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With Zero investment, Rites gains TZS.177bn 'profits'

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Magezi, May 30, 2010.

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    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    Today, we are asking this question after last week’s revelation that the India-based firm, Rites, is demanding a total of Sh177 billion as the cost of ending the deal it sealed with the Tanzanian government about three years ago.

    As the government continues to negotiate with Rites, the question that begs an urgent answer is; how much did Rites invest in Tanzania Railways Ltd ?

    But while Rites has cornered the government with over seven key demands which, together, totals Sh177 billion, The Guardian on Sunday has established that the company didn’t invest a single shilling during the controversial acquisition of TRL. The truth is that the Indian firm expected to use the TRL’s shares and assets it acquired dubiously in order to borrow $400 million from International Finance Corporation the lending arm of the World Bank.

    Reaping where they didn’t sow

    The Indian based firm, Rites, swept into the country under the guise of a serious investor ready to pour billions of shillings into saving the former Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) which in 2006 was at the brink of collapse, and managed to dubiously win the 40 year deal to manage the Tanzania Railways Ltd.

    After three years later, the deal has gone sour, the government has expressed its interest to buy back shares from Indian firm at undisclosed amount a move aimed at rescuing the cash strapped TRL.

    But the question that puzzles many here is how much did Indian firm invest to acquire the 51 percent share? Though the government is reluctant to disclose what the Indian firm paid to acquire the majority shares in TRL, the leaked details show that Rites didn’t invest any single shilling during its process to acquire the state owned firm.

    According to well placed source within the Ministry of infrastructure, the Indian firm wanted to use the TRL assets as a collateral to borrow close to $400million as a capital to revive the company, but the plan hit a snag in last minutes.

    “They (Rites) invested zero, but are now demanding compensation of billions of shillings as well as forcing the government to buy back 51 percent shares…this is purely daylight robbery.” A senior official currently attending the ongoing talks between the government and Rites, told The Guardian on Sunday this week.

    Speaking under the conditions of anonymity, the official added, “We are puzzled by some of these demands because the truth is that Rites didn’t pay anything to acquire the majority share.”

    “They have failed to perform but insist that the government should buy back the shares.” The official added Rites among other things, wants the government to pay close to $87million as the price of buying back the majority share, which the company acquired freely.

    The Guardian on Sunday has learnt that Rites hasn’t paid concession fees to the government of Tanzania since the start of the concession agreement.

    Though the government announced this week that it would fully own and operate the cash strapped TRL, the Indian firm is sticking to its gun, insisting that the government should pay compensation and other charges amounting to over $124 million because of unlawful termination of contract.

    Key tough issues

    Alarmed by the financial report presented by Rites, the government’s negotiation team this week asked for an independent auditor to verify the books of accounts, before any compensation deal is reached.

    But according to our source, the Indian firm has strongly rejected the move, insisting that what it presented was correct and should be used as the basis for any compensation agreement.

    “If they believe their internal audit report is accurate, it’s then amazing to hear that they are not ready for any external audit report” The official told The Guardian on Sunday.
    “You can’t demand compensation using a one sided internal audit report…this is not fair and I will be surprised if the government will agree to proceed without verifying the financial report.” The official further added.

    Zero value locomotives

    The Guardian on Sunday has also established that the locomotives and coaches that Rites wants the government to buy at the cost of $12.68million plus an interest rates of late payments amounting to $1.3million. This was another burning issue that arose during the talks which started early this week.

    The Guardian on Sunday reported exclusively early last year that the contract signed by the two sides was clearly in Rites' favour, as the Indian firm managed to lease 23 used passenger coaches for a price that could have bought 20 brand new wagons.

    In the leasing agreement for the 23 coaches, seen by The Guardian on Sunday, TRL should pay $5,765,300 over five years, including lease charges of $3,255 per coach per month for five years and maintenance and spare charges of $450,000 per year.
    According to a senior engineer currently working with TRL, a new passenger coach bought outright could cost about $250,000 depending on the type and country of origin. Most of the passenger coaches currently used by the Tanzanian railway were made in England and Sweden.

    According to the contract, TRL was to pay an extra $4,491,900 in leasing charges for the coaches over the five-year period, as well as $823,400 in freight and insurance charges for the coaches from India to Tanzania.

    This amount could have purchased another 17 brand new coaches enabling the TRL to own at least 37 wagons, rather than lease just 23 with carriage capacity of 5,550 passengers.

    The Guardian on Sunday has also reliably learnt that the $10.42 million that Rites is demanding for leasing 25 YDM4 locomotives for a two -year period is enough to buy the same number of new locomotives at a price of $1.8 million per locomotive depending on the power.

    To put it simply, the amount of money that Rites is charging to lease used locomotives and wagons over five years could buy ten brand new locomotives and 48 new passenger coaches, which if they were bought outright rather than leased would give the railway the added collateral benefit.


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    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    I wish to ask again the Tanzania government, why those responsible in signing the cotract with RITES are not in jail up to now? Where is Andrew Chenge wo told Tanzanians that they will enjoy the fruits of the stupid contract??
  3. M

    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
    Joined: Oct 26, 2008
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    Hivi wakuu albda niulize ni nini kinashindikana kuwafukuza hawa RITES na kufuta TRL na kurudia TRC? What is wrong with that move.....waende mahakama ya dunia ya biashara huku sisi tukiendelea na shughuli zetu ala??
  4. Eliphaz the Temanite

    Eliphaz the Temanite JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    Who the hell are these Indians, they wanted to use TRC assets as a collateral to borrow the money to run the company?! What was the strong public defence of the then Mr Chenge who claimed that they were serious investors.

    If that is true, leasing their bloody used locomotives and 23 wagons could cost as much as buying 5 brand new locomotives and 48 new passenger coaches WHAT ARE WE? Isn't this better than a barter trade our grandfather used to exchanged beads for gold? Seriously! cant we do even once something good for our country?

    Why our minds have been so poisoned by this so called ufisadi! Chege you real a piace of crap!!!
  5. B

    Bulesi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    Wakati wa mkutano wa World economic forum ulifanyika hapo Dar kuna mchangiaji mmoja wakati wa majadilano, alisema kitu kimoja ambacho sidhani kama viongozi wetu waliokuwepo katika mjadala ule walimuelewa!!

    Mchangiaji huyo alibainisha kuwa moja ya matatizo yanayosababisha kutoendelea kwa bara la Afrika [Tanzania] ni kosa wanalilolifanya la kutothamini na kutumia wataalam wake!!

    Hili linajitokeza sasa katika majadiliano yanayoendelea ya jinsi ya kuwalipa hawa Rites baada ya serikali kusitisha mkataba wake; wizara ya miundombinu haina wataalam ambao wanauwezo wa kuweza kunegotiate na hao wahindi mpaka tukafikia mahala pa kuafikiana bila sisi kuathirika; hivyo ni muhimu kwa serikali kuwatumia watanzania wenye ujuzi wa Transport in and outside government katika negotiations hizi ili tuweze kupata haki katika suala hili, vinginevyo itatubidi tulipe fedha nyingi kama fidia.
  6. M

    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
    Joined: Oct 26, 2008
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    CCM wao wanafikiri wataendesha nchi kwa vichwa maji vya akina kapteni komba, chiligati, lukuvi, n.k. mbona wakati wa magufuli wizara ile haikuyumba?? Kawambwa hata pale UDSM alikuwa hajui anachofundisha.
  7. M

    Magezi JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
    Joined: Oct 26, 2008
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    pamoja na yote tatizo ni kikwete kwanini uteue wajinga ndo uwape wizara nyeti??? Hivi umerogwa???
  8. Ngambo Ngali

    Ngambo Ngali JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    Hii yote ni kwa sababu tumesahau baadhi ya misemao ya wahenga wajinga ndio waliwao, misemo ilikuwa inasaidia sana, wahindi washatuona sisi mafala
  9. Ndahani

    Ndahani JF-Expert Member

    May 30, 2010
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    We are architects of our own grave! Tanzania kwa mwendo huu tunaokwenda hatuwezi kufika popote. Tumeamua kushikana mkono na shetani mwenye nia ya kuona siku hii nchi inavurugika kabisa na kwa bahati mbaya wale walio mbele kutuongoza wanakamirisha hatua moja baada ya nyingine bila kujari nini yatakuwa madhara yake. Tunauza hata vile visivyo uzwa!

    Tunategemea kuongozana kwa kudanganya kama uongo ulishawahi kumsitiri mtu aliyekuwa anautegemea. Hatujari tena maskini, wagonjwa, yatima wala wajane. Hivi ni Taifa la aina gani tunalolijenga? Ipo siku tutavuna tunayopanda. Na naomba mungu wale wote wanaohusika bila kujari, pia wawe part ya mavuno ya haya tunayopanda
  10. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Dk. Slaa apasua kombora la TRL

    Na Mwandishi wetu

    Asema Wahindi wa RITES ni geresha, wamiliki ni wazawa

    Mgombea urais kupitia Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema), Dk. Willibrod Slaa, amesema anafahamu kuwa wanaomiliki Kampuni ya Reli (TRL) ni watu waliokaribu na watawala na kwamba atawafichua.

    Dk. Slaa alisema uswahiba uliopo kati ya wamiliki hao na viongozi wa ngazi ya juu serikalini, ni miongoni mwa sababu za kushindwa kuchukuliwa hatua, licha ya kampuni kusababisha hasara kwa taifa.

    Alisema hayo jana wakati akihutubia mkutano wa kampeni za Uchaguzi Mkuu katika mji mdogo wa Sirari mkoani Mara.

    Dk. Slaa alisema TRL haiwezi kuleta ufanisi kwa vile inaendeshwa na marafiki wa viongozi serikalini.

    "Kuna siku tutaifumua TRL kwa kuwataja wamiliki wake kwa majina, kwa sababu tunawajua, sio Wahindi ni maswahiba wa JK ndio maana wanashindwa kuwachukulia hatua," alidai.

    Kwa upande mwingine, polisi kanda maalum ya Tarime/Rorya iliweka nguvu kubwa ya ulinzi katika mikutano ya Dk. Slaa wilayani Tarime jana.

    Wilaya hiyo ni miongoni mwa maeneo yanayotawaliwa na mapigano ya mara kwa mara, lakini ikiwa ni miongoni mwa ngome za Chadema.

    Askari polisi waliovaa mavazi yenye mabomu ya machozi huku wakiwa na silaha za moto na vifaa maalum vya kujikinga dhidi ya mashambulizi, walifurika katika mikutano ya Dk. Slaa.

    Hata hivyo, Dk Slaa hakufurahishwa na hali hiyo aliyoielezea kwamba, inafaa kutokea zaidi katika maeneo yenye vurugu na vita.

    Askari hao zaidi ya 20 wakiwa katika mavazi na kubeba silaha hizo, walishiriki mikutano ya kampeni za Dk. Slaa iliyofanyika Nyamongo, Sirari na Tarime mjini.

    Pia kulikuwa na gari linalomwaga maji ya kuwasha wakati wa kudhibiti vurugu.

    Dk. Slaa alisema ingawa kazi ya polisi ni kulinda raia, lakini muonekano wao ulilenga kuwatisha wapiga kura.

    "Hizi ni kampeni tu mnajikinga utadhani mko vitani, hivi hata Kikwete akija huwa mnavaa hivi, kwa mavazi haya inaonekana polisi ndio chanzo cha vurugu hapa Tarime," alisema Dk. Slaa.

    Alisema hayo katika mkutano wa hadhara uliofanyika kwenye kata ya Nyamongo, karibu na mgodi wa dhahabu wa North Mara.

    Dk. Slaa alisema hapakuwa na sababu za polisi kuvaa mavazi yenye kuwatisha wananchi waliokuwa wanashiriki kampeni zinazoendeshwa kwa amani.

    Katika mkutano wa Sirari, idadi ya polisi iliongezeka, akiwemo Kamanda wa Polisi wa Kanda hiyo, Sebastian Massawe.

    Massawe alifika kwenye uwanja huo saa 6 mchana kwa gari lenye namba PT 2057 na kuonekana akitoa maelekezo ya mara kwa mara kwa askari walio chini yake.

    Dk. Slaa alisema Chadema ikishinda katika Uchaguzi Mkuu, itauza ndege ya Rais ili kununua helkopa inayofika maeneo mengi ikiwemo vijijini.

    "Tukiingia Ikulu, ndege ya Rais tunaiuza na kununua helikopta, kwa sababu helikopta inatua kila kijiji," alisema.

    Mgombea ubunge wa Tarime kupitia Chadema, Mwita Mwikabe, alisema akipata ridhaa ya kuwa Mbunge wa jimbo hilo, atashughulikia kero zinazosababishwa na mgodi wa North Mara.

    Alisema miongoni mwa kazi atakayoifanya dhidi ya kero hizo kuwa ni kumfungulia kesi mwekezaji wa mgodi huo katika mahakama ya kimataifa, kwa kushindwa kudhibiti maji yenye sumu.

    Tendwa akemea siasa chafu

    Mkoani Mbeya, Msajili wa Vyama vya Siasa, John Tendwa, amebeza kampeni chafu zinazohusisha mambo binafsi katika kampeni za Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Oktoba 31, mwaka huu.

    Miongoni mwa mambo hayo ni tuhuma dhidi ya Dk. Slaa, kumtambulisha mchumba anayedaiwa kuwa ni mke wa mtu.

    Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari jijini Mbeya, Tendwa alisema suala la mchumba wa Dk. Slaa kudaiwa kuwa ni mke wa mtu, halina msingi wowote kisiasa.

    "Ni suala lenye mguso wa aibu kuwekeana mambo yenu ya ndani hadharani, kwangu kisheria halipo, uhuru wa kuoa upo kwa kila mtu na ni sawa, lakini pia kuna uhuru wa kuheshimiana ambao ni wa kikatiba," alisema.

    Kauli hiyo ya Tendwa imekuja muda ambao tayari Dk. Slaa amefunguliwa kesi ya madai katika Mahakama Kuu ya Tanzania na kudaiwa fidia ya Sh bilioni moja.

    Alisema hakuna sheria inayomruhusu kuingilia kati suala hilo, hivyo anachosubiri ni kesi hiyo kumalizwa na mahakama kama ilivyofunguliwa na mlalamikaji.

    "Tungoje wamalizane wenyewe huko mahakamani, mimi wala Nec (Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi) hatuna sheria juu ya suala hilo," alisema.

    Kuhusu wagombea wanaokabiliwa na kesi mahakamani, Tendwa alisema ni jukumu lao kupima jinsi ‘walivyochafuka' na kuona kama wanafaa kuomba uongozi kwa jamii.

    Miongoni mwa wagombea ubunge wenye kesi mahakamani ni pamoja na Andrew Chenge (Bariadi Mashariki), Basil Mramba (Rombo) wote kupitia CCM na George Mtasha (Lupa) wa Chadema.

    Chenge anakabiliwa na kesi ya kuendesha gari kwa uzembe na kugonga bajaj na kusababisha vifo vya wanawake wawili.

    Mramba anakabiliwa na kesi ya matumizi mabaya ya ofisi na kuisababishia serikali hasara ya zaidi ya Sh bilioni 11 na Mtesha anahusishwa na kesi ya kukutwa mguu wa binadamu nyumbani kwake.

    Tendwa alisema kesi hizo haziihusu ofisi yake wala Nec, hali ambayo haiwezi kuwaondolea wahusika sifa za kugombea.

    Hata hivyo, alisema ulikuwa wajibu wa vyama vya siasa kuwaangalia wagombea hao kama wana sifa za kimaadili, kabla ya kuwasimamisha kugombea.

    Alisema wagombea wenye kesi pia walipaswa kujipima kama wamechafuka machoni mwa jamii, kabla ya kuchukua uamuzi wa kusimama jukwaani kuomba kura.

    "Ikiwa vyama vyao vinawaona hawana matatizo ya kimaadili, hilo sisi halituhusu, lakini hata mgombea mwenyewe anaweza kujipima kama hajachafuka, maana udhaifu huo unaweza kutumiwa na wapinzani wake kummaliza," alisema.

  11. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Genge hili linalotia Watz umasikini ni lile lile -- RA, EL, Chenge, na this time yumo yule Freemason Andy Chande. Pasua Slaa, pasua. Waache waseme ni matusi n.k, lakini wizi wao mwaka huu lazima uanikwe! CCM nguo zote chini safari hii!!!!!
  12. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Yaani hawana hata huruma kwa mamilioni ya watu wanaotegemea usafiriu cheap wa treni. Ningemwomba Dr Slaa alipasue bomu hili vizuri akiwa hapo Tabora.
  13. TIMING

    TIMING JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    I am getting tired of Mabomu na anaposema anawajua na atawalipua anakua kama JK anayesema anawajua wauza unga siku zao zimekwisha

    we really need to focus on what can be improved and how.... uandishi wa namna hiyo ni mbaya kwa slaa kwani anaonekana amejikita kwenye mipasho kuliko sera na mikakati

    Mwambieni slaa aache kukimbilia mahakamani - hakuna haki huko kwani ni system ya serikali ya CCM akomae na kampeni
  14. Nyambala

    Nyambala JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Mkuu ni lini Dr. Slaa aliahidi kulipua hakulipua??????
  15. Tatu

    Tatu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Hey Acid,

    Good point lakini naamini Dr. Atawalipua tu muda muafaka utakapofika. Ila mimi nilichogundua kutoka kwa Dr. anapasua bomu kwa hatua alafu anawaacha CCM waanze kukurupuka na kujikanyaga. Nafikiri tumeyaona juzi kuhusu Mama Salma na ndege ya serikali. Sasa hivi serikali ina maswali mengi ya kujibu kuhusu hiyo ishu na UPUPU walioutoa hadharani.

    Lets wait and see what story the government will come up with.
  16. Nyambala

    Nyambala JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Dr. Slaa anawajua CCM wanavyokurupuka na majibu, just stay tuned, utasikia ndani ya siku mbili hizi watakavyoanza kurukaruka huku na kule!
  17. Mimibaba

    Mimibaba JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    That is the enemy's tactic; only that a little force is applied to counter it. Mbona ndipo mobomu yanaanza. Pesa ya elimu bure inapotelea huko mzee.
  18. M

    Mfwatiliaji JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Mkuu Acid,
    Could you, please, delete your post (#4)?
    Nipo modest kuwa wewe ni miongoni mwa wachangia wanaoonekana kuwa makini hapa JF.
    Sikutarajia utamke hayo maneno kwenye mada muhimu kama hii ya TRL. Huyu mpambanaji Slaa anajua namna ya kuanika maovu ya watawala wa nchi hii, kiasi kwamba yanawaingia kama vile mshale wenye sumu unavyompata na kumwangusha mawindo, I mean mara nyingi, kama si zote, huwa hakosei target.
    Wacha taratibu aanike ufisadi unaofanywa na mafia wazawa!
  19. P

    PapoKwaPapo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    hii ni vita mkuu kwahiyo na mpinzani anaonyesha ni jinsi gani anavyomjua adui yake.......
    kwasababu anamjua adui yake, adui anaogopa kabla hata hajapigwa....
  20. A

    August JF-Expert Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Duh! Slaa kajuaje hii na sisi tulifanya siri? Ile ukodisha wa vichwa ndio ilikuwa chanzo cha kujenga mtaji wetu, sasa huyu Babu anataka kutuharibia kwa wananchi.