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Zain kunatisha!

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by mstahiki, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Dear all,

    As you might have heard, at Zain, we are in the process of changing the way in which we operate. With this message I would like to provide clarity to all of you with regards to potential upcoming changes and provide you with more information on the Modular Business Model.

    Our objective of becoming a top 10 global mobile operator by 2011 with 110 million customer and an EBITDA of US$ 6 billion demands from all of us an exceptional performance – necessitating the need for us to continually re-examine the way in which we operate. Based on a successful model implemented in other major operations, Zain Group has decided to embark on a change process across all of our operations in Africa and the Middle East.

    In close collaboration between Zain Group functions and the management of the Zain operations we have developed a Modular Business Model which will continue to evolve during 2009.

    The aim of the Modular Business Model is to enable the operations to focus on the key customer facing activities - delivering true market differentiation and continuing to deliver on our Zain brand promise. Through a combination of managed outsourcing, standardization and centralization we will strive to improve our efficiencies, leverage capabilities and improve training and development for our Zain people.

    We are engaging with several of our key strategic partners to assess the viability of outsourcing certain functions, with such strategic partners providing ongoing services on behalf of Zain as part of the overall Zain family. Under this model, it is likely that some of our employees will transfer to future strategic outsource partners. We will be working closely with the management of our Zain operations and the government throughout this journey.

    There is a clear opportunity to leverage benefits of scale and deliver greater efficiencies across our 22 operations - resulting in the ability to provide more value to our customers.

    In summary the key elements of the Modular Business Model are:

    - Enabling the operations to focus on core customer facing and commercial activities;
    - Centralization of capabilities in order to maximize economies of scale and hence realize significant efficiencies and cost savings; and
    - Outsourcing various activities to strategic partners, providing the outsourced Zain employees with new training and development possibilities, whilst still remaining part of the larger Zain family.

    As we embark on this journey together, we look to engage and inform you in the process. This message is the start of regular updates that you will receive as we progress together in order to accomplish the implementation of the Modular Business Model.

    I will continue to provide regular updates as we progress through this journey and will be liaising directly with each team so that you have complete clarity on where we are at and where we are heading.

    At Zain, we pride ourselves on being bold, daring and different, whilst at all times ensuring the well being of our team members and their families. We encourage you to maintain focus during this exciting stage of our evolution and to raise any queries or concerns that you may have with your department manager.

    Best regards,

    Khaled Muhtadi
    Managing Director

    Zain announces record financial results for 2008

    • Customer base increases 50% to 63.5 million

    • Company revenues jump 26% to US $7.44 billion despite currency fluctuations

    • Net profit up 6% to US$ 1.2 billion translating to US$ 0.33 per share

    • Strong performance allows company to pay off $1.8 billion in financial obligations and due to challenging market conditions Zain will adapt its strategy to take up prime opportunities

    • Huge investment in network expansion expected to reap rewards in 2009 and beyond

    Kuwait, March 1, 2009

    Zain, the leading mobile telecommunication operator in the Middle East and Africa present in 22 countries, announces today its consolidated financial results for the year ended 31 December 2008. The results showed significant growth in many key indicators.

    2008 Key Performance Indicators
    Total Managed Active Customers 63.54 million up 50%
    Consolidated Revenues US$ 7.44 billion up 26%
    EBITDA US$ 2.78 billion up 15%
    Net Income US$ 1.2 billion up 6%
    EPS US$ 0.33
    Shareholders Equity US$ 8.69 billion up 36%

    For the year 2008, Zain Group recorded all time high consolidated revenues of US$ 7.441 billion, an increase of 26% compared to 2007. The company’s consolidated EBITDA increased by 15% for the same period to reach US$ 2.78 billion. Consolidated net profits reached US$ 1.2 billion, an increase of 6% on 2007. The earnings per share were US$0.33 and the shareholders equity was up 36% to US $8.69 billion.

    Year on year customer growth across the two continents in which Zain operates was 50% with the Zain Group serving 63.54 million managed active customers at 31 December, 2008.

    Operational Highlights throughout the year
    • January 5: Iraqi operators MTC-Atheer and Iraqna unite as Zain soon after attaining a 15 year licence

    • April 14: ‘One Network’ launched in four Middle East countries Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan and Jordan providing 14 million Zain customers preferential cross-border rates when travelling

    • June 27: Zain brand introduced to over 1 billion global viewers through the broadcast of Zain sponsored concert celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.

    • August 1: All 14 operations in Africa rebranded from Celtel to Zain in the biggest brand launch ever in Africa. This move coincided with the linking of two continents to ‘One Network’ to then include 15 countries, 50 million customers and potentially 500 million people who can benefit from the service

    • August 26: Commercial services are launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The operation joins ‘One Network’ and ends the year with 2 million customers after only four months of operations.

    • September 20: Zain successfully completes a US$ 4.49 billion capital increase, carried out primarily to meet commitments and finance expansion plans

    • December 15: Zain launches commercial services in Ghana, taking to 17, the number of countries in ‘One Network’. Ends year with more than 270,000 customers.

    Chief Executive Officer of Zain, Dr Saad Al Barrak commented: “I am delighted that these 2008 financial results release, for the first time are announced under the umbrella of one brand, following the successful rebranding of all our Africa operations to Zain and the successful launch of commercial operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Ghana. We firmly believe that the Zain brand will act as a catalyst and propel the company to our 2011 target of being a top-ten global operator.”

    Ancillary to this Dr Al Barrak said, “Despite a very challenging environment on many fronts and huge investments in network expansion, the Group was able to achieve appealing and realistic levels of profitability during 2008, a testament to the sound management practices and excellent operational performance of all 22 operations in the Middle East and Africa.”

    He added, “During the year Zain committed over US$ 3 billion in network upgrades and expansion primarily in vast and viable markets such as Ghana, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Sudan all resulting in robust customer acquisition and revenues. These markets will continue to grow and we expect to further reap further rewards in the years ahead especially since they are all part of our ground-breaking and customer alluring ‘One Network’.”

    On this point, Dr Al Barrak noted, “Overall, due to our massive network investment across all operations, we expect and are targeting a 30% increase on many of our financial indicators in 2009.”

    Capital Increase to reduce debt and fund expansion
    On the successful capital increase that raised US$ 4.49 billion in September 2008 whereby 99% of all shareholders subscribed, Dr Al Barrak noted, “this unanimous vote of confidence by our shareholders in Zain's management and strategy will assist the company in meeting financial commitments and support our expansion plans of being a top-ten global mobile operator by 2011.” Further to this he added, “I am pleased to announce that Zain has recently paid back a Murahaba facility of US$ 1.2 billion as well as the first instalment of US$ 525 million for the purchase of Iraqna and several other financial obligations. Also we confidently expect to announce our entry into the Palestinian, and at least one other market, in the very near future.”

    Overcoming the Global Economic Crisis
    Referring to the global financial crisis and volatility that has affected many equity markets, commodities and currencies, Dr Al Barrak said, “Despite the fact that company had to endure higher borrowing rates in the second half of the year and an adverse US$ 138 million in currency exchange cost predominantly in Africa, it still performed admirably. This amount would have added another 12% to the net profit figure should currencies have stayed relatively stable.”

    Defending the Zain share price that sees it trading at historical low Price Earnings multiples, amid the negative sentiment that is gripping world stock markets and seeing billions wiped off valuations, including telecom groups to the range of 30 to 70%, Dr Al Barrak said, “We believe this in unjustifiable in Zain’s case as the debt levels of the Group fall within a reasonable range when compared to many other international mobile groups. The Group has sound reserves, an excellent track record of wise borrowing and repayment, as well as diverse funding sources to support its strategic expansionary plans. Today’s stock price represents excellent value for investors.”

    Dr Al Barrak added that, "Zain views this crisis as an opportunity to make further acquisitions given valuations of many prime telecom assets are considerably lower than they were just six months ago and we are actively pursuing such prospects. Going forward in the current economic climate, Zain will adapt its strategy where it makes commercial sense and where it is economically viable to take up an attractive opportunity. This includes share swapping with and acquiring minority stake deals in other telecom operations.”

    Attractive dividend for shareholders
    On a final note, Dr Al Barrak noted that the Board of Directors had recommended a cash dividend of 50 fils per share – subject to the approval of the general assembly to be held at the end of March 2009 – explaining that the dividend value compared to last year’s distribution is in fact equal to 110 fils, if one take into account the 75% capital increase by the group in the third quarter of 2008.

    About Zain: Zain is a leading emerging markets player in the field of telecommunications aiming to become one of the top ten mobile operators in the world by 2011. Today it is the 4th largest mobile network in the world in terms of geographic presence with a footprint in 22 countries spread across the Middle East and Africa providing mobile voice and data services to 63.5 million active customers (as at 31 December 2008).

    Zain operates in the following countries: Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malawi, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. In Lebanon, the company manages the network on behalf of the government operating as mtc-touch. The company offers innovative services in its markets such as One Network, the world’s first borderless mobile telecommunication network enabling customers to receive and make calls throughout many countries in Africa and the Middle East at free or local rates.

    The Zain brand is wholly owned by Mobile Telecommunications Company KSC, which is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (Stock ticker: ZAIN). Zain is listed in the Financial Times’ Global 500 Index which ranks the world’s largest companies based on market capitalization ( / FT 500 The world's largest companies). For more, please visit or email

    Note to editors and analysts: the complete Zain Q4 earnings release will be soon posted on the Zain Corporate website in the Investor Relations section.

    Dear Zain Family,

    I am writing to all of you to brief you on the following:
    • Our 2008 Results
    • Modular Business Model
    • Our 2009 Targets

    2008 Results
    The first two quarters of 2008 were slow so we did not see much growth in customers or revenues. With cross functional operational excellence team work and focused attention on our Branding, Marketing, Sales, Network, People, and Operational Profitability (EBITDA) initiatives we started seeing impressive results in Q3 and Q4.

    We focused our efforts in Q3 and Q4 on our most valuable resource, our Zain People. We improved our communication through our Intranet, newsletters, and our regional and breakfast meetings. We had several social and professional gatherings to ensure that our staff are informed and engaged and we recognized and rewarded our stars.

    Our Network quality and stability has clearly improved in Q4 following significant investments and technology upgrades during Q1 to Q3 of 2008 with a significant reduction in outages.

    Our Brand launch and acceptance in the market has been a great success. Tanzania has great expectations of our brand in 2009 so we have to ensure that we deliver our brand promise internally and externally.

    Marketing did quite well in Q3 & Q4 with Jirushe, Jiachie, Zain Nights, and 3G. Combined with improved Sales and Distribution we saw a steady increase in gross adds and net adds. It is obvious that our customers are most loyal to us. The competition churn results are much higher than us as all of them continue to lose much more customers than we do. This has led to a steady increase in our customer base closing the year with 3.85 million customers.

    We grew our customer base by over 50% in 2008. We added 1.3 million additional active customers to our base. Similarly, our revenues grew by over 30% to reach $328 million and our operational profit (EBITDA) grew by over 40% to reach $135 million. As a result of your effort we are today the Number One Operator in Tanzania in active customers with over 4 million customers. Given the global financial crisis which has affected the entire business World, there is no doubt that this is a great performance from a great team.

    However, despite our impressive performance on most of the fronts we did not achieve the budget target which we set for ourselves. Our EBITDA target was $150 million for 2008 and we fell short of that. This is mainly due to the fact that our profitability was well below budget during the first 6 months and despite our good performance in the last 6 months of the year, we were not able to bridge the gap.

    Similarly, 13 out of the 15 Zain Africa operations missed their EBITDA target. This comes at a time when Zain’s share price has dropped significantly to its lowest level due to the global financial crisis affecting the World’s major stock markets. This creates tremendous pressure on Zain Group and Zain Opco management teams alike. The most critical pre-requisite for stock price recovery is good financial performance of all Zain operations. We are confident of the good health of Zain’s financial fundamentals and confident that the stock price will recover gradually as long as our operations are delivering good financial results.

    As a result, Zain is now strictly linking rewards to financial performance through the success sharing scheme which we committed to in 2008. If we achieve or exceed our EBITDA target, we will be eligible to distribute a share of the company’s operational profit to the staff as bonus. Since we are among the 13 African operations that failed in 2008 to achieve a threshold of 80% of the budgeted growth over the previous year, we are not entitled to the success sharing bonus.

    I should emphasize here that this in no way diminishes from your achievements in 2008 and it does not diminish Zain’s appreciation for your continued commitment to our goals of becoming among the World’s top ten mobile operators.

    Zain’s Modular Business Model (MBM)

    The financial challenges in 2009 will most likely take a heavier toll on the entire region’s economy. If we carry on with business as usual, we will be under threat of missing our ACE targets for 2011. Therefore the entire Group focus as per Dr. Saad’s directives are on becoming much more efficient and by maximizing Group synergies rather than performing as independent companies. The following are some of the MBM initiatives and directives in 2009:

    • Group and opcos should realize direct synergies on Marketing, Network, and IT
    • Maximize customer service operation and cost optimization across Africa and the ME
    • Hiring Freeze in 2009. No headcount increase across all operations.
    • Cut Marketing & Sales Budgets by 50% across all operations
    • Cut down capex and control network procurement tightly
    • Create succession plans for the next level of leadership from local talent rather than through expats
    • Minimize organization hierarchy to 4 levels

    2009 Targets

    The lesson for 2009 is that we must ensure above budget performance throughout the year. Unfortunately, the performance during January and the first part of February is below budget again. This is primarily due to continued weaknesses in sales and distribution and delays in launching new products and services which allowed competition to take the lead in acquisitions. We must reverse this trend immediately and I am sure with your commitment and dedication we will be able to do so in the next days and weeks.

    We have set the following targets for ourselves in 2009:

    KPI 2007 2008 08 Growth 2009 09 Growth
    Customers 2.5 M 3.85 M 54% 6M 55%
    Revenues USD $253M $328M 30% $414M 26%
    EBITDA USD $97M $135M 39% $199M 47%

    Our Strategic Thrusts in 2009 are:
    • Zain People Engagement: we must raise our people’s engagement levels from the current level of 60% to over 75%.
    • Uncontested Leadership: We must strengthen our lead of the market and widen the gap with the competition in terms of customers, revenues, and profitability.
    • Regional Dominance: To widen the gap with the competition we must become number one in every region. We must not allow the competition to maintain their lead in any of the urban or rural regions.
    • Maximize Return On Investment and Control Capex and Opex: we invested over $500 million in our network infrastructure in the last 5 years. However, big parts of our network are still underutilized. The only way to achieve our aggressive 2009 targets will be through minimizing underutilization, controlling our spending, and maximizing return on investment in every part of our network.
    • Execution Excellence: While we have great talent, innovation, and dedication among our people we tend to fail too often in execution. We often miss deadlines, exceed budgeted costs, and miss revenue targets. We must commit to improve our track record in execution in 2009.

    Tough challenges test our capabilities, bring the best out of us, and produce the great leaders of tomorrow. By achieving these goals, we will be undisputed market leader in 2009 and I am counting on all of you to make this a reality.

    Once again let me take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your dedication, hard work, and loyalty to this great company and great Group and together we will show the world that we are Number One.
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Ungetafsiri pia kwa lugha ya taifa kwa manufaa ya wateja na kilichoandikwa humo.
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    sawa mkuu tumeiona, lakini anona mods waipeleke kunakohusika maana naona ni biashara na uchumi kuliko siasa.
  4. Cynic

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Sawa. Halafu walipie kwanza. Hii ni biashara, na hela wanazo za kumwaga.
  5. Oloronyo

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    The financial challenges in 2009 will most likely take a heavier toll on the entire region's economy. If we carry on with business as usual, we will be under threat of missing our ACE targets for 2011. Therefore the entire Group focus as per Dr. Saad's directives are on becoming much more efficient and by maximizing Group synergies rather than performing as independent companies. The following are some of the MBM initiatives and directives in 2009:

    • Group and opcos should realize direct synergies on Marketing, Network, and IT
    • Maximize customer service operation and cost optimization across Africa and the ME
    • Hiring Freeze in 2009. No headcount increase across all operations.
    • Cut Marketing & Sales Budgets by 50% across all operations
    • Cut down capex and control network procurement tightly
    • Create succession plans for the next level of leadership from local talent rather than through expats
    • Minimize organization hierarchy to 4 levels


    TIMING JF-Expert Member

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    Thanks mkuu, naona ka-copy na ku-paste mia kwa mia na kusahau japo tafsiri za kiswahili chetu

    sijui tukoje!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LazyDog

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    Maumivu yakizidi...?
  8. Kiteitei

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Hili gonjwa la GFC baya wajameni! linasambaa kwa kasi ya upepo! laweza mkumba yeyote kadri siku zinavyosonga! walivyoanza GTV ilionekana kama mzaha vile sasa hivi kwikwi zimeanza sehemu nyingi! taabu ni kwamba watakaukubwa na maumivu haya wataongeza idadi ya wajasiriamali walee wa kuhamisha from point a to b, hivyo wote waathirika tuu ..ukiwa kazini kwako samora wengine wanakuwa nyumbani kwako sinza wanahamisha..tuombe Mungu!
  9. Nduka

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    Mstahiki rudi na summary mzee, taarifa yako inaweza kuwa ni muhimu ila hiyo packaging yako si ya ki JF imekaa ki business presentation.
  10. BabaBabuu

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    nasikia hatima na mustakhabari wa staffs kujulikana jumanne..............GFC kiboko. nasikia wengi walikua wanawacheka staffs wa kampuni ya HiTS-Tanzania, ama kweli usitukane mamba kabla hujavuka mto
  11. Tusker Bariiiidi

    Tusker Bariiiidi JF-Expert Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    BabaBabuu....... J4 ni KARUME DAY labda J5 kama ulikuwa unamaanisha J4 ijayo...
  12. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    Apr 3, 2009
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    Waswahili bwana huwezi kujiamuni kusema kitu ulichokuwa na uhakika nacho eti naskia utasikia mpaka lini ??

    Wana jf mtaona ndoa nyingi zinafungwa mwaka huu haswa kwa hao wakina dada
  13. Mambo Jambo

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Watu wa vitu baridi washa-mark calender zao.

  14. Tusker Bariiiidi

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Ha ha ha haaaaa... Kweli kabisaa... Nimeumia sana kwa Muungano kudondokea J2... ila nimefarijika saana kwa Mei Mosi kuwa Ijumaa... Halafu eti 88 nayo eti ni J2... Jamani na hiyo Boxing day kuwa Jmosi Si ndio mambo ya kwenda kazini na MINING'INIO YA ZIADA!!
  15. Kiteitei

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    keshaamza warm up huyu! nashangaa hadi saa hii anajibu threads, nadhani atakuwa na blackberry sio ofisini
  16. Nicky82

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    haya mabadiliko ya kiuendeshaji ni ya kawaida kabisa katika biashara hasa katika mfumo huu wa ubepari katika dunia ya utandawazi.
    Huuu ni mfumo unaotumika Vodacom, kwamba baadhi ya vitengo vinakuwa outsorced, na hii husaidia umakini katika auendeshaji. Sehemu za ujumbe uliooko kwenye hii thread ni maelezo ya Email zilizotumwa kwa Zain Tz staff, hasa hyo sehemu ya kwanza iliyocontain ujumbe toka kwa MD, Khalid hvyo sina shaka kuwa aliyepost thread hii ni mfanyakazi au aliipata email hii toka kwa mfanyakazi wa zain sbb hii email haina hata wiki mbili tangu itumwe.
    Ninachotaka kusema hapa ni kwamba ni lazima watanzania ufike wakati tukubali mabadiliko ya kiuchumi na sisi tujitune ili kwanda sambamba na mwenendo wa dunia kuliko kuishia kulalamika na kuona kama kila kitu tunaonewa au kama kila kitu tutakosa, haya ninayoyasema nina uhakika nayo sbb na mimi ni majiriwa.
    Kwa wana JF ambao hawajaielewa ishu ilivo, kwa kifupi ni kama ifuatavyo.

    Zain imeamua kuoutsorce baadi ya vitengo vyake, na sio vyote. na itahakikisha wafanyakazi ambao idara yao itakuwa outsouced wanajiriwa na hiyo kampuni itakayochukua tenda. Watanzania wajanja hapa wanaweza wakaform kampuni yao wakabid na wakapata hiyo tenda badala ya kuishia kulalamika na kukaa kimya.

    Ni kweli kuwa wako watua ambao watapoteza ajira zao kwa sababu hata sasa mshahara wanaopata ni tofauti kabisa na kazi wanayofanya, kwani kuna baadhi ya vitengo vina mameneja zaida ya watatu na wote wanalipwa mishahara mikubwa, posho mbalimbali wakati kazi zao zote zingeweza kufanya kufanya na mtu mmoja, wengi wajipa vyeo na kwa stahili hii hakuana kampuni itakayovumila ubadhirifu huu.

    Upande wa Operations wapo watu ambao wanajipa tenda kubwa kisirisiri na kujipangia malipo makubwa kuliko uhalisia wa kazi, wanatumia resouces za kampuni kama magari n.k na bado kwenye gharama za hizo tenda wanazijumlisha hvyo kampuni inalipa gharama mara mbili na hata kama kazi itavurugwa hakuna wa kumhoji, watu wanaendekeza kujuana bila kusimamia ufanisi, na katika mazingira kama haya hao waliozoea hvyo ndio wataolalamika sbb mijira itakatwa.

    kwa wachapa kazi, hawana wasiwasi sbb hata hizo kampuni zitakazochukua tenda zitahitaji wafnaya kazi makini, na hawawezi wakaja na watu wao ghafla tu watachukua hawa waliopo na sbb wanafanya kazi vizr kwa nn wasiwachukue??

    Watakao athrika katika mchatao huu ni wale walioko kweny managerial levels, na wale ambao kwa sasa hata nafasi yake ikifutwa hakuna madhara lkn wafanyakazi wale wa kila siku kikatakachobadilika ni jina la mwajiri, na ni wzi huenda baadhi ya benefits zikapunguzwa au kuondolewa lkn sio kweli kwamba watarudi kijiweni na kuanza kutafuta kazi.

    Kilichopo, wale wenye mtaji au skills za kuendesha kampuni wajipange tenda ikitangazwa tu wacompete, na sbb ni watanzania watapewa kipao mbele, na watu wasisahau kuwa serikali nayo ina his aake kwenye kampuni (40%) hivyo si rahisi hawa jamaa wakafanya uhuni kama wa GTV, isitosha na wao watataka kumaintain "sura yao" mbele ya jamii ili waendelee kufanya biashara na hakuna haja ya kuwa hofu. We Tanzanian we should be ready to face and overcome GLOBAL ECONOMIC CHALLENGES.
  17. Oloronyo

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Erooo Wana Jamii ,Zain Management ipo hapa Kigamboni IKIGAWANA UMASKINI na wafanyakazi makabwela (Kundi kubwa la wafanyakazi wengi waliosoma Shule za Msondo ngoma) na King wao Bw.Khaled Muhtadi ndio yupo jukwaani akiwamegea Mameneja Wazalendo na wasio wazalendo,Kwa kawaida mikutano mingi kama hii yaani KICK OFF MEETING,huwa zimejaa mashamushamu lakini kwa sura ninazoziona leo utafikiri sio wao kuna kila dalili kuwa wafanyakazi wengi watapunguzwa na vyeo vingi vitashushwa. Tuendelee kusubiri.
  18. bm21

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    ............hilo kubwa mkulu. Big up
  19. Kang

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    Apr 5, 2009
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    Kwa hiyo una uhakika hizo kazi zitakua Outsourced localy?? Sio kwamba zitapelekwa India au sehemu nyingine?
  20. K

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    nasika baadhi ya vigogo wameanza kufungasha virago wenyewe baada ya vyeo vyao kuporomoshwa! mambo bado mazito ZAIN!