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We have Rights without Benefits!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Rev. Kishoka, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Rev. Kishoka

    Rev. Kishoka JF-Expert Member

    Sep 7, 2008
    Joined: Mar 7, 2006
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    We have a flag, freedom, resources and rights without benefits!

    What a nation we are, full of dreams, desires, ambitions and always heartbroken, living in vain, pain, angry and hungry!

    Yes we have the rights, by birth to live, own and produce, but without benefits of living, owning or producing. Stolen!

    It is Tanzania, our country, my country that has given me the rights to live and enjoy the pride to be called Tanzanian, but without benefits, all the benefits goes somewhere else, enjoyed by someone else.

    We have resources, natural wealth, labour, sort of leadership, goals, policies and most of all it is ours, on our land, but we are hopeless, helpless and empty handed.

    We have enjoyed the flag freedom, but we are poor, dead poor, unmotivated to rid poverty, always depending on hand outs, pretending to be infant country, still crawling to take a first step.

    We had Azimio, which gave us hope,hopes that our freedom is not on just piece of paper or flag, but freedom to live, freedom to choose, free from being dependent, but we have strayed away from the goals, that promised eradication of Poverty, Ignorance and Diseases!

    We have strayed away from the vibrant solidarity and patriotism, that united us into one nation, waving banners of Peace, Harmony and Tranquillity.

    We have strayed from the revolutionary leadership and spirit, that empowered our brothers in their struggle for independence, political and economic liberation.

    Our country and we the citizens have been raped by the people we trusted to lead us, to guide us, to protect us and to fight for us!

    They have abused our trust, betrayed our constitution, selling our mandate and sovereignty to the foreign dwellers in the name of free market economy and globalization.

    Our country has become a junk, a dump site for toxic products and heaven of crooks, under the umbrela of capitalism. The Class of internal crooks, the leaders, the administators have sold our country for 30 pieces of silver, enjoying fancy travels and food, justifying their squandering and embezzelment of our resources as a way to attract more aid and more investments.

    The thuggery attitude of our beloved ideological beacon, has left majority in darkness, believing in false hopes, awaiting the delivarance of the milk, honey and manna from heavens!

    The political junta, with its thuggery attitude, has belittle our constitution and our nation by puting its interest first, at fore front and not the interest of the country, its citizens who gave the junta the mandate to lead.

    We have rights,without benefits! The few, the shameful crooks have taken and milked our benefits, using our God given rights to serve themselves, their families and friends!

    Our freedom is tied with iron parenthesis, our torch bearers are enslaving us again, colonizing us and killing our souls so that we can continue to be submissive.

    This has to stop, the bleeding has to come to an end, we need to demand our freedom, fight for our freedom and take away our freedom from the shackles of infereiority and insecurity planted by the dishonest leaders and leadership who are in cahoots with industrial and financial criminals under guise of entreprenuership, business and capitalists!

    We have rights, we need to start enjoy and benefit them! A new wave and new day is coming. A new war is being waged, and this time we will bring revolution, to free Mtanzania from Unyonge, Umasikini, Ujinga, Maradhi na Kutegemea misaada!

    The 2k stanza, the 2k line, reflecting on the 2k dreams and verses.

    The MM, and more to come...

    Thank you JF for listening, reading, analyzing, criticizing and supporting. Thank you for inspiration and motivation.

    Yours faithfully,
  2. Rev. Kishoka

    Rev. Kishoka JF-Expert Member

    Sep 17, 2008
    Joined: Mar 7, 2006
    Messages: 4,470
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    Haki bila manufaa au faida!

    Ni lini Watanzania tutaanza kunufaika kwa haki zetu? ni lini tutaona manufaa ya haki zetu?

    Tuna ardhi, misitu, maziwa, mito, madini, rasilimali, mafuta, gesi, mbuga za wanyama na mengine mengi, lakini tunaendelea kuwa Taifa masikini na ombaomba.

    Baya zaidi ni rahisi kwa mgeni mwekezaji kuneemeka Tanzania na kupatiwa huduma na hata kipaumbele, kuliko wewe Mtanzania, mzawa, mwenye nchi.

    Ni lini haki zetu zitakuwa na manufaa ya kweli kwa faida yetu? Ni mpaka CCM iondoke au ni siku wote tutakapoamka na kukataa kuendelea kunyanyaswa na hivyo kushikilia uzalishaji mali na mihimili yote ya uzalishaji mali na kusambaza mapato katika vile vilivyo vya muhimu kuturutubisha kama elimu, afya, maji na ajira?