Why "Kalasingha"


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Oct 30, 2007
source:/ http://www.sikh-heritage.co.uk/heritage/sikhhert EAfrica/sikhsEAfrica.htm

There is a factual background as to why the whole of the Sikh Community is referred to by this unusual appellation of 'Kalasingha' mostly by the Africans. A sturdy, tough an an adventurous Sikh from the State of Patiala migrated to Kenya in 1896 at the age of 16. His name was Kala Singh. He started a progressive business under the name of Munshiram & Co. and became engaged in a very wide -spread business activities. He travelled through forests, barren lands and mountains, all in the times when there were no means of travel in any form. His exclusive adventures brought him in touch with the indigenous tribal people. S. Kala Singh particularly opened up the Masai reserve and made it accessible for people other than the Masai. This assisted in progress in trade and easy contacts for better understanding for the different peoples of Kenya. The traits and qualities of S. Kala Singh are still persistent in the Sikhs in East Africa so they are referred to as "KALASINGHAS"
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