You May Regret Later If You Don't Teach Your Child These 8 Things

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Oct 22, 2016
Kids are a blessing for us from God, but the character they display because of what their parents taught them or how their parents educated them eventually lives in shame with their parents, despite the fact that they are blessings from God. While it can also be due to mistakes made by their parents when they train them, they may live it to later regret.
Often parents struggle to ensure they educate their child properly, and may not always be near, for other reasons, to learn and teach them what they have to know. So you, as a parent, are your child' s model, and if I may suggest, the only person your child trusts and believes to tell him the truth about all that they should learn, so if you fail to teach it, you may later regret about its consequences.


It also puts parents in shame later as failure may end up ruining their children's lives that would ultimately influence them and end up regretting them later.
So today we will look at things that your child can teach or, as a mom, we may finish regretting if you do not teach these 8 things to your child:
1. Teaching them to be religious;


To make a child religious is one way parents can that some of their negative behaviours. Children who are very religious are considered to be polite, truthful, trustworthy and have good values of any kind. For no religion will ever encourage crime, theft, disrespect, or any other inappropriate uncultured lifestyle in society. If in the meantime you don't teach your child to be religious, you may later regret that a child who is not religious is easily influenced by bad characters and one day you are definitely sick of bad characters he displays in society, which you live at last to regret.
2. Showing Your Child Who Your Enemies Are;


It might seem amusing if a man finds out that his child has made friends with his enemy or with one of his (children's) relatives, but this is very dangerous for your child.
When your enemies don't get you, they go with your child, however other parents haven't realized this and there's no other circumstance than disappointment when your enemy gets your child. Families should also have this in mind in order to show their children someone who is not nice to them if they encounter them, as that will allow your child to realize the wisdom that it applies while living with them.
3. Teaching Your Child How To Say The Truth.

To be truthful, there is always special joy that parents generally have if they ask their child for something and the child just speaks the facts. On the other hand, though, think about a kid who would always lie to his parents, what will the parents' joy be, do you think? It's just remorse and sorrow. A kid's only going to learn this if you teach him. However, when it's teaching, it's not just with words that you don't sit before them, but also with examples that do not push or enable them to tell lies for any reason, particularly while they're younger, because they'll be upset by their lies in the future that you might later regret.
4. Teaching Your Child Not To Keep Secrets From You;


Some children often want to share their secrets with their parents before taking any action or decision to avoid mistakes that could affect them and their parents.

The way parents deal with their children shows them how much they should share with their parents their feelings and secrets. Parents should allow their children to always tell them, no matter how stupid or evil. You should also teach them not to reveal themselves to you, or later on, you will be sorry, especially if your child makes a misguided behavior, because I know your advice you would have been given to if the child had shared his thoughts with you may have changed his decision beforehand. Therefore, you will teach your child how to share his secrets always with you later to avoid such regret.
5. Teaching Your Child About The Foundations Of Life;


I say educational and marriage foundations when we speak about the basis of life. Teach them the value, sense and give them the reasons to avoid making mistakes that could hurt them, which would make you regret later in life.
Some children don't understand the underlying meaning, why they go to school, read in the night and why they are holy before marriage. You must have a real understanding to prevent regret.
6. Teaching them more about the family background;

Being a parent, you know the truth about your family history and how your family dislikes and loves it. You might regret later if you do not educate your child about the history of your family, because they might make mistakes out of ignorance. Teach them about the house, therefore.
7. Everything about Youthful Lifestyle;

When a child is young, it is this excitation that easily tricks a child into doing certain things like cigarettes, drink, join bad gangs and do other funny things that seem to tamper with their future, but teaches them these things by giving examples and attempting to persuade them of the benefits of lifestyle. Otherwise, they will grow up and become a victim, which will later make you regret.
8. Teach them how to do savings;


Growing a child grows up and spends money excessively. It would not be possible for a person to acquire wealth and their parent will not be happy if the child were poor. This regret may also be prevented if the child is taught how to save money in his or her childhood.
Often, the way parents purchase things for them makes it easy to see, but when they get overlooked, they know that it is not easy to earn and money must not be wasted for good reasons after earning. And let them know orally about the value of investment in order to prevent regret.
Nevertheless, parents should remember that all these things lie in their hands, educating their children, as their duty can be best fulfilled only. Spend more time with your children and stop hawking on the driveway.
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