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Yona & Mramba case

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Advisor, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    Nimesoma kwenye ThisDay leo

    ANALYSIS: Mramba and Yona’s case:

    Is this the beginning of the end?


    THE presidential jet was bought. I am told it is currently not of much use, though! I am told further that the plane is too small, too big and too costly to keep in the air. It is much cheaper to keep it on the ground; because the only risk on the ground is a car accident. That is as tragic as it gets. And quite understandably, we would rather leave it there � on the ground!

    On the other hand, we thank God that Tanzanians were spared the curse of eating the ’green stuff’. We were told ahead of time that the jet had to be bought even if it were for us to eat grass for a season. And just a few years after such unromantic and dictatorial statement, words seem to haunt the guy himself � the coming around of what went around.

    The guy was on the other side of life, eating something very close to what Tanzanians would have eaten if they refused to have enough money to pay for the boss’ jet. And by the way, ’’grass only looks greener on the other side...it’s not sure what it exactly is, when one is actually in the fence’’

    This guy stood so boldly behind his boss. He went out of his way to defend the move to purchase the less needed jet. He was ready to curse Tanzanians for it! The tricky part is that the boss cannot stand behind him, at least not publicly and not as boldly.

    The president’s term is over; and the guy does not have the same assurance as he did when he spoke the dirty words. I kindly suggest to him that as things take their unpredictable twists and turns, to go public and apologize for his words. Or is that too little, too late.

    The big boss has no power anymore. His plans to have a puppet as a successor failed. Likewise, his plans to conceal his ’sins’ do not seem to work. He is not sure what the future holds for him. Therefore, he was not able to come to the guy’s rescue. In fact, he is never sure which tomorrow will go with him. It looks to him, as though it is just a matter of time; and the clock is ticking�ticking fast.

    On his side, Yona gave a simpler and more understandable statement: That whoever had evidence of misconducts on his side, should take him to court. It is said, be careful what you ask for, you may end up getting it. But Yona never meant what he said. What he actually meant was that he was too clean to go to court. He actually might have been thinking that a court is a place for a certain class of people. He was wrong�deadly so.

    But the story is not fully written yet. Curiosity is killing people. The billion dollar question is: Is this the beginning of the end of the ’fisadis’? Is this a light at the end our long tunnel.

    I do not doubt one moment that Mr President is well determined. And this is quite an interesting turn after what seemed to be a relaxed and defensive presidency. We are to rally behind the president and those executing the tough decisions. We need to be tough against these evil acts, which are sinking our ship right in front of our eyes.

    This exercise may bring a little discomfort to some of us, who are in one way or another, socially connected to the fisadis. The emotional appeals of the ’fisadis’ to their tribesmen; and their tricks to brainwash people with a claim that they are just victims of hatred and envy are absurd. We saw this in Monduli, Bariadi, Masasi and we heard about it in Rombo too. Dividing people along tribal lines is unacceptable and reprehensible.

    Tanzanians have already gone far and beyond tribalism. We cannot force our way back because we want to avoid facing the inconvenient truths. Likewise, we cannot step smoothly into the future without taking care of the issues. So, such sentiments should be checked out quickly.

    Fisadis should not make their homelands as sites for their emotional downloads. This is no way trying to suggest that people should not help their friends in such times, but we should not glorify evil.

    There is only one area of human life where all people are equal, at least theoretically. And that is before the law. So, no matter how decorated we want these guys to look, and as uncomfortable as this truth may be to some of us, and as helpful as these guys might have been to some of us, and as respectable as we would love them to appear, they are suspects of gross misconduct. Let justice prevail. And if found guilty, let us keep the culprits where culprits belong � in jail.

    Is Mr.President prepared to open the darkest chapters of our nation’s history And could this be the beginning of the end. Or was this just an unlikely event of unlucky guys crossing paths with political tricks.

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    Is Mr.President prepared to open the darkest chapters of our nation’s history And could this be the beginning of the end. Or was this just an unlikely event of unlucky guys crossing paths with political tricks.

    I wish I could answer those questions!