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Wanasiasa wana complicate issues?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by mwalimu Jr., Jun 15, 2009.

  1. m

    mwalimu Jr. Member

    Jun 15, 2009
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    NINI hasa Watanzania jamani wanachokitaka na kukihitaji ili waendelee ? Sio vitu vigumu kiasi hicho. Hebu tazama mlolongo hapa chini ni vitu simpo tu lakini sisi viongozi hatufanyi kazi maana ni longalonga na wababaishaji na watoaji ahadi wakubwa bila kuzitekeleza. Na bajeti ikipangwa kuwa macho saa nyingine ni geresha toto, ama, fedha yote inachukuliwa na mtu fulani au chama fulani na kazi ng'atu haifanyiki. Watanzania msiende kulala kama kiongozi wako anashindwa kujieleza kuhusu upatikanaji wa vitu hivi 20 hapa chini ya nini kumruhusu kuwa kiongozi ? Sio wewe kweli unayestahili kweli kuwa kiongozi au yule mwenzako pale ambaye anaweza kufanya hata robo ya hivyo vipatikane ?

    Sometimes politicians make it sounds as if the people have very sophisticated demands.

    But my friend heredownunder is the list of the most simple and basic needs that our people are asking for.

    Can you investigate if you councillor, MP, DC, RC, party and others are proud of their record in ensuring that people's basic needs are met ?

    For instance, Minister charged with Water provision is initiating something or saying or doing anything to convince you that you will get clean water soon?

    1. Nutririous and natural Food
    2. Clean air
    3. Clean water
    4. education and training
    5. health care
    6. skills and know-how
    7. land for various use
    8. healthy environment
    9. honest markets and shops
    10. good and safe transportation
    11. sports fields
    12. news and information
    13. efficient sea, air and land ports
    14. modern and paying farming
    15. simple government structure that is not wasteful
    16. Thinking, creative and caring leaders
    17. research that helps to differentiate better and poor ways of doing things.
    18. A financial and fiscal system that facilitates wealth-creation,
    19. Managers and administrators who can grow people and profits,
    20. Comfortable housing and shelter for everyone.

    The above can be used as a CRITERIA to measure if those paid out of our taxes are doing something or just filling full the nation's latrines for nothing!

  2. Bluray

    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Jun 15, 2009
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    Tatizo ni kwamba either matatizo haya ni complex kuliko unavyoyaweka hapa, sometimes by the sheer volume of 40 million people, or the leadership is not creative and commited enough.

    Of course there is always the chance that both propositions hold.