"We will know them by December 17...." Suspects put on notice!


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Jan 30, 2008
Ocampo to name Kenya violence suspects


International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo during a two-day conference to review progress on Kenya reforms at the Crowne Hotel, Nairobi December 2, 2010. He said the names of the masterminds of post election violence will be known in two weeks.​

By NATION Reporter
Posted Thursday, December 2 2010 at 13:09

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has said the names of suspected masterminds of post election violence will be known in two weeks.

He said he will file two cases involving six individuals at The Hague before December 17.

"Before December 17, we will file two cases of about 80 pages each summarising the facts and analysing the evidence collected," Mr Moreno-Ocampo said at the start of a two-day conference to review progress on Kenya reforms at the Crowne Hotel, Nairobi Thursday.

"There are two cases, each involving three individuals who have to face justice. They have to go to The Hague. Their names will be known.

"These six individuals are still presumed innocent, their guilt or innocence shall be proved by the judges after the judicial process and not before."

Mr Moreno-Ocampo also warned those interfering with witnesses that his office has jurisdiction to arrest those obstructing justice.

He said that he had taken up the matter at the highest level of the Kenya Government.

Daily Nation:*- Politics*|Ocampo to name Kenya violence suspects


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Jan 30, 2008

ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo speaks during the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation workshop in Nairobi on December 2, 2010.


Prime Minister Raila Odinga with Kofi Annan during the workshop in Nairobi


Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaks during the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation workshop in Nairobi, December 2, 2010.


ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo (centre) with Dr Kofi Annan and Rev Timothy Njoya after the workshop on December 2, 2010.


ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo (left), Kofi Annan (centre) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga after the workshop in Nairobi


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Jan 30, 2008

These statements by these MPS in Kenya are very RECKLESS to say the least. We saw what happened after the 2007 elections in Kenya ambapo watu walipoteza maisha na hadi leo kuna wengine bado wanaishi katika kambi za wakimbizi. Kwa kua yule Prosekyuta wa ICC, Bw Ocampo, keshaamua kuendelea na kesi yake kule Hague, kuna watu kule Kenya wanaonelea kua ni heri kue na matafaruku na haki isitendeke kwa sababu jamaa zao wamo kwenye ile orodha ya watuhumiwa.

Ocampo alitoa matamshi katika hii nyuzi... https://www.jamiiforums.com/interna...em-by-december-17-suspects-put-on-notice.html

Kinachonishangaza na kuniudhi ni kwa nini vyombo vya dola havilaani matamshi ya wabunge kama hawa na wanajua wazi matamshi haya ni ya uchochezi?

Tazameni video hapa:

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Jan 30, 2008
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 3 - Members of Parliament allied to Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto have launched a scathing attack against the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and Prime Minister Raila Odinga accusing them of working together in a 2012 General Elections plot.

The 17 legislators who appeared to give credibility to rumours that the two are on Ocampo's list of six, on Friday alleged that the ICC process had been hatched to eliminate Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto from the presidential race and "create room" for their opponent in the race towards the 2012 elections.

They were infuriated by Mr Ocampo's statement that the trial will go beyond 2012, and saw it as a political statement.

"Let Ocampo and his brother Kofi Annan know that if Raila is not in the list of six this country will go to the dogs," warned Nithi MP Kareke Mbiuki a key ally of Mr Kenyatta.

It's understood the MPs came to the defence of the two simply because their names were mentioned in the report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights report which formed a basis for the ICC investigation.

Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto said: "This process is a platform for threats, witch-hunting and using the judicial process to settle political issues."

The legislators maintained that Prime Minister Raila Odinga must be prosecuted for "leading the country to anarchy" by leading mass action in protest at the outcome of the 2007 election results.

"We are wondering why Ocampo is walking around with a key suspect," said Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni referring to Thursday's Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation conference where the prosecutor spoke along with Mr Odinga.

The MPs vowed to stop the ICC process legally through a parliamentary process.

"Ocampo has no business being in this country. He should keep off Kenya," said nominated MP Sophia Abdi.

The MPs also directed their anger at the Cabinet Committee on ICC matters accusing it of "mortgaging the country for their political ambitions."

"We believe the Cabinet Committee is selling the supremacy of this country," said Mr Kioni.

Mr Kioni questioned how the committee had been given the mandate to hand over classified security meetings minutes to The Hague court.

"Could it be that the criteria they used to delete some minutes was meant to fix some people and clear others?" he wondered.

Lands Minister James Orengo also faced the wrath of the MPs who accused him of being part of the plot. Kigumo MP Jamlek Kamau accused him of "behaving like the country's Attorney General."

"Orengo seems to have more information than the Cabinet Committee," he claimed.

The MPs said the ICC process lacked merit and professionalism especially after the discovery that some witnesses had been bribed to give incriminating evidence against Mr Ruto.

"We were surprised to hear Mr Ocampo making political statements," said Mr Ruto (Chepalungu MP).



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Aug 14, 2009
i just love it. they smell justice and they come out with vitisho baridi. i just love it.

OCAMPO is in town, and he is running the show so neither you nor you political godfather can bribe your way out of this one. ocampo ni mambo bad kizee.



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Oct 26, 2010
This is what we can term as toxic politics, politicians praying their country to fall in the canines of dogs! Anyway this sometimes brings utmost respect between con politicians after a prolonged wrangling and wrestling.


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Sep 24, 2010
Politicians in a rush to derail Ocampo's mission

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As the International Criminal Court investigation reaches its penultimate stage in nine days time, MPs drawn largely from the Rift Valley and parts of Central Kenya are desperately doubling their efforts to sabotage the process.

After Attorney General Amos Wako’s claim last week that cases pursued by Ocampo do not qualify as crimes against humanity, MPs plan to table a motion in Parliament this week to force the Government to denounce the ICC, and deny its prosecutor any legal jurisdiction under international law to operate in Kenya.

By Sunday, some 50 MPs had signed up to the plan. The motion is to be presented to Parliament on Wednesday by Chepalungu MP Isaac Rutto.

Short of pulling Kenya out of the ICC, there is little the Government can do to stop the prosecutor, Mr Moreno-Ocampo from seeking indictments on December 15, against the alleged masterminds of the violence that followed a disputed presidential election.

But time is against them. The process of withdrawing from the ICC would last between one and two years, time enough for indictments to be issued by the court, and alleged culprits summoned or arrested.

MPs pushing the motion claim the ICC investigation unfairly targets their communities and leaders, and that Moreno-Ocampo has no credible witnesses.

Kenya subject to Rome statute

But when it ratified the Rome Statute establishing the ICC, Kenya became subject to the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court, which sets out clear guidelines on denunciation of the Rome Statute, and resolution of disagreements on its interpretation.

And even with Attorney General Amos Wako now on their side, for their motion to have any international weight, the MPs must garner a two-thirds majority in Parliament behind it, which looks like a long shot.

"All differences arising out of the interpretation or application of the present Agreement between two or more States Parties or between the Court and a State Party shall be settled by consultation, negotiation or other agreed mode of settlement," reads Article 32(1) of the agreement.
Furthermore, the ICC is also immune from legal suits.

ICC is immune

Article 6(1) reads: "The Court, and its property, funds and assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from every form of legal process, except insofar as in any particular case the Court has expressly waived its immunity. It is, however, understood that no waiver of immunity shall extend to any measure of execution."

But despite the mood of the country generally being in favour of the ICC process due to a lack of trust in the local judicial system, there has been a continuous and deliberate attempt by this group of MPs to demonise the court and its investigations.

The same MPs shot down a motion two years ago that would have locked the ICC out of the process in favour of a local solution.Their current change of heart appears rooted in getting one of their "own" into State House.

Dujis MP Aden Duale who is among those fronting for the motion say they want to force President Kibaki to form a special court to deal with cases emanating from the 2007-2008 post-election violence. He appeared to believe this would force Moreno-Ocampo to drop the cases he is pursuing.

"The motion will have several aims; to form a special court within the judiciary, and to review Kenya’s membership of the ICC," he said.

Ocampo will on Wednesday next week seek indictments against six people he says have the highest level of responsibility for the violence.

But MPs opposing the ICC process fear he may indict leaders they have identified as their communities’ best cards for the 2012 presidential race, throwing their best-laid plans into disarray.
Reliable sources have also told The Standard that Eldoret North MP William Ruto plans to dispatch lawyers to The Hague to file an application to block Ocampo, though his lawyer Mr Katwa Kigen declined to confirm or deny this.

Ruto was adversely mentioned in a report that was prepared by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights whose commissioner, Hassan Omar, he accuses of coaching witnesses.

The report by the commission was part of documents given to the ICC by Justice Philip Waki commission that Ruto accuses of wrongly saying in its final report that he testified at its hearings.
Also today, former Central Province PPO Philip Ndegwa is expected to move to the High Court in Nairobi to ask for an injunction against the ICC.

Ndegwa is among ten security chiefs who served during the 2007-2008 post-election violence and was served with summons to give evidence to the ICC investigators, but declined to do so on grounds that he is no longer in government.

Ndwiga’s move comes after nine serving security chiefs filed a case at the ICC at The Hague to get assurance from the judges that they would not be pursued for trial if they give any evidence to Ocampo.
Following Ocampo’s revelation last week that he would file his case within two weeks, many leaders have made statements in an apparent sign that the ICC process was turning up the heat in Kenyan politics.

PM Raila Odinga told Ocampo and chief mediator Koffi Annan that the chaos was ignited by the disputed presidential election.

At the weekend, Lands Minister James Orengo he suspected he was in Ocampo’s crosshairs.
"My name is there in ICC, but I’m not scared even though I was accused of calling for mass action at the height of post-election violence," said the minister.

ICC process was political

On Snday, Duale alleged the ICC process was political.

"We want justice for the people who suffered the post election violence, but we do not want the ICC process, which we initially thought would be fair to interfere with the cohesion we have achieved so far," he said.

The MPs pushing the motion claimed on Sunday President Kibaki did not sign agreements the ICC reached with the Government recently.

"Ocampo is conducting his business like a politician. Why talk endlessly yet prosecutors only act in court? We are convinced he is out to mess our country," said Chepalungu MP Isaac Rutto, a close confidante of Eldoret North MP William Ruto.

Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo said any hope the MPs have that Parliament can stop Ocampo is just "wishful thinking".

Lawyers Paul Muite and James Mwamu said that since the ICC judges already have the Kenyan file, the motion has no chance of changing anything.

"Already the three judges have given Ocampo a go ahead to investigate the Kenyan case. The case will continue to its logical conclusion regardless of the Kenyan politics," said Muite.

Mwamu said Kenya had failed in the past to try the PEV suspects and that the country cannot be trusted by anybody to handle the same cases.

"Kenya handed itself to the ICC and there is no room to withdraw from the ICC Act midway. It is unfortunate and those scheming better stop embarrassing themselves," warned Mwamu.

Reporting by Jibril Adan, Beauttah Omanga and Peter Orengo


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Sep 24, 2010
From CITIZEN TV of Kenya news at 9.p.m we have learnt ICC CHIEF Prosecutor OCAMPO will be naming six infamous suspects to the contretemps that consumed Kenya following a bungled election of 2007...........................

The real bone of contention is likely to be whether the two main beneficiaries of the juggernaut bloodletting.................Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki will head that list........................if not the indicted ones will feel justice has been obstructed and they have been wrongly targeted...................Or there is injustice for a small fish and there is reprieve for the big fish...........

If Raila na Kibaki tops that awaited list then it will also be interesting to see whether Kenya's ethnic quagmire can absorb that seismic earthquake without reigniting the violence once again..............or should I say once more?............

Either way that day most of us are gonna wait with a bated breath....................

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