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When a volunteer is called a tourist to justify bad publicity

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Geza Ulole, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Sep 25, 2012
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    BY DR. WOLFGANG H. THOME, ETN UGANDA | SEP 24, 2012(eTN) – In spite of regular official denials over the extent of crime in Tanzania's commercial capital of Dar es Salaam directly aimed at foreign visitors, another tragic case of a purse snatching gone horribly wrong has come to light overnight. A visiting medical doctor from Greece, walking along the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road in the center of Dar es Salaam with a number of her colleagues on Sunday, saw a car drive up to her, and then arms stretched from the window, grabbing hold of her handbag, dragging her to her death when attempting to speed away. Her shocked colleagues rushed her to the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar for medical treatment but she then passed away due to internal bleeding sustained in the robbery. The 48-year-old lady tourist visitor was due to fly back home the next day after completing her mission in Tanzania.
    Sadly, as reported here before, a number of previous incidents outside or near some of Dar es Salaam's major business and tourist hotels, had taken place in the past, prompting the tourism fraternity to demand a better response from the police and from authorities, who for a while took the incidents reportedly as not significant enough to inject more patrols into the respective areas. It was only when the headlines started to hit the news overseas, in key tourism producer markets, that the alarm bells went off.
    A recent double murder of a tourist in a tented camp just outside the Serengeti, where a camp manager was also killed, also rocked the reputation of Tanzania as a previously relatively safe destination, and this latest case will do little to calm the nerves of potential visitors, their travel agents and tour operators, many of whom are watching the growing crime statistics with both alarm and incredulity.
    While expressing condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of the victim, this is also a reminder for authorities in Tanzania not to underestimate the impact of crime aimed at visitors and to again underscore what an impact on tourism arrivals such incidents can have. And considering the vigor with which the Tanzanian police of late has dealt with political opposition rallies, in particular the one where an innocent journalist, after asking apparently some hard-hitting questions in a media briefing before the event, was brutally killed while surrounded by police, here is a certain way to restore the dented reputation of the force in Tanzania but putting numbers in the streets and protecting wananchi and visitors alike, instead of becoming a political tool of repression.
    Tanzania crime Another robbery gone wrong kills tourist in Dar es Salaam - eTurboNews.com

    Guys, i have always had an opinion there is conflict of interest when it comes to the views of the so called Dr Wolfgang; this self proclaimed ecological, travel and tourism analyst has an agenda on bringing Tanzanian flourishing tourism to its knees! First with his frequent attacks on issues like the closure of Bolongoja gate, second on issues of one visa and conservation fees for tourists (as if we can visit Germany visa-free or he has ever paid a penny to conservation efforts) visiting our parks and third on security situation. This man leaves nothing when it comes down to tarnishing the prospects of Tanzania. On his latest article he names a volunteer doctor from Greece a tourist! Though tourist word has a broad meaning, the context under which a medical volunteer is called a tourist leaves the intent to be despicable and aimed at eroding the faith while instilling fear to the Westerners over the insecurity situation within our borders.

    Moreover this same German probably from Saxony with right-wing views fails to know that these acts occur anywhere but the threshold under which he categorizes and pronounces them is above the crime levels and fails fairness test but pass the outrageous test for the matters at hand and exposes his bias. His prejudice fails to see that no government (even Bundesregiegung) though full equipped can provide security to every western/white person and these same incidences can be put in the same level as a NAZI attacking a foreigner in the streets of Germany or a teenager pickpocket a sleeping passenger in a public transport within his home country of the so called center of civilization he wants us to emulate its principles. Though the difference here the lost soul endangered her life by refusing to let the purse go while being snatched just the same as a Nazi can kill someone if a victim does not run away for his safety. And logically she died of wounds inflicted on her as a result of her resistance and no violence or threat of violence whatsoever was used during the act of unlawful taking away her purse.

    Mr Wolfgang's ignorance goes further to an extent of disregarding the understanding of simple facts like Dar es salaam a city of 4 mio. dwellers is a mere transit to the renown touristic destinations where security is offered and it is difficult to provide the security he thinks every white person deserves to have as any other ethnocentric or racist individual believes. I do advice him to keep on giving bad coverage on tourism industry in Tanzania especially on the Serengeti Highway as he is used and he should continue to be blind and give deaf ears to the real threats and degradation to the Serengeti ecosystem across the border since it seems his sabotage tactics work. He should also keep quiet at exposing a threat of Lamu marine ecosystem as a result of LAPSSET port or wildlife at threat as a result of Nairobi Southern bypass. This bigot needs to get a life and better do other stuffs than keep pestering Tanzanian affairs cause he is demonstrating double standards and hypocrisy of highest order as a stakeholder of tourism in Kenya and Uganda.

    The responsible authorities (Immigration and ministry of Tourism and natural Resources) should put under-watch his moves and those of his NGOs since are
    aimed at inciting unrest around villages in the North Eastern Tanzania in disguise of protecting environment. I advice them to grant him a persona non grata status the next time he sneaks his nose in Tanzania since he is believed to be behind the rumors of phantom Masai villagers' eviction and all other protests within the Serengeti.