where is one shilling?

Jul 25, 2008


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I am sending this email to y ou because I know you are good in maths. Now tell me where is the remaining 1 shilling from this story?

Three friends went to a hotel. The bill was Shs. 75/- Each one contributed Shs.25 /-. The waiter took the bill to the cashier.
The cashier was happy & decided to give them a discount of Shs.5/- & asked the waiter to return them shs.5/-.

Now the waiter was confused on how to distribute Shs 5 among 3 persons? He kept Shs 2 in his pocket & gave one Shilling to each one of the 3 persons.

So initially each one had contributed Shs.25. Now as they are given
1 Shilling back, their contribution reduces to Shs 24. They all contributed Shs. 24 -- that is 24x3=72 & 2 Shillings are in the
waiters pocket.

The total becomes 74. But they paid Shs. 75.

Where is the remaining 1 Shilling?

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