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Domo Kaya

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May 29, 2007
Adam Lusekelo
Daily News

I hear that CCM praise singer John Komba is making noises about those guys in the Ze Comedy. Eti, he wanted Ze boys to ask him permission to act him.

Permission? Which jungle is Mr Komba coming from? Has he never heard about anything called satire? Kejeli? He could be forgiven for that. Too much praise singing can be bad for you. There is a whole wide world out there.

Eti, Komba threatened to take Ze boys to court. I never knew the guy could be funny. He wants the advocate to laugh his head off. Take Ze boys to court? The advocate who will listen to John Komba will have to be pretty desperate to take up such a case.

Who in the first place, told Komba that Ze boys were acting him? Or is he just imagining things? I will give him a lesson. Too much CCM vikao and praise singing can be bad for you.

Satire is an age old art. As old as humankind in fact. It is used to make fun of everybody who is funny, like Mr Komba. You might take yourself very seriously, but the rest of us think you are just a clown.

Politicians are usually the object of satire. What do you make of a politician yelling that he is going to fight corruption, only to learn that he has corruptly acquired the Kiwira coal mine?

What do you do when a politician says he is going to fight corruption only to learn that he brought a fictitious company called Richmond to provide fictitious power to Bongo?

What do you do when a politician sells his own country to a gold company in a London hotel, and the hides the papers and calls it secret. How do you keep secrets from owners of the gold? He signs ruinous deals and the rest of us feel helpless and impotent. So the rest of us just shake our heads and laugh bitterly at people who will happily sell their own mothers.

Komba says that leaders should not be made fun of by Ze Comedy. Another jungle thought. Does he know that those rulers he is holding in awe are just people, like us? They do all the things we do. They even go to the loo. They show the same weakness we all have – nepotism, they favour their chicks or lovers. They are just people. The only difference is that they are surrounded by beefy guys called bodyguards.

CCM should give Kombi a trip to Britain . Over there not even the queen of free from satire. You should see a cartoon of Prince Charles or Premier Gordon Brown. No one asked for permission. You want public office then you should be able to take the consequences, including ridicule and even plain insults. If you don’t like it then leave the job and retire in your home village.

The higher you go and people will be curious to know the colour of your underpants. So Mr Kombi should know that if he has nothing to say, he should shut up! Or go and sing praises to the CCM somewhere.

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