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Oct 20, 2016
Bit Club Advantage is a company formed by professional and experts in sports trading. Sports trading is the buying and selling of quotes at a certain moment during a sports event. Bitclub does it's sports trading through a platform called Betfair and make transaction worth 300 Billion tshs daily.
Bitclub Advantage does on sports trading on behalf of its members and shares with them the profits.

The packages are as follows
8. Clint Partner: 25$ earn, 1.4$ per week, 4.40$/month.
9. Client Basic : 50$ earn, 2$/week, 8.80$/month
10. Client Bronze :99$ earn, 4.95$/week, 21.78$/month
11. Client silver :249$ earn,13.70$ /week, 60.26$/month
12. Client Gold: 499$ earn, 29.94$ /week, 131.74$/month.
13. Client Premium :999$ earn, 59.94$ /week, 163.74$ /month
14. Client Black : 1999$ earn, 139.93$ /week, 615.59&/month

Charges per month is less than 2.6% for each package
I invite you all to bitclub Advantage group. This is a group of entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to get rid of through network marketing.
For those who already have invested in other opportunities this also other platform developing your dream of harvesting money even when you are asleep.
Register here Bitclub Advantage. For more information WhatsApp me 0743259149

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