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  1. AUTHORITY-CCM assumed that they have the right to influence the behavior of Tanzanians by forcefully making them acknowledge and obey that they are the only party and a group of people able with the legitimacy to rule this country. The attitude of CCM here is authority over the people and that the people have no say on the way they will exercise their power to rule. IS THIS WHAT TANZANIANS WANT FROM THEIR CCM POLITICAL LEADERS? NGUVU YA WATU IPO TUITUMIE.
  2. HIERARCHY-CCM belives that to go up the ladder in leadership is not based on the individual abilities but rather going through a process where people in a particular social, economic and political group acknowledges you as being fit for a particular position- YOU ARE ALL AWARE OF THE PROCESS FOR GETTING A LEADER IN THAT PARTY SYSTEM THE SAME APPLY FOR LEADERS IN THE GOVERNMENT THEY CREATE WHEN WILL YOU BE A LEADER? WHEN THEY SAY YOU CAN NOT BE A LEADER EVEN IF YOU ARE CAPABLE AND PEOPLE APPROVES YOU WILL NOT-REMEMBER HIERARCHY CCM STYLE. YOU HAVE TO BE A KINGUNGE TO LEAD-This element of the political right creates a lot fixed inequalities. CCM as it is now is the most unequal party in Tanzania. IF YOU DO NOT ACT TODAY THIS COUNTY WILL CONTINUE TO BE LEAD BY MUKAPAS, KIKWETES, MWINYIS, KARUMES, MAKAMBAS, LOWASAS, MRAMBAS, KARAMAGI, CHENGES, AND MANY OTHER- WHERE IS YOU OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE LEADERSHIP TO THIS COUNTRY?
  3. ORDER-CCM in this regards wantS to make tanzanians believe that things can be stable and they are predicted to be so: look at their slogan Amani na Utulivu. what they are trying to maintain in the minds of Tanzanians is that even if things go wrong security and public safety is a priority. They have created a nation full of cowards unable even to peacefully demonstrate against certain behavior they consider inappropriate because CCM said there must be order. the effects of which even if you continue to be poor while you should not have been MAINTAIN ORDER WHILE OTHERS ARE ENJOYING A BETTER LIFE AND YOU ARE TO MAINTAIN ORDER SO AS YOU DO NOT DISTURB OTHER PEOPLES ENJOYMENT. YOU POOR GUY WHAT KIND OF ORDER THAT WE ARE MAINTAINING?.
  4. DUTIES-What is the duties of CCM and those that they expect from the massess those who subscribe to be their members and those who are not? Tanzanians today do not know the policy direction of their country. A least for ME a sense of duty provide a people with an identity. what is your identity today as Tanzanian??? what you do is what difines who you are? we are doing nothing as a nation hence we do not have an identity. OUR IDENTITY AS A NATION IS MARRED. CAN ANY BODY LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY BE PROUD TO BE A TANZANIAN? IT CAN BE A YES OR A NO. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR REASONS FOR EACH ANSWER OF YOUR CHOICE?
  5. TRADITIONS-CCM wants the country and its people to always be attached to the past without making connections to the present and future. WHY? This is because any attempt for people to make such analysis and connection then their arguement to continue rulling this country will not hold water. THEY ARE TELLING TANZANIANS THAT YOU ARE POOR BECAUSE YOU WERE POOR-THEY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THEIR POVERTY IN LINE WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS COUNTRY NOW? TUMEWACHAGUA KWA KUTUFANYA WAJINGA HIVYO HII POLITICAL RIGHT IKATAENI JAMANI WAAMBIENI KUANZIA KIJIJI,KATA, HALMASHAURI ONGEENI NA MADIWANII NA WABUNGE TULIOWACHAGUA WASIKILIZE MABADILIKO TUNAYOYATAKA
  6. REACTION-CCM will never ACT but REACT why do you think that is their behavior? They are never prepared. Planning is not one of their vocabulary. Look at our cities most of them continue to use town plans developed in the 1950's we are a country 50 years old. we do not have plans for our cities-unplanned settlements, traffic jams, poor sewage systems, energy, ......... do not even say anything about our public universities students learning by peeping :peep: through windows are they well prepared or CCM IS REACTING TO SITUATIONS---- forget about the fly overs and fast trains in DAR they are reactive PROMISES- the normal TRL never functioned leave alone fast trains-5 years down the line you will forget what they promised you will be viewing them kwenye mabango wakionyesha sura zao nzuri...kama ni mamiss poa TUWAPE KURA ZETU MWAKA 2015
  7. NATIONALISM-According to political scholars they do describe nationalism as one of the elements of the POLITICAL RIGHT- however for my own reasons I tend to disagree with them based on the behavior of CCM which I do not believe they are nationalists. WHAT IS OF NATIONALISTIC NATURE FROM CCM AND THEIR LEADERS POINT OF VIEW? TO ME NOTHING. "Nationalism is an ideology that takes the nation to be the central principle of political organization" Surely CCM is not in any way putting Tanzania as a nation in the centre of its political agenda. Other parties are making an attempt which CCM do not want to accept.

  1. LIBERTIES-These parties attempted to make Tanzanian think critically of what is their fate in this country. The thinking they attempted to impart is that which prompt actions that benefit an individual and a nation as whole. They believe in personal development of individual Tanzanians to make a nation of people able to question the status quo.
  2. EQUALITY-I believe parties on the LEFT where not preaching equality meaning SAMENESS but rather from a perspective of UNIFORM APPORTIONMENT in relation to rights and opportunities. Political, social and economic processes of a nation that take aboard all the masses to benefit and fill to be part of the whole. These parties political agenda is to create equallity of opportunities that makes all Tanzanian access resources both tangible and intangible that will allow them to compete equally-they want to address the fact that if you apply a JOB as a peasant son from CHIPANGA village with RIDHWAN KIKWETE ON AN ADVERT POSTED ON THE MEDIA BY BOT for instance you will equally be competitive for that same position assuming that talents and hardwork are equally distributed among Tanzanians coming from poor and well to do families. TODAY DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH WHO WORKS AT BOT? WHY PEASANT SONS ARE NOT THERE WHILE THEY WERE THERE 20 YEARS AGO?
  3. FRATENITY-Tanzanian society is divided whether CCM agree with me or not. The division is not because of the election but rather because of the yawning gap between the poor and the rich. Political parties in the LEFT in the 2010 election raised important questions-DOES THE RICH OF THIS COUNTRY HAVE ANY SYMPATHY OF SITUATION THE POOR ARE FACING? IS THERE ANY ELEMENT OF BROTHERHOOD OR COMRADESHIP IN TANZANIA ANYMORE? They were preaching brotherhood and comradeship which we have lost. Believe me they were very kind to CCM to have done this during the just ended elections because they do not want to see blood shed in this country. You know what will happen when THE POOR BECOME POORER AND THE RICH BECOME RICHER-crime rate will be high and the poor will start attaching the rich and not the poor and that is automatic. parties on left do not want to see this happening to our country. IT WAS A FREE ADVICE TO CCM go back to what NYERERE DID TO THIS COUNTRY WHICH MOST OF THE ELITES IN POWER ARE ENJOYING TODAY. YOU RANGE ROVERS SPORT AND BMW WILL BE BURNT WHILE ON THE ROAD. THAT IS NOT WHAT CCM-SO OPPOSITION IS TELL YOU TO CHANGE YOUR GREED BEHAVIORS!!!!!
  4. RIGHTS-Political parties in the left made an attempt to reinvigorate the legal and moral entitlement of Tanzanians through the ballots. A lot of rights could not be accesses by the majority the reasons being the fact that THE KINGDOM offers those rights at will to SUBJECTS. Political parties in the left wanted to change the Kingdom-Subjects relationship by creating a polical environment through CONSTITUTIONAL change whereby the rights of the kingdom are reduced anD be given the subjects. Most of you see the need for constitutional change if you are to have meaningful civil and human rights practices in Tanzania.
  5. PROGRESS-THE PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE what is the difference that one can see? Look at Tanzania in 1995 what do you see? Look at Tanzania in 2005? is there any progress that is the question most Tanzanian and the opposition parties want answers. " progress means moving forward; the belief that history is characterized by human advancement based on the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom" Adding to this scholarly definition from a Tanzanian perspective-accumulation of wealth and utilization of such wealth for human development to make life better. What did the nation do to make lives of Tanzanian better than it was in the recent past (15 years ago)????. ANSWERS ARE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF NATIONAL RESOURCES-GOLD, WILDLIFE, HUMAN, FORESTRY, LAND, WATER, URANIUM- TO STIMULATE ECONOMIC GROWTH THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE ENJOY BETTER LIVES" WHAT OPPOSITION POLITICAL PARTIES ARE SAYING IS THE NATION SHOULD ENGAGE INTO WISE AGREEMENT WITH INVESTORS TO BENEFIT TANZANIA MORE THAN IT BENEFITS INVESTORS. PARTIES IN THE LEFT ARE SAYING WE MUST BECOME KNOWLEDGEABLE AND WISE IN USING OUR RESOURCES FOR OUR NATIONAL PROGRESS. ALL TANZANIA SHOULD TAKE THIS ADVICE SERIOUSLY INTO ACTION BEFORE IT IS TO LATE-CHANGE BEGIN FROM WITHIN-ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE AND BE WISE
  6. REFORMS-Tanzanian political left believe in reforms. Meaningful reforms are always suggested to come from within the system, however, from the Tanzanian experience reforms from within ( meaning CCM SYSTEM) is impossible but it is possible from a SYSTEM OF TANZANIAN WHO NEED CHANGES. TanzanianS and political parties of the left should seek changes from without CCM-effective reforms are those designed to be peaceful and increamental. But the political left sees a number of challenges particularly in STATE INSTITUTIONAL RIGIDITIES that are not pro-change, CHANGE might require some kind of a revolution-CONSTITUTION, THE POLICE, NEC, JUDICIARY AND TISS, PUBLIC SERVICE and PCCB. Above all the challenge is "IS CCM ABLE TO REFORM ITSELF"? THE ANSWER IS NO? WHAT CAN BE DONE? TANZANIAN NEED TO PUSH FOR REFORMS-THROUGH BINDING REFERENDUM OF ISSUES MENTIONED ABOVE? CAUTION AN INTERIM ELECTION COMMISSION MUST BE IN PLACE PRIOR TO THE REFERENDUM?????
  7. INTERNATIONALISM-I do not believe that the political left in Tanzania in 2010 election were preaching internationalism but rather against it. The political left of Tanzania represented by the mentioned political parties were more on NATIONALISM THAN INTERNATIONALISM. " Internationalism means practice of politics based on transnational and global co-operation in the belief that nations are artificial and unwanted formation" the world is becoming a global village but nations still wants to have their sovereignty, thus the Tanzanian political left in the 2010 election was a mix of both but leaning more to nationalism.

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