Yeah, but where is our money?


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Feb 11, 2007
Adam Lusekelo
Daily News; Tuesday,February 12, 2008 @16:02

OKAY, everyone knew that we, I mean the people of Bongo, were being had in this Richmond rip-off. Chairman Harry Mwakyembe and his Parliamentary sniffing Committee had a credible report on the thieving.

Though those involved tried to walk off in a huff after the names were named there are still questions to be answered - where is the bloody money? Just who has been siphoning off the money? You just sign and absorb 154 million a day, come Sunday. Come Idd, come Maulid, came Chrismas and Easter. Every day of year for not delivering power to the national grid!

Who signed the continuation of the deal not to supply power from one year to two while six months into the deal all the dams were full? That is plainly criminal! They surely have been siphoning off and signing for the money without delivering any power.

Who are these monsters? You simply cannot sign off such amounts, unless you are part of the set-up. Former premier Ted Lowassa's resignation should not be seen as the end of the show, but the beginning .

So let's begin from the beginning. Who allowed a fictitious company to be paid millions of dollars? We in the streets find it very hard to get even a few pennies as loans. The banks will tell you to go fetch your grandmother's grandmother if you want a 500,000/- loan!

Definitely, this is a crime by the Tanzanian mafiosi. To do that you have to have a certain confidence, nay the arrogance, to do that. The whole country has been outraged by that heinous crime. You have to have done it before and gotten away with it. Our late founding father Mwalimu Nyerere once said that it's is like eating human flesh - once you eat human flesh you will always eat human flesh.

Once you steal peoples' resources, you will always continue to do that. You have the power, so which 'punk' will dare challenge you? Which is why I support what former premier, Joe Warioba, Chadema's Free Mbowe and Mzee Joe Butiku suggested. That, former premier, Ted Lowassa should have been given a chance, by the Speaker of the Bunge, Sam Six, to fight his corner.

The government should not try to sweep the scandal under the carpet. If I meet the new Premier Mizengo Pinda (Congrats!) I will ask what happened to the robbery? I think this game was played by more than Lowassa, Karamagi and Msabaha. Has the net spread?

If it has, to what extent? We simply want to see those guys who think they simply can sign off our beloved United Republic of Tanzania just like that. We demand justice. We want them to be punished. And just where is our money?
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