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Will the uprisings in Arab Countries happen in East Africa?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Common man, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. C

    Common man Member

    Mar 10, 2011
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    To be precise to the title, I would like to know the causes of riots in North Africa. Is what is happening spontaneous or planned? what are the measures to avoid this situation?
  2. Bantugbro

    Bantugbro JF-Expert Member

    Mar 11, 2011
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    Dear Common Man,

    I think there are two main reasons causing all this mayhem and chaos up north...

    # 1:

    Chaos caused by people who are tired of being ruled by undemocratic puppet regimes (e.g., Mubarak, Ben Ali, King Fahd, et al.) who are there to safeguard western's interests... These puppet regimes shoot and kill peaceful demonstrators but the west remain silent....

    # 2:

    Chaos initiated by western countries in order to benefit from oil-rich Arab States. The west here, engineer this in the name of democracy. One good example is the so called Libyan uprising...

    Does it make sense that, not so long ago Condoleeza Rice, Sarkozy, Tony Blair and so many western leaders visited Libya and shake their hands with Qaddafi.

    That, Qaddafi's daugther was a UN special humanitarian ambassador.

    That, the Libyan state was an elected member of UN's human right council?...

    When was Libya democratic?

    Lastly, i think what is happening now over-there have already happened in Kenya and to some extent in Tanzania. However, it is very unlikely that the west will pay much attention to us because we don't have black gold a.k.a Oil.... (Why the ICC is not rushing to persecute those who caused more than 1,500 civilian deaths in Kenya... Instead, they are quick to persecute Qaddafi...):juggle:
  3. Nyaralego

    Nyaralego JF-Expert Member

    Mar 12, 2011
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    the sooner the better
  4. amanibaraka

    amanibaraka JF-Expert Member

    Mar 16, 2011
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    Does what is happening now in Arabs?? countries will come :embarassed2:East Africa?

    ... andika kwa kiswahili tafadhali!
  5. FaizaFoxy

    FaizaFoxy JF-Expert Member

    Mar 16, 2011
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    Hicho kimbunga kilishapi east africa, hukumbuki Kenya, mpaka JMK akaenda kuwapatanisha?
  6. Mpevu

    Mpevu JF-Expert Member

    Mar 16, 2011
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    Nami ilinishinda kuipata mantiki ya aulizacho.

    MAMMAMIA JF-Expert Member

    Mar 16, 2011
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    Ikiwa Afrika ya Mashariki na nchi nyengine za Afrika Kusini mwa jangwa la Sahara (isipokuwa Afrika ya Kusini) zitajaribu kufanya kama waliyofanya Tunis na Misri, kitakachotokea ni kile kinachotokea Libya hivi sasa - usaliti kutoka pande zote mbili, baina ya wananchi wenyewe, baina ya wananchi na serikali na serikali kwa wananchi - Vurugu kwa sababu zifuatazo:

    1. Wananchi wenyewe hawana umoja, hawana sauti moja
    2. Wananchi wetu ni rahisi kurubuniwa na viongozi.
    3. Serikali zetu kuzishutumu za nje kama Alqaeda na nchi za Magharibi kuwa ndio wanaochochea uasi
    4. Serikali zetu ni za kidikteta ambazo haziheshimu misingi ya kidemokrasia kama maandamano
    5. Hatuwezi kuandaa maandamano ya amani kwa sababu ndani yake vibaka watatumia fursa kuiba, na vyombo vya serikali (intelijensia) vitajipandikiza kuanzisha vurugu, kutumia silaha ili kuthibitisha kuwa wanayotenda hayo ni waandamanaji.
    6. Serikali zitatumia nguvu zote kuzima uasi

    Njia pekee ya kuzinasua nchi zetu ni kwa:
    1. Vyama vya upinzani na jumuiya za wananchi kuendelea kutoa elimu ya uraia kwa wananchi.
    2. Kuendelea kuanika hadharani matambara mabovu na madudu ya serikali mbele ya wananchi kwa njia ya vyombo vya habari, mikutano na maandamano, mpaka wananchi wengi wamuelewe ni nani adui wao wa maendeleo
    3. Kusisitiza uwepo wa katiba mpya, hasa juu ya sheria za uchaguzi, ili tutakaposhiriki katika chaguzi zijazo iwe tunashiriki katika hali ya nafasi na fursa sawa baina ya chama tawala na vyama vya upinzani.
  8. Chapakazi

    Chapakazi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 16, 2011
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    it appears the events are all spontaneous! every revolution has a trigger event. In case of Tunisia, it was the ex-student who burnt himself. In case of Egypt, it was the success of the revolution in Tunisia. but the anger and discomfort had been building up over time in all those countries. We havent reached a level of discomfort that triggers mass change. We need to reach that critical point before we can put all we have on the line for change!
  9. MadameX

    MadameX JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    over my dead body
  10. Smatta

    Smatta JF-Expert Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    I think us as citizens of East Africa should seriously consider this option.. the amount of impunity in which all our goverments are run is unbeleivable, for instance the shuttle diplomacy in which the Kenyan government sponsored to initiate the deferral of the ICC cases cost the tax payers 70 million kshs, they did this despite the fact that people are dying of hunger in pokot, Garissa and other parts of Kenya... we are nurturing a bad kind of politics in which the common man will suffer for decades due to fear or tribal separation initiated by politicians. Its about time we went to the streets and did what patriots would do, because am sure our countries are run worse than most of the Arab world that revolted.
  11. Kapo Jr

    Kapo Jr JF-Expert Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    Uprisings that happens in Arabs will coming soon in EA if the systems of leaders and gvt doesn't changes
  12. Mkasika

    Mkasika JF-Expert Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    African big men have nothing to worry about from their own beleaguered citizens. Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe yet he remains in power. The Apartheid government fell in South Africa due to severe economic pressure applied from outside. The internal rebellion was haphazard and accomplished little. Why?
    1. Tremendous mistrust amongst tribes and clans. The belief in witchcraft is pervasive and people generally don't trust each other. Without some degree of trust in our fellows, rebellions go nowhere. This mistrust means movements are easily infiltrated, co-opted, and crushed.
    2. From the day they are born, kids are taught not to question authority. They are also taught not to reveal how they really feel about an issue until they know the expected answer.
    I wondered how the beaten down Tanzanians tolerated socialism. We did it through
    stoicism, perseverance, religion, fear, and Vumilia (accepting difficult conditions). Tanzania dropped socialism when we asked the IMF for $500 million in 1985 when our economy was in total collapse. There was no soap, fuel, or medicine. The IMF said drop your economically crippling system. They dropped it like a hot potato, got the IMF cash, and life has been improving ever since.
    No Tahirir Squares in East Africa.
  13. Mnyamahodzo

    Mnyamahodzo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    Uprising=> Intifada, can't happen in East African countries because we are not arabs.
    History explains to us the way we fight against humiliations and different kind of oppressions.
    But, and I say again BUT, this post-indepence,yes post-old EA community is undetermined will come with a very strong solution= call revolution. Not INTIFADA.