Would you date/marry a HIV+ person?


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Jun 27, 2007
Two weeks ago I went for a complete physical checkup (including HIV test). I went for the checkup after hiding for over two-and-half years. Few years ago, I used to do the checkup annually, but for whatever reason(s), I skipped last two years (last was Nov. 05). Going for the test this time wasn't easy at all. There were about 15 days between making a decision (to take the test) and taking it. And between taking the test and going for results, I went thru emotional breakdowns - nervous, scared, and feeling all other "trash feelings.".....Well, with the exception of other "alarming" physical results (like high "almost to-the-ceiling" cholesterol), everything came out fine. My WBC, RBC, MCV, MCH, Platelets are all within the range. And the most important of all, my HIV status is negative. Woh Hoo Hurraaayyyy!!!!!

Anyhow, the whole physical-checkup-emotional-rollercoaster thing got me seriously thinking! Why are we so scared to know our HIV status? I mean, with all of the medical advances that actually enable an HIV infected person to live longer than a Cancer and/or Diabetic patient, why are we still s.h.i.t.t.i.n.g in our pants whenever we think about taking the damn test? In fact, number of medical articles (like: http://www.thestar.com/living/article/274108) have suggested that there is a high possibility that an infected person may live nearly (or longer than) normal life expectancy (so long as proper treatments are followed closely). So is the process of knowing the status still a monster thing really?.....Or we are just being cowards?

Then here comes another issue! How close can someone get to an infected person who belongs to an opposite sex, and not a relative - acquaintance, just a friend, bestfriend, casual date, or serious relationship? If someone you are interested in informs you that he/she is living with HIV, would you abandon your interests toward that person?

Would you dare date/marry an infected person?

I would! Yes I said it! I would date/marry an HIV victim. I'm confident with this because what I went thru last week (waiting for the results) opened up my eyes pretty well. I have come to terms that I will be intimidated with the virus no more. I will no longer bow down to the virus....not anymore! In fact, I will be more scared of cancer and other chronicle diseases than HIV infection.

Now, please don't get twisted. Just because I wouldn't be scared with the virus anymore, doesn't mean that I wouldn't take necessary measures to protect myself. The reasonable precautions would still rule my World. Precautions should include awareness of the status of the person who is around me for a serious relationship (and vice versa). The difference
is, my interests/intentions toward the person would never change, regardless of what the status that person maybe in. If infected, then we would just have to make few important decisions.......including practicing highly safe "maloloso."

Call me crazy if you want.....
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