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Aug 4, 2017
Hello friends, I am a Tanzanian poet. My poetry book is now published in AMAZON so as everyone of you can get it easily by online purchase.
Don't worry because the price of the book is low, fair and reasonable.

The book is called 'SONGS OF AFRICAN FATHERS'. Inside the book there is a plenty of wisdom from first African presidents written in poetic styles, I call these presidents ‘African Fathers’ for they played a great role in shaping the next generation of Africans and other people all over the world. The following is a few number of best poems from this book.

‘A tale of tax collector’ and ‘Fat crocodiles’ are poems written in figurative language and easy understood for they tell about hypocrite leaders who were so skinny before attaining political power but soon after we gave them power they steal public money and eat them for the sake of being fat, yes! They become fat crocodiles.
‘Songs of African Fathers’ is a poem which tells about the wisdom of first African Presidents to our world and ‘Fifty fifty movement’ is a poem which tells about the position of women in developing countries, a woman is described as a revolutionist or a life changer.

Get your copy, get a plenty of wisdom. Just click the following link and type these words 'SONGS OF AFRICAN FATHERS' in a search area to find the details of my book.


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