What is Happening to the Rule of Law?


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Apr 30, 2017


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Everyone is attentive,as usual it is all about political mileage,nothing more nothing less.

According to our legal system,A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court.Which is which?

Mr President has declared mercy to innocent people whom he had accused of crimes with little or no proof WHY?as usual it is fear,2020 is around the corner and he knows and every one knows that come election if things will be as they are then chances are that he will not be re elected.

No matter what he tries to show as mercy we all know that it is fear,worry and cowardice.With little or no evidence to prosecute the only hope is to get people to acknowledge their crimes with hope to politicize the events.But who is advising our beloved President?

Everything he does tend to have a negative effect to his political image and dire consequences to our national integrity.What a pity.

I hope 2020 comes soon so that we can vote you out.

All the worst.

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