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World watching polls - German envoy

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by Ujengelele, Oct 7, 2010.

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    World watching polls - German envoy

    By Edwin Agola

    7th October 2010

    [​IMG] Italian envoy praises process as more democratic this year

    Germany Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Guido Herz

    The October 31 General Election is critical not only for Tanzania but for the whole Africa, requiring that it be free and fair so as to be accepted by everyone.
    The remarks were made by the Germany Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Guido Herz during celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of his country’s unification.
    “The western community supports and is at the same time carefully watching the electoral process in Tanzania,” said Dr Herz.
    “These are important weeks for Tanzania. Today in four weeks, we will see parliamentary and presidential elections both in Zanzibar and at union level. The world is watching” said Herz.
    He said in the last ten months, the world witnessed unprecedented progress on reconciliation in Zanzibar, adding: “Germany, and I am sure can also speak on behalf of the Western donors community, welcome wholeheartedly the political and constitutional process that will lead to a government of national unity in the Isles.”
    He said the longstanding good relations between the two countries are at an all-time high, promoted by both German states.
    “Former German Democratic Republic (GDR) has done a lot for Tanzania, and a unified Germany sees itself in this tradition,” he said.
    Ambassador Herz said the Germany unification has taught them a lesson that the seemingly impossible can happen; “if you have the courage and will to take the right and sometimes unpopular decisions.”
    Twenty one years ago, he said nobody would have believed that only a few years later a unified Germany would solidly integrate into the European Union which is unique and a symbol of reconciliation and peace.
    However, Ambassador Herz pointed out that the going has not been that smooth especially last year.
    “No sooner did the world financial crisis cool down than the Euro crisis hit Europe and the international community markets and it is not yet over which allows Germany to stand by its financial commitment towards development cooperation and with regard to Tanzania, it has increased aid by 20 per cent for the running three- year period” he said.
    Meanwhile, Italian Ambassador to Tanzania Francesco Cacania said however, no matter the results in October 31 elections, this year’s electoral process has been conducted in a democratic manner compared to the previous ones.
    He said the country has registered a considerable increase in democratic practice since multiparty politics inception.
    “Democracy is a feeling of the soul, but we are convinced Tanzania is on the right track to attain true democracy” said Francisco.

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    Hope they will do their job appropriately