Woman paid nurse sh230,00 for corpse



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Nov 22, 2007


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THE POLICE have arrested a 29-year-old Kampala nurse for allegedly selling a foetus to a woman who had faked pregnancy and presented a dead child to her husband.

Shadia Nakanwagi, a resident of Kamwokya central zone, was arrested on Tuesday from a clinic in Mulago following reports that she had helped Maria Goretti Nantongo obtain the dead child.

Nantongo was arrested on Saturday at her husband’s home in Makindye, a Kampala suburb, where she had taken the corpse of the baby she claimed to have delivered.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson, Henry Kalulu, said Nantongo confessed to buying the six-month-old foetus from Nakanwagi at sh230,000. “Our investigations have established that Nantongo went to the nurse to purchase a baby but the nurse only had a foetus.”

He said Nantongo wanted to use the dead baby to prove to her husband that she was fertile but had a miscarriage. He suspects that the nurse got the foetus through an abortion.

However, Nakanwagi denied selling the foetus or having any knowledge about it. She said Nantongo only asked her for help as she wanted to prove to her husband that she had delivered a child.
“Nantongo told me she needed something to show her husband that she had either had a miscarriage or given birth to a baby who later died,” the nurse said.

She claimed she performed an ultrasound scan on Nantongo but found no sign of pregnancy and advised her to inform her husband. Both women are detained at Katwe Police Station.

The nurse will be produced in court this week to answer charges of supplying drugs to procure an abortion and procuring abortion, the Police said.

Nsangi Magistrates’ Court on Monday found Nantongo guilty of giving false information to the Police. Magistrate John Robert Okapi sentenced her to a fine of sh300,000 or 12 months imprisonment.

Nantongo had left her marital home when her husband, Francis Walugembe, said he saw no sign of the pregnancy she claimed. Her husband reported the matter to the Police who took her to Mulago hospital for a check-up. Doctors there established that she had neither been pregnant nor given birth.

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