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World financial crisis to hit Tanzania hard`

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mr. Zero, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Mr. Zero

    Mr. Zero JF-Expert Member

    Nov 25, 2008
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    `World financial crisis to hit Tanzania hard`

    2008-11-25 11:05:43
    By Sakina Zainul Datoo

    The global economic crisis will likely affect small economies like Tanzania significantly, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has said.

    Talking to editors in his office yesterday, the PM said at this stage no one seemed to know how exactly the country would be affected but Tanzania would certainly suffer.

    ``We are asking ourselves at this stage, will the Millennium Corporation Challenge (MCC) money from the USA come?

    When we see delay in delivery of donor money as promised, then we do not know if this money will come or not,`` he said.

    With high donor dependency, small economies are directly affected when donor economies are shaken up; as they automatically tighten their budgets, hence reduce aid money.

    Pinda said what he did know is that agriculture is the country`s salvation. ``If we fail to feed our people that will be a shame.

    So our main focus is food sufficiency. That is one place where we should not fail, elsewhere, we shall see and deal with things as they come since we can`t run away from this crisis.

    It is a challenge we have to confront,`` he said.
    On the infrastructure challenges, especially the railway transport woes facing the country, Pinda said he was not unduly favouring Tanzania Railways Limited\'s investor, the Rites of India.

    ``We are part owners with 45 per cent share in TRL. The questions are asked over why we have put down the money when the investor should be doing this.

    The USD 2 million that we put in will later be decided upon as being either our capital or a loan. But the matter here is, according to the contract, we were supposed to raise this money, give a guarantee of a bank loan of US$ 14 million and the Attorney General (AG)`s opinion. However this was not done on time,`` he said.

    Pinda said since the government had failed to keep its deadline, it could not shift the full blame to the investor. He said now all those conditions had been met and the USD 14 million loan facility had already been secured by Rites.

    ``Still, we are studying the contract to see if we went wrong anywhere. We will soon decide what we should do.

    If we feel that we need to do away with Rites, we will do so but we also have to think of repercussions of doing that and also have a fall back plan,`` he said.

    Rites operates the Indian railway very successfully, being the only country that profits from the railway sector.

    The Premier said a lot of problems the country is facing today come from the attitude of leaders, especially at local government council level.

    He said starting from Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners and all the way down, officials sit in their offices day in day out waiting to receive their salaries at the end of the month.

    ``They need to get out, go to villages and get things moving but sitting in the offices is the order of the day. This attitude is really letting us down,`` he said.

    SOURCE: Guardian

    Sasa hiyo misaada wanayoitegemea kila siku sasa wameanza kuona kuwa itawatokea puani ndiyo maana wanaanza kuingiwa na wasiwasi kuhusu kuchelewa kwa pesa za donors!!!!!!!?????

    Hii serikali ya JK itasingizia mengi, lakini tatizo wote tunalijua liko wapi .........!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Power to the People

    Power to the People JF-Expert Member

    Nov 25, 2008
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    Huu ni ukweli mtupu lakini Pinda amesahau kuwa kuna watu wanafeel hii kitu directly. Makampuni mengi ya utalii mjini arusha yameshaanza kupunguza wafanyakazi kwa sababu hamna wageni. Cancelletion za mwaka kesho mpaka sasa ni nyingi na kama hali haitabadilika utalii utaenda chini sana na wandugu wengi wataishia ujobless.
  3. Mtanganyika

    Mtanganyika JF-Expert Member

    Nov 25, 2008
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    Nakubaliana na mdau wa hapo juu. I believe the effect will be on tourism industry. Concern Tanzania kupata Millenium fund i believe kabisa US will suspend that.

    However, pinda didn't do his homework. Tanzania imekubwa na hii financial since 1961, our people for many many years couldn't afford three meals a day. Our children can't pursue their dream because of poor education structure. So, i think tumeshazoea hizi meltdown, and pinda is out of touch.