Warning Ladies. 10 Thing You MUST Not Do Infront Of Your Man

Saint Ivuga

JF-Expert Member
Aug 21, 2008
10 Thing You MUST Not Do Infront
Of Your Man.. 1. Fart in front of your man
Men hate this to the core, they
may pretend not to but they
really hate when you do it in
their presence. If you doubt me,
first, check out the real meaning of the word ‘farting’ and then go
and ask a man whom you don't
know to tell you what he thinks
of a lady who fart or always fart
in front of him. 2. Eating too much
Try to control your eating habit
when you are with your man. Do
not be deceived with the fact
that he loves you: he may give
you red card because of your eating habit. I realize that ladies
are recently becoming fans of
food especially in Kenya. 3. Washing of your undies
NEVER you wash your undies in
presence of your man. Forget
that popular slang which tends
to say that when a man loves you, he can even wash your
undies. It is a big fallacy and
please, washing of your undies
front of your man makes him see
you as a dirty and shameless
element. 4. Bad sitting habit (improper
This is very important to you
ladies because some of you feel
comfortable sitting anyhow in
front of your man. You feel he is yours and he should see your
laps, your pants etc since he is
used to seeing them. But a typical
man feels insecure when you do
this in front of him: he feels you
will also do it front of others. Men hates this, learn to sit properly in
front of your man. 5. Laughing excessively
Control the length you laugh in
front of your man. When he is
not around, you can laugh and
bring down the roof if you wish.
I was talking to a lady and she laughed so loud that she didn't
know when she populated: Too
bad. 6. Talking too much
We men have come to accept
that women talk too much but
we still hate it. Be moderate
when talking in presence of your
man. You may talk and win the award as the most expensive
talkative when your man is not
around. 7. Talking dirty
Please, have control of things you
say in front of your man. Don’t be
too naughty when it comes to
your language except you want
to remain a GIRLFRIEND FOR LIFE!!!!! 8. Drinking of alcohol
Though, not all men hate this
attitude but most men do
including me admin Guru. 9. Always watching movies
If you love to always watch
movies, please, for the sake of
not receiving any RED CARD, stop
that once your man is around.
Give him total concentration if he is talking with you. 10. Fighting
Never you fight in front of your
man: he may feel that one day
you will fight his mother.

Saint Ivuga

JF-Expert Member
Aug 21, 2008
kama ilishaletwa hapa .. Iunganisheni.. No mapovu please!!!!!!!!!


JF-Expert Member
Mar 11, 2012
Hmm. These women are extinct. We the fittest survived your ****. Do with what you have or clone some dummies to control.


JF-Expert Member
Dec 2, 2010
Its always abt men dont like this, men dont like that...well they can go to hell...let women be themselves.

I agree with u 100%, why mara zote sisi ndio tuwe wa kufurahisha wanaume, hata mimi sipendi mwanaume anayejamba ( farting) mbele yangu!!

lara 1

JF-Expert Member
Jun 10, 2012
Mmmhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! No 8 is giving me the creppies! Men do worship Liquor! And to get a liquidated woman to them its a dream come true, coz there wont be any discussions on quiting drinking!!!!

Maybe i should watch my glass!!!!!! Times are changing so should i!

Don Mangi

JF-Expert Member
Nov 1, 2010
sina shida saana na the most of them hapo bt I just hate excessive chatting while Im talking to my woman. Too jealous to handle it.

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