar kwa kuwa sio serikali ya Muungano na yeye sio Mzanzibar. Kisa hofu ya kumezwa na wengi.

    Mambo haya naamini kama yangeliamliwa vinginevyo basi tusingekuwa na mtafaruku kuhusu muungano kama tulionao sasa.
  4. vipik2

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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Serikali ya CCM inapiga ngumi kwenye maji, ngumi iingiapo majini basi maji hayo hupisha ngumi ipite kisha hurudi kwenye umbo lile lile mara moja sawia na pale ngumi inapotoka nje ya maji,

    Akili za hawa viongozi wa serikali yetu hunikumbusha mwanafunzi mwenzagu ambaye alikuwa kabila yangu, darasani alikuwa hajiwezi hivyo basi sie tuliokuwa tunatoka kanda moja na yeye tulikuwa tukimaliza kusoma then tunaanza kazi ya kumfundisha yeye, ajabu yake ni kwamba akitoka kwenda msalani pindi atakapokuwa amerudi ukimuuliza swali lolote ulilomfundisha saa ileile yeye hujibu hajui na hujamfundisha kitu kama hicho...hao ndio CCM,

    Suala la Muungano haliepukiki kuzungumzwa, kurekebishwa au kufumuliwa kabisa na kuanza upya kabisa kwani historia daima huwa haipindishwi
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    Jun 14, 2012
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    watwana na matapeli,leteni hoja,
    hamna jipya,subirin mseme karafuu zao la muungano nd kazi zenu,bora uish na punda 2tastarehe kuliko watanganyika,watwana,2mewafundisha kuvaa nguo juz waweze kustiri tupu zenu leo mmekua wajuaji,
    punda nyinyi