What is Religion?


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Sep 29, 2016
What is Religion?
The most obvious is that, the experience of oppressed people is that the living of one’s life is confined and shaped by forces and barriers which are not accidental or occasional and hence avoidable, but are systematically related to each other in such a way as to catch one between and among them and restrict or penalize motion in any direction. It is the experience of being caged in: all avenues, in every direction, are blocked or booby trapped; Consequently, The highest or a climactic or decisive point that the girl child and its mother are virtually invisible within their homes and the community.

Ancestor-worship presupposes a Belief in Gods.
That ancestor-worship is more fertile in religious thought than fetishism or totemism will be denied by no one who is acquainted with any of the ancient religions of the world with those of Rome and Greece and more especially of India. But any scholar acquainted with the literature of these countries knows at the same time how in every one of these religions ancestor-worship presupposes nature-worship or more correctly a worship of the gods of nature.

Anything whatever can be, accidentally, a cause of hope or fear.
It is true, of course, Morality binds people into groups. It gives us tribalism, it gives us genocide, war, and politics, but, it also gives us heroism, altruism, and sainthood. To this end Human morality is unthinkable without empathy; it is the herd-instinct in the individual; to love our neighbor as ourselves is such a truth for regulating human society, that by that alone one might determine all the cases in social morality; and regrettably, it could be argued that, the greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
Knowledge can be interpreted as the science of man that appears under categories of knowledge for control. At the level of the self-consciousness of social subjects, knowledge that makes possible the control of natural processes turns into knowledge that makes possible the control of the social life process;

Fear of death and bodily harm causes humans to seek peace; proper philosophy can successfully dispel fear by granting scientific truth to the philosophy of causes and by enacting a peaceful society; and the way for humanity to attain peace is through a universal religion based on the truths of philosophy.
The best mathematical lesson Mathematicians ever learned taught them to question the deductions and answers of “authority” of all kinds. Where authority exists, so too does an imbalance of power, and from a point of imbalance, the truth is easily corrupted – by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When you encounter un-truths, you may wonder – are they idiots, zealots or elitists? Don’t waste your energy. Your best weapon is truth. True patriots question and share information openly, free of fear and agenda. Be a patriot.

Spirit is living energy that is equipped with a cause function. Spirit in his essential nature is independent of space-time.
So what is religion? It is a metaphorical expressions of important truths. They operate both as models of human experience and as models for human life; as metaphorical descriptions and as exemplary ideals. Human experience provides the source of these narratives. Recognition on the part of man of some higher unseen power as having control of his destiny, and as being entitled to obedience, and worship; "the relationship which humanity establishes with the divinity through worship; a specific group of beliefs, moral laws and cultic practices whereby humanity establishes a relationship with the divine;" "it seems simplest . . . simply to claim, as a minimum definition of religion, the belief in Spiritual Beings." "By religion, then, as understood, a propitiation or conciliation of powers superior to man which are believed to direct and control the course of Nature and human life."

It is crystal, loud and clear that most studies have shown that religious involvement and spirituality are associated with better health outcomes, including greater longevity, coping skills, and health-related quality of life (even during terminal illness) and less anxiety, depression, and suicide."

The point worth noting is that, “Minimum definition of religion” and found it in “the Belief in Spiritual Beings.”

While in the western: survival of the fittest; In the East: survival of the kindest.
Hypothetically, within Christianity alone, there are more than 45,000 different denominations, each claiming to understand ultimate truth better than the others? Hence 1. Vs 44,999. For simplicity purpose let the same be converted in percentage = 0.00222. Vs 99.99778.respectively. In the alternative: one (plaintiff) suing 44,999(defendants) religions; use of a general statement___claiming to understand ultimate truth better than the others? Take medicine be the judge; within medicine a drug is commissioned for dispensation if it can do so to 75% of the population. Issue; validity of the statement. Deliberations.

The statement is effective only to 0.00222% of population; to be valid it has to do so for 75% of the population. Judgement: for the defendants. Consequently, as all organized religions stand for plaintiff within their individual capacity; that, claiming to understand ultimate truth better than the others? Is null and void.

We all have ancestors, both of blood and of spirit, and each of our lives rests firmly on the foundation of their sacrifice. They are as near to us as our breath and bones, and when related with in conscious ways, they can be a tremendous source of healing, guidance, and companionship.

The most important and most challenging way to honor our ancestors is to fulfill our personal potential and life’s purpose here on Earth.

Nearly all traditions have some way of recognizing the spiritual benefit of good deeds and generosity. Charity in Christianity traditions, sadaqah in Islam, tzedakah in Judaism, and dana in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Direct contact with the spirits of the ancestors can be cultivated through ritual practices; however, communication may also happen spontaneously in forms such as dream contact, waking encounters, and synchronicity. When we have a framework to receive their outreach, their work is made easier and we are open to the enjoyment of conscious, ongoing relationship.
Dream Visitation

The ancestors can often reach even the most skeptical of descendants with a well-placed, emotionally charged dream.

Walking Encounters:
Sometimes, at the strangest moments, even for those who don’t believe in spirits or seek out contact with the ancestors, the dead just appear.

Synchronicity: Suppose that your deceased partner loved lilacs and on the anniversary of her death you’re on the front porch having a drink and feeling particularly sad. At that moment your new neighbor walks over to share with you, out of the blue, that she’s thinking of planting a lilac bush and asks your opinion on the matter.

Make Offerings to the Ancestors: Acts of ritual feeding may underscore a request we are making of our ancestors, convey gratitude for support already received, or just be a way of sustaining the intimacy of ongoing relationship.

Physical offerings may include food, drink, coins, cloth, tobacco, ash, tears, stones and other found objects, flowers, fire, and creations made with our hands. Offerings to the ancestors may also take less physical forms such as song, dance, prayer, practices of healing and forgiveness, release of a pattern or relationship that no longer serves, and commitments undertaken for personal or collective good.

Sacrifices have been offered for a multiplicity of intentions, and it is possible to list only some of the most prominent. In any one sacrificial rite a number of intentions may be expressed, and the ultimate goal of all sacrifice is to establish a beneficial relationship with the sacred order, to make the sacred power present and efficacious.

The role of the ancestors is that of duty bound:to provide protection, help and, give power to their people. The wise ancestors offer potent support for understanding and fulfilling life purpose or destiny while here on Earth. Tending the health of ancestral lines helps clear the way for eventual transition to the next reality. Ancestral beliefs are deeply dependent on the premise that the souls of the dead return to the living and influence their lives.

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