Where do I get decent juju?


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Feb 11, 2007
Where do I get decent juju?
Adamu Lusekelo
Daily News; Wednesday,June 18, 2008 @00:06

I thought Bagamoyo was the place to go when you want to zap someone with juju. But my spies tell me that there are several places to visit in Bongo if you want good juju. See those parliamentarians on TV rapping in Dodoma? I am willing to pay my bottom shilling and swear that beneath all those power suits there is juju.

You might find this MP wearing a talisman (hirizi) or two on some parts of their bodies to bring them good luck. Once they wear hirizi then they will have been told by their jujumen that they will 'shine' while performing in the Bunge.

I think the Tanzania Security Services should install hirizi-scanning machines on all entrances of the Bunge halls. Guys are definitely not playing fair. Voodo is everywhere. I hear even religion is heavily into voodoo. So called voodoo priests go to some parts of West Africa to get voodoo potions so that they ‘get' more worshippers in their places of ‘prayers'.

Since my boyhood I heard that if you want the real great juju go to Bagamoyo with tonnes of money and you are sure to get good juju. But as I was growing I started hearing that in Sumbawanga District you also get very decent juju.

Let me hasten to warn the dear reader that this has nothing to do with our brand new Premier, Mizengo 'Pete' Pinda. Of course he did not have to resort to voodoo to be made PM. We know he has been an establishment boy for ages. But Sumbawanga has a strong juju element. A buddy of mine once told me that while in Sumbawanga he went to his business partner to get his money.

He was about to open the partner's door; when, believe it or not, the door moved aside! He tried to follow but tripped and fell. When he picked himself up the door had gone to its original place. He said he got the picture and hastily left.

My spies tell me that there is another place in Bongo which produces great juju. It is in Bariadi District. The village is called Gambushi. They said the juju there is the real McCoy! It can even pacify an angry parliament yelling for blood. The juju there is also said to be very modern. You could even deliver it through your cell-phone or e-mail the concoctions.

I think I will make a tour to Bagamoyo, Sumbawanga and Gambushi accompanied by all those thieves of EPA and Richmond. Those guys really have to be exorcised from the very serious disease - terminal greed!

Kikao kijacho cha bunge waheshimiwa wataweka bajeti ya kutosha kwa ajili ya kutembelea sangomas kwa ajili reinforcement maana kama mtu amewa-beep this time nina uhakika ziara za mlingotini na kwingineko zitaongezeka...
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