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Nov 22, 2007
PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga
Daily News; Sunday,May 25, 2008 @00:03

PROKON Renewable Energy Limited company from Germany, which has a branch in Mpanda District in Rukwa region, expects to spend over 800m/ to build a factory that will process jatropha products for the extraction of bio - fuel during this 2007/08 fiscal year.

Rukwa regional Prokon Renewable Energy Ltd Mr Samwel Nkuba told the 'Daily news' over telephone interview from Mpanda town today that the factory’s construction had already started in Mpanda town since March this year and the company had already spent over 200.6 m/-.

He further explained that the construction works was advanced and would take six months from now to accomplish the project . According to Mr Nkuba, his company has acquired sufficient land to build the said factory at Mpanda Hotel industrial area in Mpanda town.

He added that the factory would have the capacity to extract 40,000 tones of jatropha seeds to bio-fuel on a daily basis and it would create over 1,500 employment. Mr Nkuba further explained that once in fully operation, the factory would get its raw material s directly from local farmers here in the region .

He said that over 1,600 registered farmers in Mpanda region since farming season of 2006/07 to this year have cultivated over 15,000 hectares of land to plant jatropha trees. However, Mr Nkuba said that his company had already started extracting bio-fuel from jatropha seeds by using small scale machinery which had enabled extraction of about 2,400 liters of bio - fuel so far. T

he bio fuel that has extracted has been used in an experiment to power several plants including cookers , vehicles. In the meantime, his company was planning to import from Germany special lamps which use bio-fuel and are affordable for the local community .
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