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Minister Kapuya says 1.2 million jobs created

By Daniel Ondigo

10th January 2010


Employment and Youth Development Minister Prof Juma Kapuya

While the opposition is blasting the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) over what it sees as failure to create one million jobs promised in 2005/2010 election manifesto, the government says that 1.2 million employment opportunities were created in the past four years.
Employment and Youth Development Minister Prof Juma Kapuya defended the manifesto, and scoffed at the opposition leaders for questioning CCM led government's ability to create the promised jobs.

Minister Kapuya told The Guardian on Sunday in a telephone interview that, the government was determined to create more employment opportunities in 2010 this year by encouraging local and foreign investments in industrial, agricultural and service sectors.
Until December 2009, official statistics from the ministry show that at least 1,271, 923 employment opportunities had been created, a figure indicating that the government had surpassed the target by 27.2 per cent.
Kapuya said the sectors that created many new jobs included agriculture, which employed 70 per cent of youths joining the country's labour force each year, adding that plans were underway to create more job opportunities in the next financial year.

According to the statistics, the private sector is leading by recruiting 93.2 percent of the youth-equivalent to 1,185,387 jobs as opposed to 85,571 jobs created by the government and 965 others by parastatals.
He said Sh16,967,382 was approved for his ministry in 2009/10 financial year out of which Sh 9,044,591,000 would cater g recurrent expenditure and Sh 7,922,791,000 is for development expenditure.

However, Chadema Secretary General Dr Willibrod Slaa dismissed as misleading Kapuya's records, saying they included self employed persons like street-hawkers, house helps and bar maids.

However, the minister's statement has received negative reaction from different economic and political analysts in the country, asking the government to consider creating a more conducive environment for youths to be employed in the rural areas.

Slaa who is Karatu Member of Parliament said the government has to double its efforts to ensure more employment opportunities are made available for youths in all sectors, including hospitality sector.
"We need to see Tanzanian youths, especially in rural areas, employed in the industries and government parastatal offices instead of these opportunities being given to foreigners," said Dr Slaa.
He said if the number of foreigners working in the hospitality industry was deliberately thinned, more Tanzanians could secure these opportunities to their livelihoods.

On the same note, he said more jobs could have been generated if contracts entered between the Government and investors were supportive enough to ensure jobs for local people were not taken up by foreigners.
Speaking during the last parliamentary session, Shadow Minister for Labour, Employment and Youth Development, Salim Khalfan noted that foreigners, especially from far East should not be allowed to engage in petty trade activities such as retail shops that should be operated by Tanzanian youths.
The Parliamentary committee on Community Development through its chairperson Jenista Mhagame supported the statement.

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Street hawkers, bar maids and house helps do not exist in a vacuum. Street hawkers can't just sell their merchandise to other street hawkers. Bar maids can't just serve drinks to other bar maids and house helps can't just work for other house helps. All these jobs are tied to the larger national economy. If the economy is bad or the country has bad economic policies, there wouldn't be many or any street hawkers, bar maids or house helps. Many in the opposition are clueless about how a country's economy operates. This is why I say opposition is not ready yet.

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