Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (October 27 - November 2, 2018)


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Jun 24, 2015
Here’s the market outlook for the week:


Dominant bias: Bearish

EURUSD is in a bearish trend – which started about 2 weeks ago. Price went downwards by roughly 160 pips last week, having gone down by 250 pips since October 15. Further bearish movement is anticipated, that would move price towards the support lines at 1.1350 (which was previously tested and will be tested again), 1.1300, and 1.1250. However, a very strong selling pressure is needed to break the support line at 1.1250 to the downside.


Dominant bias: Bullish

There remains a Bullish Confirmation Pattern on USDCHF, which has been in place for at least, 4 weeks. Since the current bullish movement began in September 21, price have moved forwards by about 470 pips. Last week, there was no significant bullish movement, and price closed on a bearish note on Friday, which was presumed to be a temporary reversal in the context of an uptrend. The bullish journey is expected to resume soon.


Dominant bias: Bearish

The movement on Cable is nearly similar to the movement on EURUSD – the only difference being that the movement on the former is faster than the movement on the latter. Since October 12, price has dropped at least, 450 pips, as the market makes high lows and lower lows. Higher lows allow traders to enter short at better prices, and it is a pattern that is expected to continue as Cable targets the accumulation territories at 1.2800, 1.2750 and 1.2700.


Dominant bias: Bearish

The market is bearish, especially in the short-term; and in spite of bulls’ effort, a bearish signal has already been generated and this will become more significant as the market goes further southwards (a trend that is expected this week and next week). There would be pauses and transitory rallies on the way, but the demand levels at 111.50, 111.00 and 110.50 would be reached.


Dominant bias: Bearish

This is a classic example of a bearish movement. Since September 21, price has dropped roughly 600 pips, thus giving a rise to a strong Bearish Confirmation Pattern. The market will continue its drop this week, as JPY continues to exert its energy. There is going to be lots of opposition to the bearish trend once price reaches the demand zone at 126.50, nonetheless. But with enough selling pressure, the demand zone will be breached to the downside.


Dominant bias: Bearish

There was a massive drop on the GBPJPY, which happened last week, and which ended the protracted ranging movement that was seen in the latter part of September 2018 and the early part of October 2018. The last week drop was over 400 pips, as the weakness in GBP was too favorable to the stoing JPY. Price closed on a bearish note on Friday, following some shallow upwards bounces. Further drop of at least, 250 pips is anticipated this week.

This forecast is concluded with the quote below:

“Markets go up and markets go down. Sometimes they go up a lot and sometimes they go down a lot.” – Chris Tate

Source: www.tallinex.com

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