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Young african initiatives (yai tanzania)

Discussion in 'Matangazo madogo' started by Mama, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Mama JF-Expert Member

    Oct 8, 2010
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    The vision of Youth Achievers Initiatives Tanzania (YAI TANZANIA) was conceived in 2006 and has gone through window period up to 26th August, 2010 when it was officially registered as a national Non Governmental Organization(NGO) under the Tanzanian NGO ACT, 2002 with registration number : 00NGO/00004051 . The organization work in partnership with various organizations such as Solar Aid, University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre (UDEC) and many others. The name came from the Kiswahili word “YAI” which means “an egg”.

    A well-developed youth living within a favorable environment will be able to ignite the potential within him/her and hence release it fully. This therefore brought the birth of YAI-TANZANIA which ensures that a motivating and inspiring environment is created for the identification, development and release of the underlying potential of youth. We believe that Tanzania has so much local resources but it needs a creative mind to create something out of them. It is therefore the policy of the organisation to help young people “think outside the box.” This enables the youth to be proactive. That is why we aim at identifying local resources and making good use of them to create wealth among the youth under our program. We strive to help the youth know that help is not help until they are able to help. This therefore puts them in a state where they do not just see themselves as desperate poor generation but as change makers in whatever economic and social environment they find themselvelves in.
    An inspired and well equipped Tanzanian youth ready to release their full potential.
    YAI TANZANIA achieves her vision through:
    1. Identification of youth potential through youth focused activities.
    2. Inspiration of the youth through sharing of success stories of fellow youth.
    3. Mentorship of the youth through involvement of successful elders so as to model their way up.
    4. Training of the youth to acquire necessary skills to develop their potential
    5. Partnership with various media to expose the initiatives of various youth.
    6. Replication of the youth initiatives from one place to another through the consent and facilitation of the original bearer.
    7. Identification of locally available resources to enhance local growth.

    We facilitate various Entrepreneurship training seminars among youth based organisations or groups as a means to instil necessary skills among various participants. We usually conduct specific need assessment so as to ascertain the specific training needs. We focus on sales trainings, Marketing strategies, customer care Technological advancement and training in renewable energy as a means of improving environmental conservation. We have especially tailor-made trainings that suit specific needs.

    We conduct market research, need assessment to identify specific individual and institutional needs for the groups and institutions that we work with. This helps us to meet very specific needs. These could be business skills, life skills, environmental issues, management and administrative skills. We shall also conduct market research on behalf of other willing organisations.

    We facilitate business coaching among various youth entrepreneurs and hence give them a chance to express their uncertainties either online or on one to one basis. We facilitate various cross generational seminars so as to transfer hard lessons of the elderly community to the youth. This is done through focus group meetings. We do this in various settings such as:
    In Universities and middle level colleges
    The objective is to help the students to create networks that would make their certificates, diplomas and degrees relevant. We identify various organisations to display their services and advice students pursuing related programs on what it takes to be a good professional in that field.
    In Secondary schools
    We get to the level of organising career seminars where students can discover what it takes top pursue various careers. This is necessary since it helps them make right choices of related subjects as early as possible. It also inspires them to work at minimal supervision. We also train career teachers in various schools so as to take over after our seminars. We aim at motivating the participants and igniting a passion for their studies that should enable them to climb the various ladders of education.
    Work places
    We organise induction seminars on behalf of various companies for new employees. We also facilitate open fora among elderly employees and young employees where they can objectively share their motivation to the job and their past experiences-successes and failures. Lessons learnt in their past experiences are the main focus.

    The organisation is under the leadership of the founder who is also the Executive Director and is managed by a board of Directors composing of:
    v The Operations Director
    v The Finance Director
    v The Training Director
    v The Research Director
    v The Public Relations Director

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    Mama nafurahi kukusoma. Long time umekuwa kimya. Karibu sana.

    Hugs, kisses, much love.