Women hate this and men hate that


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Feb 7, 2011
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Mar 1, 2011

High guyz!i hope you 're doing great.
Siku moja i was surfing through the internet then i came across the tittle above,then it grabbed me to click its hyperlink.
Ile kusema ukweli most of the lines were true to me since i used to argue with my GF on some of those matters
Let's go and make a look on few issues that women hate about men!

1:Majority of women complain that men think playing video games is more important than being around with them.A man playing video games or surfing net when his partner is sitting beside him is not acceptable by the womanWomen dislike men who are immature and irresponsible. . 2:Women love men who have a strong and little dominant nature which can control her and make her feel special. So, an irresponsible and careless man seldom gets close to a woman.
3:The man ambaye anapenda kumuwekea mipaka mwanamke.Women too hate boundations given by the men. Same as a man, she also wants to live a life of her own. Too much of interference and over-possessiveness make women dislike such men.
4:A woman loves to feel special by her man and if he doesn't make her feel special then she will lose interest in you and feel that you are an introvert who thinks about coming close to her to fulfill your physical needs. . 5:Woman dislike men who are bad in talking. A good and impressive conversation makes her run behind you. To impress a girl, a nice voice and shrewd chat is what works immediately!

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Ukweli ni kwamba wanaume wana penda sana wanawake zao, but kuna vitu ambavyo wanaume hawa hawavipendi kabisa pale vinapotokea kwa wapenzi wao wa kike.
Do you want to know some of them?Just join me..
1:Women want to get praised all time! Men hate to praise their partner all the time and get more pissed off when their partner asks the question every time. She knows that she is looking beautiful but she wants to get praised by her love for whom she has worked hard on dressing perfect. Men dislike women who want to be praised all the time! . 2:Men don't like women who take a lot of time to dress up. Men don't understand why women take so much time in dressing? It is because women want to look perfect in front of her partner so that he doesn't look at other girls and stay impressed with her. Men dislike women who don't look good. So, for her man, she takes a lot of time to dress up but still they hate! Women feel their hard work on getting dressed is for their love.. . 3:Women want all the free time of their men to be spent on them. Men lose interest in women who takes away their private life completely. If the man is free, his girl will call him, fight with him for not meeting her and tell that he doesn't love her! Men love space sometimes. To keep the relationship alive, giving some space is a must!. . 4.Men lose interest in women who are shopaholics!(shopping woman) They don't understand why women love to shop? Men specially dislike accompanying women for shopping. . 5.Men dislike women who are very talkative. Being feminine is what attracts men. Men love the sophisticated voice and shy nature of the women but if she is loud and over-talkative then the man will never look at her.


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Sep 24, 2010
Kwa kweli ni nzuri na ina ukweli ndani yake
kama upi?......by the way Dinnah.....your avatar Genevive Nanji is premiering today on a Nigerian-UK movie called Mirror Boy....................is predicted to be a blockbuster......................................in London

fad fundi

Sep 7, 2011
dah hyo ya game anapenda sana me na yeye 2kiwa tunacheza hasa ile ya car racing.we do together na 2nakua bize sana kucheza hio game


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Nov 2, 2010
Ni kweli kabisa man! Hasa hilo la sauti ni kweli aisee wengine wakisikia sauti tu, huwa wanatamani kumuona huyo mkaka. love lif is very funny

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