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Word of advice to all the opposition mp's

Discussion in 'Uchaguzi Tanzania' started by nassoro88, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    Sote tunajua kuwa given the fact that miji yote mikubwa imechukuliwa na opposition there are a few assumptions to make:
    1.If the rulling pary is gonna be CCM then dont expect maendeleo in your regions
    2.Most of the outspoken persons might be denied talk time in parliament
    3.life is likely to be hard in these areas (though watu wamezoea)

    Action Plan
    1.Take good care of the halmashauri and municipal fund for the local development i.e. roads na kadhalika
    2.Make sure that the CDF's are properly monitored to the last cent to ensure that they do what they are meant to do
    3.Take personal initiatives to make sure that you source funds from within and without for the betterment of your constituecy

    Atleast for a start this should place you in a position to do more that the serikali would have done

    By the time the next elections come you will have made an impact on your voters thus making it easier for you to regain ur seat (remember this is without the govt grants...and it should be clearly communicated to wananchi)

    Tukiweza kuachieve this i swear Tanzania is gonna be a better place than itis now na if that is the case there will be every right ya watu kukataa kulipa some of the unnecessary taxes that are just wasted.
    More comments and advice to the would MP's please