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When Africa was Home

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Raia Fulani, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Raia Fulani

    Raia Fulani JF-Expert Member

    Apr 6, 2009
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    Africa (mama), when did you cease to be a home
    You have just remained a house (?)
    When really were you a home?
    Eras and eras have passed
    Your beauty had and has become your fate
    Greedy 'men' lusted and longed for your beauty
    Some 'men' have hated you b'se they couldnt get the whole of you
    See how fragile and prone to danger yu are
    Some of your sons and daughters have been taught to hate and despise you
    These offspring of yours are the ones who dwelled in your womb for 9 months
    They are the ones who gave you absolute pain the time of delivery
    They are the ones who sucked your breasts from when they were stiff to mellow
    They are the ones who rested on your shoulders and back
    They are the ones who smeared you with filth and smells
    But you have the capacity to rejuvenate
    Where is our true father, mama?
    Where do we go seek the hope you kept on preaching to us?
    We, loyal sons and daughters are prone to danger too!
    Our hearts are crumpled with fear and embelished with despondency
    We call out fruatrated but our voices echoed back
    Where are the days when you were promised to be a queen?
    Where are the days when 'men' bowed before you
    Where are the days when your virginity attracted 'men' from all walks of life?
    Still you are a magnet, attracting pros and cons
    They have undermined you, mama but they have not yet depleted you
    We, loyal sons and daughters know that you have cherished the 'heaven' for us
    We know that we have the responsibility to protect you
    In the darkest night we will remain vigilant
    In the shimmering hot sun of the day we will dare to sweat
    In the rain seasons we will let ourselves soaked to the skin
    In the days of hunger we will tie hard our waists
    In the days of invasion we will not let a finger lay on you
    We are sick and tired of you being an empty house
    We love to see the days when your presence denoted a home
    We love to see the days when your presence connoted life
    We are grown enough to mean what we say, mama
    They have raped and tormented you
    They have used you but you will never strain
    You have the power to rejuvenate
    You are still the most beauty woman of all
    Loyal sons and daughers
    From Cape to Cairo
    From Addis to Congo
    Take the lead to secure our beloved Africa!