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'Whenever frustrated I'ma hijack Delta'

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Keynez, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Dec 29, 2009
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    This thread is dedicated to the prophecy of Nasir Jones. Since we have one for 2Pac and one for The Notorious B.I.G, it's only right we look at arguably, the greatest Hip Hop poet of all time.

    I'm going to drop some lines by Nas that foretold events, that ended up happening.....Street's Disciple.
  2. H

    Hey Senior Member

    Dec 30, 2009
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    Interesting thread.

    Can't think of anything off the top but I remember in the joint with Rakim he mentioned somethin about Saddams sons death.
  3. Pape

    Pape JF-Expert Member

    Dec 30, 2009
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    acheni kuamini mambo ya kishirikina....
  4. _ BABA _

    _ BABA _ JF-Expert Member

    Dec 30, 2009
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    sasa hapo pana ushirikina gani mkuu....pls can u show us......
  5. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    I kinda forgot about this thread, but here we go. 'Hey', that's one, Nas on the joint with Alicia Keys and Rakim, 'Streets of New York' he said:

    I'm like Saddam Hussein
    Still alive lookin at his dead children's burnt remains

    This song was released by Alicia Keys, and after about a week or so, Saddam sons were killed in an American raid earlier in the Iraq war. Alicia Keys was later interviewed about this and she too expressed her surprise to the coincidence. Remember, American forces were looking for Saddam Hussein more than anybody else at that time.

    More coming up later. NaS fans, where u at?
  6. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Pape, we're just having fun.

    Tukiendelea, kwenye mwimbo wa 'Rule' uliokuwa kwenye album ya 'Stillmatic' iliyotoka mwaka 2001, Nas alisema:

    Look at what this country's got
    There shouldn't be nobody homeless
    How can the president fix other problems when he ain't fixed home yet
    The earth wasn't made for one man to rule alone
    To all colors increases, to home it belongs
    I want land, mansions, banks and gold
    The diamonds in Africa, oil in my control
    The world's natural resources, all its residuals
    But then comes foes, I have to gaurd it with missels
    And I become the most wanted
    But is it worth hearin a million people problems and followed by Secret Service
    I guess, attempts at my life with loaded barrels
    So move over Colin Powell or just throw in the towel, yo

    Inawezekana Nas alitabiri kujiuzuru kwa General Colin Powell miaka 3 kabla, na hii ikiwa kabla hata ya Colin Powell hajaenda Umoja wa Mataifa 'kuuza' vita ya Iraq?
  7. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Katika wimbo wa 'I Want To Talk To You' katika album ya 'I Am.....' iliyotoka mwaka 1999 Nas anasema:

    What y'all waitin for the world to blow up
    Before you hear this rewind this 4 minutes before we timeless
    Let y'all niggaz bang my shit before Saddam hits
    The Nastradamus tell us what time it is

    Ok, what was that Saddam hit? Katika wimbo wa 'Nastradamus' uliokuwa katika album ya 'Nastradamus' iliyotoka miezi 7 baadaye mwaka 1999, Nas anarudia huo mstari (ironically) akisema:

    I let y'all niggas bang my shit before Saddam hits
    The Nastrodamus tell us what time it is

    Ukiangalia video ya Nastradamus watu mbalimbali huko Queens, Harlem na Manhattan wanaonekana wanaangalia kwa mshangao kuelekea kwenye Twin Towers/World Trade Center. Unaweza ukaona hata kivuli cha ndege kinapita katika towers hizo. Inawezekana Nas alitabiri attack ya 9/11 miaka 2 kabla?

    To be continued.............
  8. Bluray

    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Dec 31, 2009
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    Hizo prophecy za 9/11 zinakuwa watered down na the fact kwamba WTC ilikuwa bombed 1993.

    In fact cover ya album ya Jeru The Damaja inaonyesha WTC inaungua moto kabla ya 2001 lakini baada ya 1993. Album ilitoka 1994


    ona chini hapa Nas alimshtukia Tiger Woods kama phoney long time kabla ya scandals zake

    "These Are Our Heroes"

    [Nas:] "This ain't for everybody. Y'all know who y'all are
    Yeah you, y'all know who y'all are. These are our heroes."

    [Chorus: Nas]
    Let's hear it, one for the coons on UPN 9 and WB
    Who 'Yes Massa' on TV, what ever happened to Wheezy? The Red Fox's?
    Never got Emmy's but were real to me
    Let's hear it, two for the spooks who do cartwheels
    'Cause they said they played they parts well
    Now they claim caviar, hate that oxtail
    Lambda Sigma Phi badge on lapel
    Whitey always tell him, "Ooh, he speak so well"
    Are you the one we look to, the decent Negro?
    The acceptable Negro -- hell nah
    But they say, "These are our heroes"

    [Verse 1: Nas]
    Uh, Massa used to breed us to be bigger to go play
    Athletes of today in the NBA, make me proud
    But there's somethin' they don't say
    Keep gettin' accused for abusin' White pussay
    From OJ to Kobe, uh let's call him Tobe
    First he played his life cool just like Michael
    Now he rock ice too just like I do
    Yo, you can't do better than that?
    The hotel clerk who adjusts the bathroom mat?
    Now you lose sponsorships that you thought had your back
    Yeah, you beat the rap jiggaboo, fake nigga you
    You turn around then you shit on Shaq
    Who woulda knew, Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes
    He love a little butt crack, got enough cash
    Little kids with they bus pass who look up to you
    To do something for the youth, stupid spoof
    But you let them use you as an example
    They would rep, but our heroes got they hands full


    [Verse 2: Nas]
    You Homey The Clown, bowtie, apple pie, Bo Jangles
    But we love Bo Jangles, we know what he came through
    But what's your excuse, duke? You talk Black
    but your album sound like you give your nuts for a plaque
    You don't ride for the facts like um, say Scarface
    You don't know what you feel, y'all too safe
    Election done came and went, y'all worked so hard for it
    Huh, and in the end we all got dicked
    These are our heroes, thanks a lot public school systems still rot
    Still harassed by cops, snitches on blocks
    Sellin they peoples out - some real folks with clout
    Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson
    Stokely Carmichael, let's try to be like them
    Nicky Giovanni poetical black female
    Jim Brown to the people who sing well from
    Fela to Miriam Makeba
    The mirror says you are the next American leader
    So don't be, acceptin new 'We are the World' records
    These pickaninnies get with anything to sell records
    Cause it's trendy to be the conscious MC
    But next year, who knows what we'll see?
    Ha-Ha, these are our heroes


    [Nas:] "Yeah, I wanna give a special shoutout to the -- y'know
    the crew doin' they thing out there reppin' us hard
    Big up to Tiger Woods. Yeah, ya don't stop. Big up
    to Cuba Gooding Jr. Y'know, yeah, y'know. Tay Diggs
    what up my nigga. Yeah, ha-ha. And you don't quit
    and ya don't quit, and ya don't stop and ya don't quit."

    [Male Heckler:] "Yeah-Yeah, what you doin' for the hood though
    homie? What you doin' for the hood, man? Look at
    all that paper. Drivin' around like a playboy in
    my hood. What type of shit is that?"

    [overlapping dialogue]

    [Nas:] "I'm outta here. Please, excuse me, 'xcuse me -- please
    Let me get to my limousine, I'm outta here. I know, I
    got a plane to catch. And I love you back. Ha-Ha
    yeah yeah -- And I'm outta here. A-ha-ha -- PEACE."

    [Thug Heckler:] "Come on nigga, give back to the hood. Cocky
  9. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 1, 2010
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    Ok Bluray, that's another one, nikiweka nyongeza tu, vilevile kwenye Stillmatic mwimbo wa 'What Goes Around', Nas anasema:

    Light-skinned women, bi-racial hateful toward themselves
    Denyin even they blood
    I don't judge Tiger Woods but I, overstand the mental poison
    That's even worser than drugs - yo it's poison
  10. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Kuhusu 9/11, naweza kukubali kwamba hiyo cover ya JTD na video ya Nas zinaweza kuwa zinaexpress utabiri mmoja, lakini siwezi kudismiss umuhimu wake kwa sababu ya 1993, kumbuka 1993 was a truck bomb not a plane.

    Nikiweka nyongeza nyingine kuhusu 9/11, kwenye track ya 'Sometimes I Wonder' iliyorekodiwa around 1999, Nas anasema:

    Top of the world is what I'm aiming at
    These niggaz is flaming gats at my circle
    I catch you, my first reaction is to hurt you
    I hit your bird too, two in your scalp then you out
    Your thug crew is out, blood oozing out
    Some serving caine
    Knowing nothing about this murder game
    Its easily told but hard to hear
    When niggaz finally find out its real
    Thats when they heart pumps fear
    The real remains the weak will disappear
    My words is 20/20, my vocals are crystal clear
    911 style sits on your mind like chrome
    Lets say your brains is V12, put it in drive let it roam
    What color? Might as well make it same as your dome
    You need your thoughts together, that means destination is unknown
    As we travel on this road, an infinite path, I get into this math
    Drop and get intense for this cash
    Will I be subject to kill, live my life by a gat
    Just when I think I made it out, the street is calling me back

    911 gani alikuwa anaiongelea? Just something to think about, nothing serious.

    To be continued.....
  11. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 2, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Tukiendelea, katika track ya 'Too Hot' aliyoshirikiana na 50 Cent iliyorekodiwa mwaka 1998/1999, Nas anasema:

    When I rap don't wait to clap applaud sooner
    Unless you hate a nigga like George Bush Jr., I bring awkward to you

    Kama sikosei, wakati huo George Bush alikuwa tu ni Governor wa Texas, ilikuwaje Nas akatoa reference ya GWB wakati huo. Rappers rarely make references to Governors however controversial they are. Je Nas alikuwa anatabiri kuchukiwa kwa Bush kabla hata hajawa Rais wa Marekani?

    To be continued.....
  12. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 2, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
    Messages: 634
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    Ok, this one is mostly for fun.

    Katika track ya 'The World Is Yours' katika album ya Illmatic, Nas anasema:

    I'm out for presidents to represent me (Say what?)
    I'm out for presidents to represent me (Say what?)
    I'm out for dead presidents to represent me

    Hapa kulikuwa na play of words, kwa wale waelewa wa mashairi watanielewa. msitari wa mwisho alikuwa anaongelea pesa, lakini aliposema 'I'm out for presidents to represent me' na watu kwenye background wanauliza 'say what?', was it a reference to politics, like, man no president give a damn about us, get your ish together, na yeye anaswitch, like ok, let me talk about money then? Isn't it also ironic kwamba Nas and Jay-Z walipatana na kufanya series of performances pamoja ya wimbo wa 'Dead Presidents' uliosample hiyo line, wakati Obama amejitokeza kurun for president? Is it a coincidence kwamba siku walipopatana kule New Jersey, background ya stage ilikuwa inafanana na stage aliyotumia Obama kwenye inauguration? Is my mind just playing tricks on me, lol?

    Kuwasaidia, naongelea hii.....





    Katika picha ya pili inaonekana wanapeana freemason handshake. Na concert ilikuwa inaitwaje 'I Declare War'? Na Jay-Z alikuwa anajiitaje wakati huo, El Presidente?

    To be continued......
  13. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 3, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Here we go again....

    Katika track ya 'Grand Finale' Nas aliyoshirikiana na Method Man, DMX na Ja Rule, track iliyokuwa kwenye soundtrack ya movie 'Belly' iliyotoka mwaka 1998, nitaweka baadhi ya mambo waliyosema.

    DMX anaanza kwa kusema:

    I ain't goin back to jail
    Next time, the County or the State see me
    it's gonna be in a bag

    Baadaye Method Man anakuja na kusema (I love that Method Man verse by the way):

    Watch them young guns that take none, nobody safe
    from the Friday the 13th, ghetto Jason
    Itchy trigger finger achin, snatch yo' ass
    out that S-Class for fakin, forty-fo' blast
    is a bloodbath, take your first step down a thug path
    Ain't no love here, just slugs here
    Kids know the half you get plugged here, that's just impossible
    for the weak to last now behold the unstoppable
    Third eye watchin you, watchin me
    Throwin rocks from the penalty box, cop a plea
    Young G we was born to die, don't cry for me
    Just keep the heat closely and ride for me
    Cause we family for better or worse, you and I
    from the dirt, you snatch purse, so hard it hurt
    to be here, and each year, I'm pourin out more beer
    for deceased peers, holdin fort
    Police line 'Do Not Cross', they found his corpse
    in the loft with the head cut off, and butt naked
    Homicide the crime Method, add another
    killer verse to the murder record, the Grand Finale

    baadaye Nas anakuja na kusema:

    Hot corners, cops with warrants, every block is boring
    Friday night......

    Now, kulikuwa na version nyingine ya 'Grand Finale' iliyomshirikisha Nas, Lil Jon, T.I, Jadakiss, Bun B na Mr Friday himself, Ice Cube iliyotoka mwaka 2004.

    Part of Ice Cube's verse has this line....'Niggaz get out and vanish like Star Treks', mnaona consistency hapo?

    Nitaishia hapo, lakini naweza kusema kila mwaka kuna average ya Ijumaa 3 au 4 zinazoangukia tarehe 13, mwaka jana moja ya Ijumaa hizo kulikuwa na jail break (hakikisha ume-google kupata picha ninachoongea). Was it just another coincidence, au ilikuwa tu a bunch of rappers talking nonsense on a record while getting high......I wonder if Langston Hughes and Alex Haley got blazed before they told stories (nikimquote Nas tena)? Labda haikuwa that Friday of last year, maybe it's next friday the 13th, or friday after next, the 13th.....we'll see.

    To be continued...........
  14. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 5, 2010
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    And we don't stop...........

    Nas katika track ya 'Get Down' iliyokuwa kwenye album ya God's Son iliyotoka mwaka 2002, anasema:

    The D.A. who tried him was lyin
    A white dude, killed his mother durin the case
    Hung jury, now the D.A. is bein replaced
    Pre-trial hearin is over, it's real for the soldier
    Walks in the courtroom, the look in his eyes is wild
    Triple-homicide, I sit in the back aisle
    I wanna crack a smile when I see him
    Throw up a fist for black power, cause all we want is his freedom
    He grabbed a court officer's gun and started squeezin
    Then he grabbed the judge, screams out -- nobody leavin everybody

    "Get down, get down! Get down, get down!"

    Kuna tukio lililotokea Atlanta mwaka 2005, wakati jamaa mmoja alipokuwa anakuwa retried baada ya trial ya kwanza kuishia kwa hung jury, very similar to what Nas depicted almost 3 years earlier. Je unadhani Nas alitabiri tukio hilo la Atlanta (ironically, yalipo makazi yake) kwa usahihi mkubwa kiasi hicho au ni coincidence tu?

    Story ya tukio hilo la Atlanta hii hapa....


    To be continued.....
  15. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    This is another surprise of your life.....

    Nas katika wimbo wa 'The Message' iliyokuwa katika album ya 'It Was Written' iliyotoka July 1996 anamdiss Jay-Z kwa kusema:

    Antera spinnin on Milleniums, twenty G bets I'm winnin them
    Threats I'm sendin them, Lex with TV sets the minimum

    Ok, those lines are common knowledge for any hip hop fan who has been paying attention to 90's hip hop kwa sababu Jay-Z kwenye video ya 'Dead Presidents' alikuwa anatumia 1996 Lexus iliyokuwa na TV screen halafu mwisho wa video a group of them including Jay-Z, Biggie na AZ wanaonekana waki-gamble.

    Lakini angalia hii.......ukiangalia video ya 'Dead Presidents' kuna mtaa hapo utaona poster kubwa imeandikwa 'STING'. Nas katika track hiyo ya juu alisample wimbo wa 'Shape of My Heart', guess nani aliimba huo wimbo.....STING! What's going on here?

    Coming Up......It's Deeper Than Rap!
  16. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
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    Katika movie ya 'Executive Decision' ikiwa na Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, Steven Seagal, and John Leguizamo iliyotoka mwaka 1996, terrorists wanateka ndege na wakati wanaelekea katika anga la marekani, wana nia ya kuitumia ndege hiyo kama silaha. Rais wa Marekani anapata wakati mgumu wa kuamua kama aitungue (na kwa hiyo kuua raia wema) au awaache terrorist wafanye wanachotaka......situation very similar na 9/11.

    Nas katika track inayoenda kwa jina hilo hilo ya 'Executive Decisions' iliyotoka kwa kushirikiana na group la 'The Firm' mwaka huo huo, anasema:

    Push the Range all year, vision a war near
    I lay it out for y'all
    , its money and ice

    Isn't it interesting?



    Kama una contribution yoyote, please share.....

    Coming Up....Deeper Than Rap
  17. Kiranga

    Kiranga JF-Expert Member

    Jan 5, 2010
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    Balderdash in a bangarang of a piffle puff on a fiddle-faddle of some wicked wackiness cum disordered disturbia.
  18. Keynez

    Keynez JF-Expert Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    Lol, I put everything randomly like that on purpose, I want u to think for yourself, of course if you choose to, but that's all I can do for u, brother!.
  19. RRONDO

    RRONDO JF-Expert Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    porche 911(top of the range porche).....lets say brain is v12(engine)???
  20. Eqlypz

    Eqlypz JF-Expert Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    Mkuu hiyo background walikopi Oval Office wakati huo Jay Z alikuwa president wa Def Jam akawa anajiita President Carter, unakumbuka cover ya XXL Mag iliyokuwa na Jay Z, Kanye West, Foxy Brown na Lebron James?