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Wikileaks revelations open a window on Tanzania’s worsening graft problem

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Sonara, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Sonara

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    Wikileaks revelations open a window on Tanzania’s worsening graft problem

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    [​IMG] One of the scandals the cable referred to involved the sale of an overpriced radar system to the Tanzania government by Britain’s largest arms company, BAE. Photo/FILE

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    Posted Monday, December 27 2010 at 00:00

    Revelations from the WikiLeaks cables that anti-graft czar Edward Hosea had received death threats opened a rare window into Tanzania’s growing struggle against corruption in the government.

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    It also captures the growing frustration within the international community and donors that corruption in Tanzania is as pervasive as it is in Kenya and Uganda and points at how President Jakaya Kikwete has been held hostage by a political and business elite that is starting to lose its grip on power.

    In the just concluded election, analysts attributed the cracks within the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi and the growing popularity of opposition candidates to the public’s frustration with the Kikwete government’s commitment to fighting corruption.

    It is expected that the Wikileaks revelations — the substance of which Mr Hosea has not denied, instead saying some of his remarks were taken out of context and that he had never contemplated fleeing the country — will see President Kikwete facing more pressure both from donors and the population, to clean up his government and the ruling party to secure his legacy in his second term.

    Such donor pressure, more associated with Tanzania’s neighbours, would be a major break from the kid gloves with which major powers use on President Kikwete.

    This could lead to more division within CCM during his second term.

    According to cables written by American diplomats in Tanzania, Mr Hosea confided in US diplomats in Tanzania that he had received threatening text messages and letters “and was reminded everyday that he was fighting the rich and powerful.”

    The cable dated July 2007, leaked by whistleblower website, Wikileaks, quotes US embassy’s deputy chief of mission Purnell Delly as saying that Mr Hosea had made it clear in one of their meetings that if the threats on his life reached a certain point, he would not hesitate to seek refuge in another country.

    Mr Hosea, the director general of the Prevention of Corruption Bureau, said the Kikwete administration was reluctant to implicate former president Benjamin Mkapa or members of Mkapa’s inner circle in corruption scandals.

    “According to Hosea, President Kikwete is hesitant to pursue cases, which may implicate former president Benjamin Mkapa. Kikwete is soft on Mkapa. He does not want to set a precedent by going after his predecessor,” the document said.

    One of the scandals the cable was referring to involved the sale of an overpriced radar system to the Tanzania government by Britain’s largest arms company, BAE.

    The military air defence radar was bought during the reign of Mr Mkapa for £28 million ($42 million).

    The leaked cable, a narration of several meetings between Mr Delly and Mr Hoseah, sardonically states that the BAE scandal was the only major case the Tanzania government was trying to investigate since the UK’s Serious Fraud Office “had a fully developed case file, brimming with detailed evidence”.

    A case against BAE is ongoing in London. A judge has already suggested that part of a secret £7.7 million ($11.2 million) payment made by BAE Systems to a businessman in Tanzania was a bribe to help secure a radar contract.

    Though he admits he met the US diplomat, Mr Hosea says the US official quoted him out of context.

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    yeye siyo mkweli angeweka wazi kwa wananchi kwamba mambo ni magumu kabla ya uchaguzi
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    total hypocrasy..huyu jamaa asijifanye msafi kwa wamarekani