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What the cat dragged in...

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Dingswayo, May 26, 2009.

  1. Dingswayo

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    May 26, 2009
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    This is what the cat dragged in. Can you make anything out of this?

    Malignant Ignorance

    By Fred Marshall, Jr
    May 26, 2009

    Most people are average - - otherwise, the word wouldn’t mean what it means - - but try telling someone (s)he’s average. Most people believe themselves to be above average, but some of them are necessarily mistaken. People others classify as “trash” don’t consider themselves trash. Folks who consider themselves super special aren’t seen that way by as many as they imagine.

    I suppose it’s all “in the eye of the beholder.”

    Most people who will tell you they are honest, aren’t. Try buying a used automobile from “Honest Abe’s Car Sales.” If you have to tell me you’re honest, then it’s highly probable you’re not. You’d be far more convincing if you’d simply show me rather than tell me. But even if you demonstrate honesty in one instance, that’s no guarantee you’ll be honest in other situations. We mislead ourselves if we believe all we see, and we’re fools if we believe anywhere near all we hear. Too much of both isn’t what it seems to be. A great deal of what “everybody knows” simply isn’t true. Most often reality hides and has to be searched for and, even when found, may be hard to believe. It’s seldom obvious.

    Confused yet?

    Yes, some folks are honest, no doubt about it. But few truly honest people ever achieve much of anything above average (you and I are exceptions of course). The truth is, despite its virtuosity, honesty doesn’t pay very well. As I ponder the matter, I can’t think of a single profession or industry that’s uncompromisingly rooted in truth. Try it. Name one. Just one. I’m all ears.

    Pastors lie, or at least bend the truth, always trying to expand membership and increase tithes and offerings. Cops lie when interrogating suspects, to make the accused believe the police know things they don’t. The law even allows them to legally do that. But if you lie to them, well, ask Martha Stewart about that one. Salespeople and advertisers lie. Products are never as “amazing” as represented and advertised.

    Even those batteries that “keep going and going and going and going” run down long before you expect. No need to discuss auto dealers, either new or used, nor auto repair businesses. Everybody already knows about them. They don’t bat an eye when they sell you a rebuilt transmission for $1,000 when all you needed was a $3 quart of transmission fluid. They apparently figure if you’re so dense that you came to them without first checking your fluid level, then they’re going to cash in on your ignorance.

    Public school teachers lie. They teach things many of them know are not true, but it’s a prerequisite for keeping their jobs. The ones who believe some of the untrue things they teach aren’t worthy of their title. But incompetence is one of the things our public indoctrination system spawns, so that’s no surprise.

    Building contractors lie. Few put behind those walls all of what they tell you is there and, those who actually do, lie about how much it cost them. Doctors pretend to know more about what’s ailing you than they know, and they promote medicines they prescribe long before they have any credible feedback on the effects and side effects. They parrot the same misrepresentations the pharmaceutical salespeople fed them. It’s all about making money, generating profits; the more obscene the profits, the greater the misrepresentations and outright lies are apt to be.

    We could discuss countless vocations and professions - - Realtors, accountants, lawyers - - but let’s cut to the chase. Let’s talk about politicians and governments. That’s where this is headed.

    Fewer than a dozen of the nearly 3,000 languages contain separate words for “politics” and “propaganda.” In all those other languages, a single word properly refers to both. Politicians are professional propagandists. Liars. Cheats. Thieves. It’s their PROFESSION. Everything they SAY is calculated to keep the people fooled and get themselves re-elected. Everything they DO is calculated to (1) extract more money from the people, and/or (2) expand government control over them. It’s the nature of politics. It’s the nature of propaganda. Whoops, I said that already.

    National politicians feel smug in their expensive clothing. They proudly ride in chauffeured transportation. Despite the dismal public approval ratings of even the best Congresses of the past century, members revel in their imaginary, and certainly unearned, “elevated” status and the titles they hold (about the steep price they pay for all this “glory,” more later).

    To review, most of the people are average, and half again that many are below average. That explains why so many of them work hard to get politicians elected and re-elected who really ought to be hunted down and hanged like the horse thieves they are. Yet folks - - including some pretty smart folks from the above-average category - - not only work to get them into office and keep them there, they argue among themselves about which ones are “better” than others. Folks, they are ALLl our enemies, they are all scumbags, how can one scumbag be “better” than another? They all work to rob us blind and bind our wrists and ankles, after they’ve conquered our pocketbooks.

    Back to the price paid for “glory.” Nearly every politician knows, going in, that (s)he will be “owned” by somebody or some interest, maybe even an unseen “hand.” Though they all spew rhetoric about how they are serving Tennesseans (New Yorkers, Texans, Georgians, Floridians, Californians) and working for their people’s betterment, what they all DO - - save one - - is look out for the folks who fund their survival and pump money into their private coffers. They sell their SOULS, that’s what they do.

    That’s why they HAVE to be propagandists. They HAVE to FOOL the people in order to get the votes. And they HAVE to pass the legislation their special interests demand. It’s a little like prostitution except that, in prostitution, the person getting screwed also gets paid. In politics, conversely, the person getting screwed - - YOU and ME - - does the PAYING, while watching somebody else enjoy multiple orgasms. It’s unmitigated insanity when seen in its purest form.

    Note: I wrote “save one.” That refers to Texas Representative Dr. Ron Paul. He’s a maverick, a voice in the wilderness and, though he speaks the unvarnished truth, and has unwaveringly for the 14 years I’ve followed him, they tolerate him because it’s so easy to marginalize him and portray him as a fringe radical. I’m surprised, frankly, that he hasn’t met the same fate George Hansen and James Traficant met. Or, heaven forbid, Vince Foster.

    Presidents are infinitely worse. They are more visible, they are more powerful, they are more destructive and they are more dangerous. Though the current holder of that office is an ineligible foreign-born imposter, it’s apparent that neither the Congress nor the Courts intend to do anything to abrogate the Constitutional usurpation. Alert observers have known that since we watched the Supreme Court Chief Justice intentionally swear in a man all nine knew was ineligible. Like all other government figureheads, the robed nine of the Supreme Court are owned as well. If that wasn’t apparent before January 20th, it was made indelibly clear on that day. The three-dozen-plus lawsuits now floating around the system challenging eligibility will all fail. The Supreme Court has already “said” so with its actions. Every judge in the country knows Justice Roberts knew the truth when he swore Obama in. The message is clear. This man is not to be touched.

    Using the current occupant of the White House for the discussion - - any other would do - - let’s take a closer look. For awhile, earlier in his reign, he spoke to the nation nearly every day. He delivers commencement speeches to graduating classes at colleges and universities. He speaks to the military on occasion. He gives speeches at all manner of corporate and other gatherings. No one man could possibly write all those speeches, even if he worked at it full time. Somebody writes them. Who?

    Well, there is a platoon of full-time speech writers, supported by a staff of researchers and administrators. Obama’s talent (and therefore usefulness) is that he can read tele-prompters smoother and more convincingly than any other president ever has. The speech writers write speeches that convey what the speech writers are told the speeches must impart. Obama reads what is put before him but has no say-so and no edit power. He, like members of Congress and the Supreme Court, sold his soul for money and status and, in his case, the biggest status position in the world. What he likely hasn’t figured out yet is that when he’s finished the missions they assign him, they’ll dump him like used garbage, as they did Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. If assassinating him will serve some significant purpose for them, then they’ll JFK him. And they won’t bat an eye.

    The translation I’m sure some have detected in the revelations above is that there is, indeed, a very massive conspiracy in the federal government. Oh, not all play major or even willing roles in it, but they are all involved to greater or lesser degree. The people who own the majority of Senators and Congressmen, and all the Supreme Court Justices, also own all the key players in the mainstream media. Once you understand that, then it’s a bit easier to understand (and accept) that the fictitious events of September 11th, 2001, were sold to the world via a very impressive - - but flawed - - movie-studio production.

    Three buildings in the World Trade Center collapsed by controlled demolitions that day. There were multiple explosions at and inside the Pentagon. A bunch of people died. The scenes on the streets of Manhattan were, for the most part, real. The scene outside the Pentagon was real. Beyond those facts, however, everything else the world was sold that day, and since, is pure fiction.

    There was no plane that hit any building. There were no 19 Muslim hijackers. No Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. In fact, there has never been an American Airlines Flight 77 listed on any of their flight schedules, before or since (same with Flight 11). No Flight 93 had brave passengers who confronted the non-existent Muslim hijackers.

    There was no failure in our air defense systems, because there were no errant planes to set it into motion. No air traffic controller was confused nor made any mistakes. No military commander was relieved nor even reprimanded, nor was any other military or government employee. There were not military air exercises that day that deployed nearly our entire Air Force and left only 14 fighters protecting the Continental United States. To even suggest such an asinine blunder is ludicrous.

    The alleged air exercises were as fake as the computer images of airplane silhouettes that were super-imposed upon video footage of MODEL twin towers IN A STUDIO (that is the only possible explanation for camera angles from nonexistent stabilized positions higher than the Twin Towers). The planes and the explosions were added using computer-generated imagery.

    But trying to tell people all that is like trying to tell someone (s)he is “average” or “trash.”

    Why is that? Because it’s all “in the eye (and mind) of the beholder.”

    “Because I KNOW what I SAW.”

    Do you? Indeed you do, and nobody’s going to tell YOU any different, are they? Your government and the “independent” media wouldn’t lie to you, now would they? No, not politicians, never in a million years.

    Copyright May 2009
    Fred Marshall Jr.
    May be reproduced and distributed in its entirety only. All rights reserved.
  2. D

    Diva Member

    Jun 11, 2009
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    I find this to be an angle I would wish to discuss, especially because it relates to the concept of average, which I, and many of humans use oftenly. The concept can be useful in understanding many phenomena of human mass in order to make quick comparisons or decisions. It can be more useful than we actually acknowledge it.

    As said above, and if it is true that the concept of average is used often in academic and pragmatic ways to gauge human deeds; and since deeds define behavior and behavior define human beings, hence the human beings themselves are also mostly as their deeds and their behaviours.

    I hence second the motion that most human-beings are average; they usually converge to perform with conformity, the latter of which is also an average... There is no doubt that to reach to an average, most of the concerned should be below average or just close to it either way. So there is no doubt that some people who think are above average are howver below average!!

    beautiful masterpiece of analysis....
  3. Kitia

    Kitia JF-Expert Member

    Jun 11, 2009
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    You provide good analysis from your perspective on the article. It however reminds me of an assignment which my professor gave us in class one day. He said, 'There is order in chaos. Discuss'. It made us start thinking deep and many of the responses were really interesting!!