Woman bears twins, takes dolls home for burial


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Nov 22, 2007


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Tables yesterday turned on a woman, who claimed Mulago Hospital staff had stolen her newly born twins and lied to her that they had both died, when her in-laws discovered that they were about to bury a pair of dolls.
Ms Claire Nuru Namatovu, who is in her late 30s, survived being lynched by a mob after the discovery. Mulago authorities said there were no records to show she had delivered at the national referral hospital.

Police later arrested Ms Namatovu and took her to Nanziga Police Station in Wakiso District, amidst claims by neighbours that she had delivered but taken her twins to the home of the lover who is apparently their father.

Ms Namatovu was sitting on the floor of the Nanziga Police office yesterday, holding her head and whispering her story after Police picked her up in the morning, while outside the red suitcase was opened for anyone who wanted to see its sinister contents. There were just two dolls with cotton in their hollow eyes and mouth, smelling harshly of formalin – a chemical solution often used in embalming dead bodies to disinfect and temporarily preserve them.

Husband’s account
Ms Namatovu’s husband, Mr Francis Nkugwa, who left her at the door to the labour ward of Mulago Hospital on Tuesday night, himself doesn’t know anything more than when he left her at the hospital.

Ms Namatovu claimed that Mulago Hospital medical officials gave them to her. She explained with a weak voice that on Tuesday she registered into Mulago Hospital at 10:30 pm. “I did not have any attendant at the time of birth when I was told the children were dead. I simply carried them home only to note that they were dolls later,” Ms Namatovu said. When she was asked for the documents that the hospital always gives interning pregnant women, she said no paper was given; she only registered on arrival.

When Daily Monitor visited Mulago Hospital to establish the allegations, it was not documented anywhere that Ms Namatovu gave birth from the hospital. The Public Relations Officer, Mr Eliphaz Ssekabira, said many mothers deceive their lovers and use the hospital as a scapegoat. He said Ms Namatovu should produce relevant documents to show that she delivered from the hospital. “Between the 5th and 6th [of January 2010], the name of this lady does not exist. No admission book, delivery or transfer book has it,” Mr Ssekabira said.

The mystery lies in the fact that this woman allegedly had another lover to whom she could have given the babies. Her neighbourhood was yesterday awash with the rumour about one lover living in Kampala, who might have the twins with him to cover up her infidelity.

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