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war crimes for Africans and eastern Europeans but not BUSH,CHENEY AND BLAIR.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by ipyax, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. ipyax

    ipyax JF-Expert Member

    Jan 26, 2011
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    How come George Bush, Dick Cheney and BLAIR have not been investigated by Hague on war crimes in Iraq?
  2. U

    Uwezo Tunao JF-Expert Member

    Jan 26, 2011
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    Ndio umeshalishwa bangi hiyo ya Kikwete na wenzake kupanga njama kwenye mkutano mkuu wa African Union (AU) kujiondoa uanachama wa mahakama ya kimataifa ICC maslahi ya siasa yanapomgomea rafiki yake Kibaki wa Kenya kwa mauaji ya raia wao lakini yeye mahakama hiyo hiyo ya ICC analibeba mpaka chumbani kwake Movenpick kuja kumuamulia apendavyo kesi ya kibiashara kutuibia mgongoni mwa Dowans!!

    Mikutano ya AU ni sharti isitumike vibaya na wakuu vinganganizi wa madaraka wa nchi mbalimbali kuunda soko la kulindanda njama za kuwapora wananchi wao haki ya kuchagua.

    AU being used as official political cartel for cross-national incumbent president state-power protectionism against the dictates of popular forces of competitive politics like is the case in Ivory Coast today and Mugabe's support for Gbagbo with assorted arsenals, post-election violence in neighbouring country Kenya and Kikwete's repeated visits to Malawi's Prof Mutharika to provide the Kenya's violence masterminds a lee-way from justice, Mugabe's refusal to cooperate adequately with Tsvangirai and the favours that Robert is destined from that Addis Ababa over his political opponent.

    Though there may be some loopeholes for a few western world nations at ICC in the past with regard to the Rome Statutes articulations and practice, that MUST never be used as an excuse good enough to perpatuate impunity in Africa as legal experts would often remind us tha each case will always be taken on its own merites and will never be judged in SUBSTITUTION OF A FOOTING to other gaps claimed to have been noted elsewhere.

    Mwashilisha hoja, wake up and start warning AU to immediately stopped being used as an evil house where dark political powers and deals are being cut as we in Tanzania are seriously contemplating taking Kikwete, Mwema and Nahodha to ICC once our compilations are done!

    Once again, wake up please as the matter you are just treating casually here is indeed but an extremely HOT ISSUE out there that is either going to make or break the ensuing AU meeting with all eyes of the international community widely cast on it.

  3. Bongolander

    Bongolander JF-Expert Member

    Jan 27, 2011
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    Huna haja ya kwenda mbali na kufukiria Cheney, Bush na Blair, wakati mifano tunayo hapa nyumbani.

    Chenge aligonga na kuua, angalia adhabu aliyopata, fuatilia wengine waliogonga na kuua kama Chenge halafu ujiulize ni kwanini iko hivyo.

    Kumbuka Ditopile na mauaji point blank/ mureder at first degree lakini hakuna kilichompata. Angalia wengine waliua kama Dito ujue nini kimewatokea.

    That is the fact of the world, mnyonge ananyongwa, mwenye nguvu anapeta.